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White Color for Your Kitchen: How To Make It Look Stylish

White kitchens are a big trend among modern designers – mirrored lacquered facades, cupboard doors without handles, clean lines, and a feeling of exquisiteness make many fall in love with such an interior style.

But there are a thing about such new, very chic kitchens that need to be taken into account – they have to be decorated with one or more colorful elements not to look sterile and tiring. 

Colored wall section, original tiles, furniture made of natural wood – here, there is never a shortage of good ideas!

Find your solution among these quite successful examples of how to make a white kitchen look stylish.

1. Try to Paint Two Symmetrical Walls in Black

Such interior solutions inspired by European design can make any room look more stylish and modern.

And if you supplement it with some pink chairs, a black and white graphic rug that plays with optical illusions and brings movement to the decor, and a mirrored splashback – the two black wall sections will frame the composition just perfectly.

2. An Eclectic Atmosphere

A bench covered in a tartan print, antique dark wood chairs, designer chrome lighting – such a white kitchen in a charming and warm setup can take you on a journey through a mix of styles.

3.100% white can also be great

Floor, ceiling, furniture – it’s hard to escape the crisp white in such a contemporary kitchen.

Moreover, if you add a gigantic mosaic, some designer chandeliers, and a glass counter, be sure to achieve an atmosphere with a genuinely chic feel.

4. Warm Brown Parquet Always Changes the Looks 

In an all-white interior, only the varnished parquet floor can warm up the extremely refined atmosphere.

It will bring a needed splash of color while also keeping the interior calm and cozy.

Moreover, you can opt for closet doors that do not have handles to provide continuous, flowing lines that do not visually saturate the space more than is needed.

5. Achromatic Solution for a Small Kitchen

To visually enlarge a narrow kitchen, many smart designers use white as the right decorative solution.

In addition to white tiles and immaculate furniture items (which you can find here, at, one can opt for lacquered facades, which provide elegant, shiny reflections that notably give depth to space.

6. Stainless Steel, a Jewel for White Kitchens

In a large, contemporary kitchen, stainless steel can embellish the room’s design with the help of furniture complemented by metallic legs or chairs in an industrial spirit.

This way, the composition will, again, not look too sterile but rather stylish and fresh.

7. Small Hints of Color

To refresh a white kitchen, consider adding some color with the help of furniture, accessories, or objects such as chairs, a table, and various tableware.

Transparency is also a good idea to lighten the mood, so remember to look at glass furniture items to add to your kitchen.

In a kitchen where all the elements are white (cupboards, table, chairs, lights, etc.), a shade of red, for example, can discreetly enhance the general look.

A pot, a coffee machine, a set of candlesticks, some vases, and fruit are just welcome in such compositions!

8. A Section of Wall or… A Colored Ceiling

A white kitchen can be brightened up with a colored section of the wall (that’s what we’ve just been saying a few bullet points earlier).

But what about a sunny, yellow ceiling, which illuminates the room and brings modern air to the atmosphere?

Plus, a massive, wooden table, some mismatched chairs, and designer lighting could nicely complete such a daring decor.

Do you prefer green? A pretty shade of green will bring a nice note of freshness to your white kitchen.

Orange is also not bad for adding blush to the mood. It also goes very well with wood. 

9. Graphic Details

In a trendy, modern kitchen, the dining area can be animated by a graphic bench printed in green and matching the curtains, a glass table, and yellow pendant light.

Black can be chosen to highlight the splashback and the worktop while not darkening the space because white remains predominant, getting on nicely with its opposite color.

A lacquered gray, present on the counter and the floor, gives relief to a modern kitchen that shines white decor.

A mat gray covering the central island of a white kitchen can contrast with the rest of the room and draw attention to itself.

10. Warm Wood to Be Paired with White

Wood is the most used material in white kitchens to give them a warmer touch.

In addition, wood embellished the facades of furniture, tables, and worktops and provided the kitchen with a natural spirit. 

To give character to your white kitchen, you could acquire a beautiful, authentic wooden board as a countertop.

But, on the other hand, simple, wooden shelves will also be enough to warm up the mood.

11. Graphic Tiles or Dark Floors

To add style to your white kitchen, you can concentrate the contrast on the floor, using graphic black and white tiles that resemble a chess game – you could also play real chess after a nice dinner with your friends and family!

12. Items Full of Charm

In a small kitchen, the warm terracotta tiles could be combined with beige linen sheets, blue blinds, a miniature sailboat, and the table and chair set to warm up the atmosphere and bring style.

In an industrial and retro-style interior, the white kitchen can contrast with some red bricks and bring a nice modern touch.

13. Decorative Objects

Books and items visible through a set of glass cupboard doors, some pink flowers from the garden, your collection of Asian spices also help warm the mood in a white kitchen while bringing back many memories! 

We hope our pieces of advice were useful and that your white kitchen will become stylish and cozy in a concise time because you finally know exactly what to do!

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