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7 Smart Nutrition Tips for Weight Loss

Losing weight is an aim that many women have, and it can be hard work! You may have recently had a child and want to get your body back into shape?

Or perhaps you’ve simply put weight on lately and are looking for ways to drop a couple of dress sizes?

It happens to us all – none of us are perfect after all – so what are the best ways to lose weight?

A diet is always part of the plan, and exercise must also come into the picture, but which diet?

Where do you start in a world where there are endless diets that you can follow, and how do you know when one is right for you?

It can be hard to find a diet that you like, but we scoured the web and found one of the best diet plan systems around.

That plan is called Noom, and it’s also an app. Before we go into the app itself and what it does, it is important to see what real users are saying about it.

After reading and digesting noom diet plan reviews, we found that 82% of customer reviews on trustpilot were positive, while only 8% were negative.

The rest were “average,” which is considered a 3 star rating out of 5 stars. The majority of users loved the nutrition tips that noom provides and how it ultimately led to significant weight loss.

What is Noom and why do we think it is worth looking at? You can read all about it in that review, but here we’ll have a look at it in brief and talk about some of its features.

Then, we will dive into what you should be focusing on for nutrition and weight loss.

What is Noom?

Noom is an app that you download to your smartphone. It helps you with diet plans and so forth, but so do many diet apps!

What’s different about Noom? It also looks at the psychological side of wanting to eat food.

Put simply, if we see something edible that we enjoy, we want to eat it! Of course, you’re just having a quick snack, and it doesn’t matter, right?

Well, you know that’s wrong, but it’s overcoming the temptation that is difficult.

Noom helps in many ways and is a more rounded and in-depth app than some we have seen, so we do recommend that you read the reviews.

Now, you want us to get back to the title – what are our smart nutrition tips for weight loss?

The following are all weight loss tips a dietician would recommend and while some are common sense, you might not have thought of others, so here we go!

Your 7 Smart Nutrition Tips for Weight Loss

1 – Cut Down on Fizzy Soda Drinks

This one’s obvious, right? You’d be surprised how many people overlook it while following a strict diet!

More than 40% of sugar intake in kids in the US comes from soda drinks, and even the diet versions are not good for you.

We all like a fizzy drink and on a hot day it can be very soothing, so here’s our suggestion: no more than one can a day, and keep it to the diet version, and you can still enjoy your soda in moderation.

2 – Moderate Fast Food

Many diets will tell you to cut out fast food completely. That’s not really fair as there are occasions when you may not have time to cook a meal, and a take-out is the answer.

Go for chicken burgers – grilled preferably – and vegetable burritos no more than once a week, and you’ll get a tasty meal that’s quick and simple, and not too unhealthy!

3 – Eat Cereal with Fibre

This one may have passed you by, but have you checked the among of fibre in your breakfast cereal?

Cereal is in every way the right thing to start the day with, but you need to find a brand with a decent fibre proportion – more than 3 grams of fibre each serving.

This helps the body process food as it should, and these cereals are often lower in sugar.

4 – Alcohol Free Weekdays

This really is an obvious one and is good for your all-round health as well as weight loss.

Cut out alcohol during the week – you can do without that glass of wine every evening and you’ll soon get used to it – and go out, perhaps, for a couple of drinks on the weekend – we all need to let our hair down once in a while!

5 – Fruit and Veg Every Meal

Go heavy on the veg and fruit, and light on the fatty stuff. It makes sense and it’s good not just for you, but for all the family!

Check out unusual vegetables in the grocery aisle if you’re looking for a change! There are plenty of excellent vegetable dishes you can make, so have a look online for ideas.

6 – 4 Colour Meals

This is an interesting one: see if you can count four colours in your meal, and if you can, the chances are you’ve got plenty of veg, perhaps with meat and the right protein in there.

Try it and think of ways to add that extra colour!

7 – Regular Full Meals

Finally, stick to set meal times, make sure you eat enough but not too much, and combine your new dietary regime with plentiful exercise, and you’ll soon see the pounds drop away!

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