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Vegan Brain Food Ideas for Lazy Students

Some vegan students are worried about their diet because they can’t think up ideas for yummy and healthy food as they don’t know a lot of recipes.

But all genius is simple; therefore, you can cook a lot of meals even if you’re a vegan.

Such food is easy to cook and sometimes requires only two or three ingredients.

You won’t buy a lot of foods as in the case with usual food where you need a lot of meat, eggs, fish and many additions to them.

Also, you’ll get a lot of power to study and work.

Your body will become filled with a lot of micro-and macronutrients.

So let’s dive into this topic and find unusual brain food.



The classic healthy meal that helps our brain work smarter is a salad.

Some vegetables have one type of nutrients, other vegetables — another type.

By combining veggies, you get a yummy meal that is really rich in healthy nutrients and vitamins for your brain.

For example, by eating vegetables, you’ll obtain vitamin A which is important to protect your eyes from infections.

Also, the power that vegetables give you consists of carbohydrates.

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Therefore, you reduce the risk of increasing sugar in the blood.

There are only two exceptions: beets and corn contain some sugar, but it isn’t as dangerous as sugar in sweets and milk chocolate.

The easiest way to cook a salad is to combine tomatoes, cucumbers, and onion.

You can also add parsley to diversify the taste of the salad.

But keep in mind that parsley has a bright taste; hence, if you add a lot of it, you can’t feel the taste of other veggies — parsley only.

What About Fruit Salad?

what about fruit salad

Vegetable salad isn’t the only solution for you.

You can also treat yourself with fruit because they have a lot of under-consumed nutrients such as:

  • Potassium;.
  • Dietary fiber;.
  • Vitamin C;.
  • Folate. .

Fruits reduce blood cholesterol levels.

As a result, you reduce the risk of heart disease and, consequently, getting fat because people with heart diseases suffer from fatness.

Therefore, by eating fruit, you’ll keep yourself in shape.

Consuming vitamin C with fruit, your body will get the power to grow and develop.

You’ll have a lot of energy to move and stay active.

Thanks to that, you’ll forget about fatigue and lethargy.

Therefore, you can combine multiple fruits that you like most and cook a tasty salad.

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Such an unusual meal will surprise your buddies if you want to treat them.



Berries contain flavonoids that help you increase your mood and fight depression.

Of course, you should eat a lot of berries to kill your depression; therefore, it’s better to find a complex approach to beat it.

Eating berries makes you mentally sharp.

It means that you can think outside the box and come up with new ideas more often than usual.

For example, if you read college paper samples on politics, you don’t copy-paste other people’s thoughts — your brain uses such examples only as a sample and nothing more.

Also, if you eat berries, you prevent diseases that you can face in the future.

Therefore, you may consider that by consuming useful nutrients in such food, you invest in your future health.

For example, you reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease.

Berries make you healthier because of the flavonoids they have.

As fruits, they reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Also, berries contain anthocyanins that can help postpone cognitive decline.

You can add berries to the fruit salad or cook some deals of them only.

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For example, you can make a jam of:

  • Strawberries;.
  • Raspberries;.
  • Blueberries;.
  • Blackberries.

To diversify the taste of such jams, you can add lemon juice.

It’s a good idea to combine such berries.

Also, your buddies and relatives will be happy to taste compote from them because it freshens up in a dire heat and pleasures with its taste.

Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate

Some dark chocolate is made without milk.

Therefore, vegan students can relish sweet food and boost their brains.

Maybe you’ve heard about study break chocolate; the fact is it’s real.

You can take a break by eating dark chocolate.

The essence of it is you become full and obtain more energy.

Usual milk chocolate can’t boast such advantages because it gives you energy for only half an hour.

You can make some deals with dark chocolate.

For example, it’s possible to melt such chocolate and pour it on cut bananas.

Such a meal is the best bet for you if you find some original and easy-to-cook meal for your lunch.

Thanks to antioxidants in dark chocolate, you reduce your stress.

Therefore, your brain thinks faster because when a person feels blue, he or she can’t focus on certain assignments.

Additionally, dark chocolate prevents eye disease; such a fact is worth mentioning because eyes are the continuation of our brain; also, people can’t work or study when their eyes suffer from diseases.

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Nuts are an irreplaceable thing in our diet because they’re the treasure of nutrients such as:

  • Protein;.
  • Carbohydrate;.
  • Fat;.
  • Dietary fiber;.
  • Vitamin E;.
  • Vitamin B6;.
  • Niacin;.
  • Folate.

Pay attention to the fat present in nuts.

Fats are the basis of fatty acids that our body can’t produce on its own.

Likewise, such fats give you a lot of energy.

Even more than carbohydrates and protein.

Therefore, eating nuts enriches you with energy.

Thanks to fats in nuts, you help your body and nails be healthy.

Also, your hair is silky and smooth.

It’s difficult to think up a vegan meal with nuts.

Hence, you can eat them alone.

They make you full without combining with other foods.

The Bottom Line

Such food isn’t the only thing that can make you mentally sharp and boost your brain.

There are a lot of foods that help vegans stay productive and healthy.

You can try all of them every day.

With time, you’ll find your favorite recipes and even come up with your own.

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