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Explore the Flavor: What Do Turnips Taste Like?

Turnips are a root vegetable that is often overlooked in the grocery store.

They have a different texture than many other vegetables. They’re crunchier and denser than most root vegetables, and they don’t soften up after cooking as potatoes do.

Most Americans don’t know what turnips taste like because they aren’t widely available here. You may have tried them at an Indian restaurant or while traveling abroad, but it’s unlikely you’ve ever seen them at your local supermarket.

So If you’re wondering what do turnips taste like, this blog post will help answer your question.

What are Turnips?

what are turnips

Turnips are an edible root vegetable that is grown in the ground. The turnip plant has a white taproot that is similar to cabbage, daikon, and carrot.

It’s believed to have been brought to Europe by the Romans and then spread across the world through trade with India and China. They have been cultivated for at least 2,000 years, and it was introduced to North America by European settlers.

The turnip has a white flesh with purple skin and green leaves. When the turnip is boiled, it turns brownish-purple on the outside.

When the turnip is boiled, it turns brownish-purple on the outside. They can be eaten raw or cooked and they have a mild, slightly sweet flavor.

The cooking of turnips can be done in many ways:

– Boiling them until tender enough to mash;

– Frying cut up pieces as you might do with potatoes for French fries;

– Roasting whole small ones (often wrapped individually) like kohlrabi.

The use of the leaves is also possible-turnip greens are both nutritious but bitter when eaten raw so people usually cook it before eating (like spinach).

Benefits of Eating Turnips

benefits of eating turnips

Turnips are a great vegetable that has been around for centuries. They are an excellent source of vitamin C, beta-carotene, and calcium.

Turnip greens have been shown to help lower cholesterol levels in the blood. In fact, the turnip greens have more vitamin A than any other green vegetable.

Turnips are also low in calories, which makes them a great vegetable for weight loss and dieting. In addition to this, they do not contain any fat or cholesterol so you can eat as many of these vegetables without worrying about your health at all.

Turnips have lots of dietary fiber, which is good for constipation and preventing colon cancer.

This vegetable also contains high levels of potassium, magnesium as well a lot f vitamin K that helps build strong bones in the body.

What Do Turnips Taste Like? Do Turnips Taste Good?

what do turnips taste like

Turnips are typically white or purple and have a round, oblong shape. The taste of turnips is often described as being similar to cabbage or carrots, but with a slightly sweeter flavor.

Raw turnips have a crisp and crunchy texture, while cooked turnips tend to be softer and mushier.

The most common way turnips are eaten is raw, and they can be shredded into salads or used in coleslaw-type dishes with a light dressing such as mayonnaise for example.

Turnip leaves are edible too! They’re peppery in flavor and should be eaten when they’re young for the best taste.

Some people like to eat them raw or boiled while others prefer them stir-fried, roasted, steamed, or mashed into soups and stews.

Turnips can be eaten as is or juiced with carrots for a healthy, lower-calorie alternative to orange juice.

Another factor that can influence the taste of turnips is their variety. White turnips are the most common type of turnip grown in North America. They have a sweet flavor and firm texture when cooked.

The purple top turnips are the second most popular variety. They tend to be sweeter than white ones because they contain more sugar content.

Golden turnip roots have a sweet taste similar to that of beets but they’re not as earthy tasting.

Can You Eat Raw Turnips?

can you eat raw turnips

Turnips are not the most appetizing vegetable to eat raw, but you certainly can though.

Raw turnips are not toxic when eaten in small quantities. Make sure to peel the outer layer of skin off before eating them to avoid getting a mouthful of dirt and sand.

The taste of raw turnip can be improved by adding a little salt and vinegar or lemon juice. The best way to prepare raw turnips is by grating them into salads or coleslaw.

Turnips are one of the most versatile vegetables in cooking. It’s better to cook them first until they’re soft and then eat with butter, salt, or spices like cumin if you want a more exotic flavor profile on your plate.

Turnips vs Radish

So, is there any difference between turnips and radishes?

First, radishes are a root vegetable that can be eaten raw or cooked, while turnips are more of a cooking vegetable, usually boiled or mashed.

Second, turnips have a slightly peppery taste to them when they’re raw but not as strong as radishes, which have an earthy flavor that’s stronger than their peppery taste

Third, radishes come in many different colors including white, red, pink, purple, and black whereas turnips only come in one color: white with light green tops on them (although there are some varieties of turnip).

Finally, the texture of both vegetables is similar–both crunchy and crisp–but the taste varies depending on whether you eat it raw or cooked.

How to Cook Turnips

how to cook turnips

Choosing the right turnips can make all the difference. You should choose ones that are firm to the touch, heavy for their size, and have fresh-looking skin.

You should also be able to remove any dirt that is clinging on with just your fingers or by scrubbing them gently under running water (no soap).

The next step is to Peel the turnips with a vegetable peeler or knife so that only the white part remains. Then slice them into thin, uniform slices and proceed to cook the turnips.

Turnip greens can be cooked with other green vegetables such as broccoli or chopped up in a salad. Make sure to discard the leaves before cooking.

You can also buy turnip greens and similarly cook them to kale, but they must be cooked until tender (about 5 – 8 minutes or so). They are best served with garlic-infused olive oil as well.


In conclusion, not only are turnips delicious, but they also have a multitude of health benefits. The turnip greens also have many health benefits, but must always be cooked until tender.

You might be surprised by how versatile turnips can be- they can be roasted, mashed, or eaten raw as a salad ingredient. So go ahead and try adding them to your next meal.

what do turnips taste like

What Do Turnips Taste Like? Do Turnips Taste Good?

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