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Chewy Treats: What Do Swedish Fish Taste Like?

If you haven’t heard of Swedish Fish, then you are missing out! It is a type of gummy candy that comes in an assortment of colors and flavors.

The most popular flavor is grape, but these candies also come in strawberry, apple, cherry, orange, lime, and raspberry.

Although the company that makes Swedish fish has been around since 1922, many people don’t know what they taste like.

In this blog post, we will explore how Swedish fish tastes by describing its texture and flavor.

What is Swedish Fish?

what is swedish fish

One of the most popular brands in America, Swedish Fish is a chewy fruit-flavored candy that comes in all different colors and flavors.

Best known for their grape flavor, these candies also come with strawberry, apple, or several other flavorings.

The original creator is Malaco company based out of Sweden who created it back in 1958 – they’re still popular today thanks to their interesting taste.

One ingredient found inside this particular treat is inverted sugar (a blend consisting mostly of glucose). Inverted sugars play a key role here because it helps retain moisture which can degrade your favorite sweet after some time on shelves or when exposed to heat/humidity levels.

It’s usually sold in a small foil pouch with a wrapper on the front that includes instructions for use.

The Swedish Fish company recommends opening it up and pulling out one fish, then sucking or chewing them to savor their unique taste – which we’ll get into in just a bit.

Is Swedish Fish Bad for You?

is swedish fish bad for you

The ingredients list for Swedish Fish includes sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, citric acid, artificial flavor, and artificial color.

There is no nutritional information on the packaging because they are considered a “fun size” snack food or confectionery item.

Swedish Fish have been criticized for containing high levels of sugar – they contain about as much sugar as 3 Chips Ahoy cookies or one can of Coke.

In addition to being unhealthy because they’re loaded with sugar, some people also say that the artificial cherry flavorings give them headaches.

What Does Swedish Fish Taste Like? Does Swedish Fish Taste Good?

what does swedish fish taste like

There are several flavors of Swedish Fish candy and the most popular flavors are cherry, lemon/lime (citrus), raspberry.

The flavor of the candy is often described as “sour” or “lemony” with an artificial fruit flavor. Some people would describe the flavor and texture as similar to “sour gummy worms” or “gummy bears”.

In their early days, Swedish Fish were considered a wine gum because they are chewy like gums and have a fruity taste. Their original flavor is lingonberry, a European type of berry.

This is a surprising fact. Swedish Fish has been around for over 50 years, and yet not one of the companies who have manufactured them in that time ever commented on what their official flavor was supposed to be. So, it’s quite hard to pin down the exact flavor.


does swedish fish taste good

In conclusion, Swedish fish is a type of candy that is fruit-flavored and chewy. The flavor has changed over the years, but it’s still a unique taste that you can’t find anywhere else.

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