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Ocean Treasure: What Does Shrimp Taste Like?

Shrimps are rapidly gaining popularity as one of the most exquisite seafood all around the globe.

They are widely consumed, and people love eating them either by grilling them on a barbecue or as cold appetizers.

Once a luxury food, shrimps have, more or less, become low-priced food staples.

But the question here is – what does shrimp taste like?

If you are one among the few who do not know what shrimps actually taste like, then it is time to find out.

In this post, we will cover the topic regarding its taste, cuisines, and more on how to prepare and cook shrimp.

What is Shrimp?

grilled shrimp skewers

Shrimp is a marine crustacean that belongs to the suborder Pleocyemata. The sea animal is found deep in the water in almost all habitats around the globe.

In general, Shrimps are quite small in size, apart from some specific species that are very tiny that they cannot be seen easily.

There are over 2000+ types of shrimp globally, and each of them is invertebrate, meaning they have no backbone.

Rather, shrimps have hard shells that are usually transparent and with no color, which makes it difficult to see shrimps underwater. 

Among the many shrimp species, there are three common kinds that you will mostly find in grocery stores.

It includes tiger shrimp, white shrimp, and Northern coldwater shrimp.

What Does Shrimp Taste Like? Does Shrimp Taste Good?

what do shrimps taste like

Some say that the taste of fresh shrimps is similar to that of chicken. However, comparing them or any other seafood to land-going meat is simply out of the question.

Let’s just say it would be the same as saying beef and apples taste like.

On that note, some people compare shrimp to swordfish taste; however, they are not the same. Swordfish has a unique taste of its own.

Now in case you have tasted lobsters, then their taste can be compared to shrimps; however, not as tasteful.

Crawfish taste is also similar to them but chewier. Additionally, to add to the list, shrimps have a mild squid taste as well.

Not only is shrimp tasty, but also highly nutritious and contains some essential nutrients like iodine.

Iodine is a vital mineral that most people suffer deficiency from. This mineral helps in the proper functioning of thyroid and brain well-being.

According to Healthline, shrimp have low calories, and roughly 90% of it is through protein and 10% through fat. Also, this seafood contains no carbohydrates.

In 85 grams (3 ounces) serving, shrimps offer around 25 different minerals and vitamins, which include 50% selenium.

This particular mineral helps in the reduction of inflammation and promotes cardiovascular well-being.

Let’s take a look at the nutritional value of shrimp (3 ounces serving):

  • Protein – 18g
  • Calories – 84
  • Selenium – 48% of Daily Value
  • Zinc – 9% of Daily Value
  • Iron – 15% of Daily Value
  • Magnesium – 7% of Daily Value
  • Vitamin B12 – 21% of Daily Value
  • Niacin – 11% of Daily Value
  • Phosphorous – 12% of Daily Value

Additionally, shrimps are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as well as astaxanthin anti-oxidants, ensuring various health advantages.

How to Prepare and Cook Shrimp?

how to cook shrimps

There are a lot of methods to cook and prepare shrimps. You can grill, broil, fry, sauté, or steam them and also cook with or without the shells.

You can remove the tail by clipping it off with your fingers. At times, there will be a tiny, dark vein running along the shrimp’s back.

You can even remove this with the tip of a sharp knife, pull the vein out and clean it thoroughly.

The most crucial thing you need to know while you cook is that shrimp cooks relatively fast.

In case you are stir-frying, they need to be added at the last minute. Do keep in mind they often cook in just a minute.

This seafood is a versatile dish and can be paired with various ingredients, be it simple or complicated.

You can grill the shrimps and use lemon butter to cover them, or even marinate them in garlic and hot sauce.

That said, in some places, people eat them raw. But is it safe, though?

Raw shrimps contain a lot of viruses, parasites as well as bacteria, and most of them are life-threatening.​

It can lead to food poisoning, contamination, and other severe issues. Therefore, our advice is that you think twice before you munch on the raw.


So, there you have it – a detailed answer to the question of what shrimp taste like.

Shrimps are delicious and are full of flavors with a hint of semi-sweet and salty taste to them.

They are quite tender and are similar to certain white fish. You can eat them with rice and even curry at times.

All in all, shrimp has quite a unique taste, loved by many. So, it is time for you to give it a try too!

what do shrimps taste like

What Do Shrimps Taste Like? Do Shrimps Taste Good?

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