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Best Shelf Liners Reviews 2024 – Top 5 Picks

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Shelf liners are also popularly known as contact papers.

These are usually pieces or rolls of paper that you can use to remodel, decorate or even give a slip proof cover to a surface.

You can even use the best shelf liner to redecorate your cupboards, bedroom, kitchen shelves or bathroom.

If you are on a budget, these are great economical ways for you to make your house look brand new.

5 Best Shelf Liner Reviews 2024

1 – Sterling Shelf Liners for Wire Shelf Liner Set

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If you have wire shelves in your kitchen pantry and you are looking for a sturdy shelf liner to give that extra bit of stability than the Sterling shelf liners for wire shelf liner is your best option.

These sturdy goodies come in a wide variety of sizes which starts from as small as a compact 14 inch lining to a generous 24 inch and goes all the way to as big as a 24 inch measurement and 48 inches.

These sterling shelf liner sets are made of 30 gauge polypropylene which is really heavy duty if you must know. It is really thick enough to hold up a lot better on top of the wire shelves as compared to the other alternatives we get in the market right now.

It is also water proof so you won’t have to worry about the fact that you did not dry your dishes as much whenever you are in a hurry.

The best of all is that these are pre cut so you do not have to make a hassle over measuring it out and cutting it according to the right dimensions. Most times as mess it up and they end up looking funny anyway.

It is made in the USA. It provides unparalleled beauty, function, longevity and quality.

This lunch box instantly gives the look and feel of a flat surface with the thickness. The water proof material and easily cleaned with a simple wipe.

It comes in fun, transparent colors to add a pop of color to your kitchen space. It is made of heavy duty material in 30 gauge polypropylene.


  • They are pre cut so it leaves you less work to handle
  • Super high quality shelf liners
  • It’s Water-proof
  • Thick enough to hold up against the wire shelves


  • You need to trim them to fit shelves
  • Price is expensive

2 – Seville Classics 2 Individual Smoke Gray Fitted Shelf Liners

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If you have recently bought for yourself a Seville wire rack and want a shelf liner to go with it, the Classic Seville Fitted 2 Individual Smoke Gray Shelf Liner is your perfect choice because they are more or less custom designed for it.

Although they are originally made for Seville wire racks, it is also versatile enough for you to use it in your closets, drawers, cabinets and even under the kitchen sink.

These are made of highly flexible polypropylene with an impressive thickness of about 0.2 inches or .55 mm.

The thickness is pretty impressive that you can even store smaller bottles like olive jars etc in a wire rack without worrying about the jars tumbling down.

Fitting these shelf liners are so easy. All you have to do is simply affix these liners on the shelf and cut it out with a sharp paper cutter or a pair of scissors.

It offers 18 inch by 48 inch and 24 inch by 60 inch. It is made of polypropylene liners.

This lunch box is designed to fit Seville classic steel wire shelves. The polypropylene flexible liners are .02 inches or .5 mm thick.

We love the smoke gray translucent color. It is easily compatible with Seville classic NSF certified steel wire shelving.

Using it will create an even and smooth surface for organizing small jars in the kitchen and even books, picture frames, small items like car keys, etc.


  • Very simply to cut them and fit
  • Versatile enough to be used in so many different parts of the kitchen
  • Polypropylene material is easy to clean and highly durable
  • Offers a cushioned and smooth surface to many items in the kitchen


  • These plastic sheets are pretty thin
  • It’s slippery

3 – Duck Brand 281873 Liner Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner

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If you are looking for something that looks great but also does not compromise on the extraordinary value, care and quality, then 281873 Duck Brand Smooth Top Easy Non Adhesive Shelf Liner is your best pick.

This one is consumer friendly and a convenient solution for all your decorating needs at home.

This is non adhesive and they have made up for the lack of it with the non adhesive super strong grip right at the bottom.

It is perfect for lumpy of uneven surface areas because it lays flat even though it is non adhesive. This shelf liner is impressively about 5 times thicker than the ordinary liners that you will get in the market.

It is well ventilated with deep ribs which allows air to flow freely under the glass and keeps the stale air and moisture out.

The ribs will also offer extra cushioning for your delicate dishware. They are so thick that canned goods, pans and heavy pots will not rip it even with repeated use.


  • Comes in a wide variety of fashionable colors and prints
  • It’s Machine washable
  • Easy to cut into different sizes and put in place


  • You need to trim them to fit shelves
  • Okay product for the price

4 – Warp’S Plast O Mat Shelf Liner

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If you want a shelf liner that is durable yet affordable with a long life product, than Plast O Mat Ribbed Shelf Liner is an excellent choice for you.

This glossy and clear finish will make any dull looking space sparkle with life.

Cleaning is pretty easy because of the ribbed design which can be easily wiped with water.

The design also allows for air flow under the objects that is kept on it.

You will love how easily you can cut it to any specification that you prefer.

It is perfect for lumpy of uneven surface areas because it lays flat even though it is non adhesive. This shelf liner is impressively about 5 times thicker than the ordinary liners that you will get in the market.

It is well ventilated with deep ribs which allows air to flow freely under the glass and keeps the stale air and moisture out.

The ribs will also offer extra cushioning for your delicate dishware. They are so thick that canned goods, pans and heavy pots will not rip it even with repeated use.

It is non adhesive shelf liner in clear plastic. The ribbing design in the material allows for cushioning and ventilation.

The material resists all kinds of stains because of the waterproof material.


  • The design is very attractive
  • Very easy to assemble without professional help
  • Super lightweight


  • It discolors easily
  • It wouldn’t lie flat

5 – Rainforest Non-Adhesive Non-Slip Shelf and Drawer Liner

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We all love our shelf liners to stay put but it simply does not happen unless it comes with a self adhesion glue at the back of the material.

This is all good but not all of us want things to be permanent.

Sure we all always take it out but it is quite a hassle trying to tackle a glued shelf liner.

Additionally, in most of the cases, it leaves behind glue marks or damages the surface where we stuck it if it were something delicate.

The question is how do we get a shelf liner to stay put even without the additional mess of an adhesion?

Our answer is of course the Rainforest Non Slip Non Adhesive Shelf and Drawer Liner.

This little thing right here has a non slip grip not only at the bottom but also at the top so that anything you place on top of it will not slip and fall.

It protects and also cushions all types of surface. The top of shelf liner has non slip grip in order to be able to hold all items in place.

It can be wiped clean easily with the help of a sponge. It can also be used under accessories, small appliances, electronics, and even inside of coasters, placemats, drawers or shelves.


  • Affordable price
  • Length is designed specifically for easy cutting
  • Cleans easily
  • Highly versatile for creative uses


  • Tends to bunch up at the edge
  • Liner is more flimsy than expected

Why Should You Buy a Shelf Liner for Kitchen Kabinet?

Shelf liners are really handy materials that you can use around the house and make it look a lot better than it already is! Oomph up a new cupboard that you just bought which is looking rather blah. You can also add these to match a new furniture with the rest of the house décor.

Besides glamming up your place under a budget, shelf liners are also great to make a shelf or a drawer slip proof. You can easily wipe off any accidentally spills without making a mess of it. 

You could never go wrong with a shelf liner because it comes in a wide range of colors, materials and designs. You can easily pick one that matches the décor of your house and your personal sense of style. They are highly versatile and you can use it anywhere.

Things To Look For When Buying A Shelf Liner

There are so many different types of shelf liners out there and the options will overwhelm you sometimes. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are buying a shelf liner or a contact paper.

1. Texture

PLASTIC: Shelf liners usually comes in a wide variety of textures to satisfy different needs of consumers. If you are looking for something to place over cupboards, shelves, table tops and even books, plastic shelf liners are the best option.

GLASS: For wired shelves, thick plastic shelf liners will keep things from falling off. You can give an optical illusion on your bedside tables, coffee tables or dining tables with glass shelf liners which are actually made of plastic but gives the illusion of glass.

SOFT FOAM: If you are all about functionality instead of design than you can opt for soft foam shelf liners. These soft foam liners are very supportive and they provide a good cushion for placing over fragile things that you do not want to damage.

2. Adhesive

SELF ADHESIVE OR NOT: Some shelf liners are self adhesive while some are not. If you are living in a rented apartment or you simply do not want to spoil your furniture than opt for the non adhesive ones. If you are looking for something more semi permanent or do not want it to slip and slide than self adhesive is your answer.

LONGER USE: There are some adhesive shelf liners which can be removed and then stick back again. These are great for walls, drawers, shelves, doors, windows, etc where you need to fix the shelf liner for a longer period of time.

PERMANENT: Using an adhesive shelf liner is a splendid idea if you want something more permanent or semi permanent. The adhesion is not so strong and you can always clean it out if you ever change your mind about it later on.


Shelf liners are a great idea for your home décor because they come in a variety of colors and prints to give your house an entirely different look in under a budget.

With shelf liners, you can also easily clean your shelves and drawers, make less mess with accidental spillage, protects delicate surfaces, etc.

Shelf liners are also a great way to fix the sense of style in a room. For instance, if the new piece of furniture does not match the décor of the room, simply cover it with a shelf liner that matches the style.

Keep in mind that no matter what it is you are looking for, never miss out on the functionality of the product.

At the end of the day, you want something sturdy like the heavy duty 30 gauge polypropylene Sterling Shelf Liners for Wire Shelf Liner Set. This one is water proof and will not be damaged even when you expose it to moisture.

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