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Savor the Irresistible Goodness of Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce

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Imagine what it would be like to have a hot and spicy meal with no heat.

Boom boom sauce is what you need for that.

It’s the perfect blend of spices, vinegar, sugar, and garlic, making an amazing flavor combination on any dish.

You can find recipes online for making your own, or if you want to buy it ready-made, there are plenty of places that sell this delicious condiment.

This blog post will dive into what this delicious sauce is, what it’s used for, and what it tastes like.

What is Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce?

Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce is a type of hot sauce used to give food an extra kick in flavor.

It has been around for over 40 years and has been served at most Sheetz locations.

This spicy sauce made with soybean oil, sugar, distilled vinegar, egg yolk, aged cayenne pepper (capsicum annum), garlic (bothum sativum), and red bell pepper is said to be versatile enough for any dish.

There are two main flavors in the sauce: Original and Extra Hot.

The original flavor is milder than the extra hot, but both have an intense heat to them that can light up your taste buds with delight.

Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce is perfect for those who like spicy food, but it also can be used by those who don’t like spicy food to kick up the flavor of their dish.

This sauce was created in 1952 and is sold at most Sheetz locations or Amazon for $12.89 a bottle.

Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce has won many awards in the last few years and is a staple condiment at most Sheetz locations.

What Does Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce Taste Like? Does Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce Taste Good?

Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce is a consistency of a thick, red liquid with small bits which you can see easily.

The flavor is a sweet, tangy taste with a hint of heat.

The Original flavor has more sugar in it than the Extra Hot and is milder on its tongue.

It tastes like an intense hot sauce, but you can’t detect any spice until after eating something else that’s not spicy.

The Original flavor of Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce has a tangy taste, but it is an intense heat that you’ll feel on your tongue.

The Extra Hot variety balances the sweetness with more spice and can make any dish have another layer in flavor.

However, they might not be for those who don’t like spicy food because both varieties are spicy hot.

You can also use Sheetz Boom Boom sauce to put on french fries as a dipping sauce or even in mac and cheese.

It’ll bring some heat into your meal that you may have never considered before, from something like an ordinary bowl of noodles, soup, beans, salad, steak, or chicken.

Sheetz’s Extra Hot Boom Boom Sauce is like eating a cayenne pepper by itself but in sauce form.

If you’re feeling brave and want to try it with french fries or mac & cheese, though, go for it because the spice can always be toned down.

The Original flavor has more sweetness with just enough heat to make your taste buds stand up and take notice, so it’s the perfect condiment for those who want to try something new.

How to Make Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce?

Sheetz boom boom sauce is perfect for those who like spicy food, but it also can be used by those who don’t like spicy food to kick up the flavor of their dish.

If you want to try your hand at making this spicy sauce, here’s how:

Step One: Mix soybean oil, distilled vinegar, and sugar in a small saucepan.

Cook on low heat for about three minutes or until the sugar is fully dissolved.

This mixture will be used as your Sheetz boom boom sauce base, so it’s important to have all ingredients mixed thoroughly.

Step Two: Mix egg yolk and aged cayenne pepper in a small bowl.

This will be the flavor of your sauce.

It’s important to mix these ingredients thoroughly to don’t have any lumps of soybean oil or sugar left over.

It should look like scrambled eggs at this point.

Step Three: Add garlic and red bell pepper to the mixture.

You can use a food processor for this step so that your ingredients are finely chopped, but be careful not to overmix, or you’ll end up with a paste-like sauce instead of one with chunks.

Step Four: Mix the soybean oil, vinegar, and sugar mixture with the egg yolk mixture you just made from steps two and three.

It’s important to mix these ingredients thoroughly, or else you’ll end up with a sauce that has chunks of soybean oil in it.

Your Sheetz boom boom sauce should be pourable but not watery at this point.

Step Five: Let your sauce sit in the fridge for about four hours before serving to allow it to thicken up a bit more and develop flavor.

How to Serve Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce?

You can serve Sheetz boom boom sauce any way you want.

Served on french fries or as a dipping sauce is the most popular, but it could also kick up the flavor in mac and cheese.

It’s an easy way to spice up your dish without adding too many strong flavors like cumin or ginger.

If you want to try the sauce on a burger, make sure that all of your ingredients are ready, and then cook your patty as usual.

Then once it’s cooked, top with some extra mayonnaise or ketchup for moisture before adding the Sheetz boom boom sauce on top.

It’ll compliment any meat dish nicely.

You can also try using sheetz boom boom sauce in soup, beans, or as the base for a salad dressing to bring some heat into your meals.

How to Store Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce?

Sheetz boom boom sauce can be stored in the fridge for up to six months, but if you don’t use it all within that time frame, just make sure you seal the container well and store it in a dark location.

The sauce will last longer this way because light destroys its flavor.

It’s best to store the sauce in a container with an airtight seal because otherwise, you’ll end up picking out chunks of soybean oil from your food.

Avoid leaving the sauce in the fridge for longer than six months because it will lose its flavor over time.

When you’re ready to use your Sheetz boom boom sauce, remove a small amount from the container and let it thaw at room temperature before adding to whatever dish you want.


Boom Boom Sauce is a spicy condiment that can make all sorts of dishes taste better.

If you’re looking for a sauce with heat, then Sheetz Boom Boom sauce should do the trick.

You don’t have to live in Pennsylvania or near one of their locations.

With this article and its simple instructions on how to make your own sheets boom boom sauce at home, you’ll never need to go out again when it comes time to spice up dinner.

What Does Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce Taste Like? Does Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce Taste Good?

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