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How Long Does Salami Last? Does Salami Go Bad?

Salami is a cured sausage product consisting of fermented and air-dried meat, usually pork.

The word ‘salami’ is the plural form of the Italian ‘salame,’ which means spiced pork sausage.

Salami is a staple in sandwiches, and nothing beats fixing yourself a sandwich while you’re in a hurry.

Though completely uncooked, curing is a process in making salami, so it isn’t raw. Salami is usually cooked or smoked before or after to give it a specific flavor. That process does not provide any benefit for cooking, though.

Three major stages in the production of salami include:

1. Fermentation

2. Preparation of raw materials

3. Ripening and drying

According to Wikipedia, salami originated from Italy, as well as the word we all use today.

HuffPost also ranks salami among the top ten list of cold-cut meats.

To know how long salami lasts, read further below.

How Long Does Salami Last? Does Salami Go Bad?

Salami will maintain its quality for quite some time, because of its low water activity. It also contains preservatives, flavorings, colorings, and antioxidants.

The salami that is semi-ripened will retain its flavor, even under retail displays. But it’ll eventually deteriorate because of the development of constant rancidification.

Sensory deterioration is the primary defining factor in the longevity of salami, resulting from various forms of oxidation.

The leading cause of flavor deterioration in salami is rancidity, even though the formation of other off-flavors such as mold and acid may be a factor for the bad quality.

The salami that’s opened usually last and retain their freshness for three to seven days, depending on how you store it.

Yes, salami does go bad. But it’s not a surprise because you cannot store away any kind of meat for months and not expect it to get spoiled.

Salami is a shelf-stable product, which means it has no expiration date. It’ll dry out the more it sits out.

The short shelf life of salami means that you have to eat it rather quickly because salami meat can last in the fridge for only three to five days. You can wrap it property with plastic or foil in an airtight container.

Deli meat like salami, ham, and bacon can be a potential source of food poisoning.

It’s kind of risky to eat any processed meat if you think it is way past its best-before day. So it’s best if you discard your salami as soon as possible, even though you’ve stored it in a freezer.

Also, eating more processed red meat increases your risk of heart failure by 28%, according to WebMD.

How to Tell if Salami is Bad?

There are a few ways to tell if your salami has gone bad:

  • The first sign is if a stale or sour smell has developed in your salami. If you can sense that right away, then it’s better to be on the safer side and not eat it.
  • Look if the surface of the salami is slimy. Technically, it is harmless, but there will be traces of bacteria and yeast growth. So you shouldn’t eat anything that’s slimy.
  • If the color of your salami looks off, then it’s probably deteriorating.
  • Look for mold spots in your salami. This can be caused by bacteria, which makes it entirely unfit for consumption.

Technically, you can determine the quality of your salami by just tasting it. If it looks and smells okay, it’s usually fine to eat.

Also, make an effort to observe the date on the packages and how long the salami has been at the store before you make any purchase.

When it comes to deli meat, it is better not to take risks by discarding meat that is past its date, rather than risking yourself to food poisoning.

Fresh and ready-to-eat salami has a soft texture and often has a bright pink interior, filled by white spots coming from the fat.

On the other hand, dry salami has a darker red color, which may be speckled. Dried salami is firm in texture. They may also have an uneven surface as a result of the loss of moisture.


Once you open a pack of salami, it will probably last longer than it stays closed. You can store salami on the counter for a few days if necessary.

Just make sure that you cover them loosely. If they have a strong smell, perhaps you should keep them away from consumption.

Ready-made salami can last up for months. So, if you have too much in stock, you can always freeze any excess meat.

Keeping a check on the dates is essential to maintain the quality of your salami. It would help if you also remember to freeze it whenever you finish eating the salami.

Yield: 1 Serving

How Long Does Salami Last? Does Salami Go Bad?

How Long Does Salami Last? Does Salami Go Bad?
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • Salami
  • Air-tight containers or Ziplock bags
  • Labels and markers


  1. Read the guide thoroughly to learn how long it lasts.
  2. Label your container with the content and date and keep track of how much you're using!
  3. Make sure to store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place (pantry or fridge).
  4. If frozen, thaw in the fridge before use. Always check for signs of spoilage before using.

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