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Savor the Warmth: How to Reheat Croissants Perfectly

Croissants are delicious pastries that can be eaten fresh or reheated to make them crispy and flaky.

When it comes to how to reheat croissants, there are many different methods and ways.

You must find the one that will work best for your needs.

This article will go over some of the most popular ways to reheat a croissant, including oven heating, microwaving, and more.

There are also benefits and negatives associated with each method so that we will detail those as well.

What is Croissant?

what is croissant

Many people know what a croissant is, but not everyone knows how to pronounce it.

The word “croissant” comes from the french word for “crescent” or “to curve”.

It was created by Viennese bakers and became popular in France as an alternative morning pastry made with a yeast dough that has been enriched with butter, milk, eggs, salt, and sugar.

The shape of these pastries came about because this kind of bread had to be baked quickly so people could eat them before they got stale; therefore, the crescent-like shape is necessary for good quality croissants.

Croissants are traditionally served on their own or spread with jam, topped with cheese, or used as bread for a sandwich.

The most common style of the croissant is the French croissant (croissant in Dutch), which has a curved shape and a “crescent” shape, as well as the Vienna Croissant, which is usually smaller but has an oval shape.

Are Croissants Good the Next Day?

are croissants good the next day

Croissants are sweet pastries made with yeasted dough and butter, typically shaped into crescent shapes.

Croissants are best when they’re fresh out of the oven but can also be enjoyed as leftovers.

The next day, croissants may not have their flaky texture because some moisture will seep from the pastry to the paper or wax wrapper it was stored in during cooling.

Make sure to enjoy your leftover croissants within a day or two.

How to Store Croissants?

how to store croissants

It’s best to store them in the refrigerator, although you can keep them out for a few hours before eating.

If you don’t have any room in your fridge or it’s too warm to refrigerate, then put them on top of an open bag of ice next to the kitchen countertop.

Not near windows where they could get direct sunlight and make croissants go bad quickly.

It’s best not to freeze croissants because, over time, excess moisture will build up between layers causing sogginess and freezer burn.

And if there is no frosting left on those tasty pastries when they’re thawed out? They’ll be hard as a rock.

Make sure to keep them in a tightly sealed container, so they don’t dry out.

How to Tell if Croissant is Bad?

how to tell if croissant is bad

Have you ever purchased a croissant that looked delicious, but once you bit into it, all the layers of buttery pastry crumble? You might wonder if that croissant is bad or just old.

Here are a few easy ways for how to tell if it’s bad to eat:

If the croissant has a foul smell to it, then most likely, it isn’t good.

If there are visible mold or fungus growths on the food, then the chances are that this pastry is not safe for consumption.

You can taste the croissant to see if it has a sour flavor or not.

If the taste is unpleasant, then the chances are that this food item might be foul.

Is the pastry dough stiff and dry or wet in any way? This is a sure sign that the croissant has gone foul.

So as long as your newfound pastry doesn’t smell foul, taste strange, or show evidence of being tainted by fungi, the chances are that croissant will probably make for a delicious breakfast treat.

How to Revive a Stale Croissant?

Everyone loves a fresh croissant.

Its flaky, buttery goodness is the perfect breakfast treat or afternoon pick-me-up.

But sometimes, you may find a croissant that is just an icky, stale mess.

So we set out on our quest for the perfect fix-all solution: How do you revive a stale croissant? Here’s how:

Put your croissant in the microwave for a few seconds.

We find that two to three minutes on 50% power is optimal, but you can experiment until you find what works best for you.

Alternatively, put some butter (or other spread) on your croissant and then toast it in an oven or toaster at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about five minutes.

If all else fails, cut up the stale croissant into croutons and fry them with olive oil over medium heat until golden brown.

Enjoy these salty snacks as a crunchy side dish when having soup or salad.

Reheat Ham and Cheese Croissant

If you want to reheat a ham and cheese croissant for breakfast, here’s how to do it.

Place the frozen croissant on an oven tray in a single layer and heat at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until warm.

You can also place them in the microwave with wax paper or parchment between layers if you would like to avoid using your oven altogether.

Both methods will take around two minutes of cook time when microwaving and ten minutes when baking in the oven, so keep this in mind according to what type of appliance you use.

How to Make Store-bought Croissants Crispy?

Have you ever wondered what makes a store-bought croissant turn into an irresistible snack? It’s those crispy, crunchy layers that give the croissant its iconic and compelling texture.

There are some tricks you can use to recreate this same effect at home.

To start with, it’s essential to have a hot oven ready for baking your pastries—Preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit or 230 Celsius.

When it’s ready, place the croissants on a Silpat or parchment paper-lined baking sheet and bake them for 10 minutes.

You can brush them with butter or egg wash before baking for a crisper layer.

Once they’re done, allow them to cool for about 3 minutes before enjoying.

How to Heat Starbucks Croissant?

Who doesn’t love a Starbucks Croissant? However, these delicious pastries can be hard to eat if they are not heated.

Now, you can warm up your favorite croissant with these simple steps.

First, preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit or until it is heated all the way through.

Once the oven has reached its desired temperature, place the croissant on a baking sheet and cook for about 20 minutes.

Remove from heat after time expires, and enjoy.

How to Reheat Croissant in an Oven?

how to reheat croissant in an oven

We keep recommending reheating with an oven because it provides a more even heat distribution.

Plus, an oven can also provide some light browning to the surface of the croissant if desired.

Follow these steps below to reheat the croissant in an oven.

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit (160 Celsius).

This temperature should be hot enough for the butter or fat inside a croissant to melt and keep them soft without burning them.

Place frozen pastry on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, then put it into the preheated oven for about 20 minutes until they are warmed through but not too browned.

This can take up to 25 minutes, depending on your oven’s power venting capabilities.

Make sure you rotate the pan halfway during cooking time so that both sides bake evenly.

You may also want to turn down the heat if they get too dark before crisping.

When it’s done, remove them from the oven onto a rack to cool for about five minutes before serving.

This will help the croissant keep its shape and not shrink too much during the cooling down process.

How to Reheat Croissant in a Pan?

What if you don’t have an oven? How can we reheat our breakfast bread without baking them again? Reheating can be done in a frying pan.

Here are the step-by-step to reheat croissant in a pan:

Preheat your frying pan on medium heat.

Make sure you use an oven mitten or wear an oven glove to avoid burns.

Cut the croissant into desired size and shape according to individual preference.

Place each piece of croissant onto the preheated frying pan, make sure they are not overlapping with other pieces.

Flip over every 30 seconds until heated through.

We must keep checking after flipping them so they do not burn or overcook.

Do this for about 90 seconds per side if using one large croissant.

When done cooking, remove from the frying pan and enjoy.

How to Reheat Croissant in a Microwave?

how to reheat croissant in a microwave

A croissant is a pastry filled with enough butter to make it flaky and tender.

Croissants are best when they’re still warm from the oven, but that’s not always an option for those who want one later on in the day.

You can quickly reheat them at home by using your microwave.

The first step is to place your croissant on a microwave-safe plate and heat it for about 15 seconds.

Next, you’ll want to turn it over and heat it for about 15- 20 seconds more.

If you find that your croissant is not thoroughly reheated, repeat the process until it reaches your desired temperature.

Finally, allow it to cool down before cutting into it so that all those flaky layers stay intact.

How to Reheat Croissant in an Air Fryer?

If you are looking for something more portable and on the go, an air fryer can be your best friend.

Air frying food, in general, takes less time than conventional ovens or stovetops.

The best thing about this process is that you don’t need any oil.

With the help of an air fryer, reheating croissants will take just a few easy steps without all the hassle.

Follow these steps to reheat croissant in an air fryer:

Preheat the air fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Place the croissant on the rack and let it fry for about 5 minutes, flipping halfway through.

Please keep checking the croissant as it fries to ensure that the edges aren’t getting too browned.

Remove from the air fryer when golden brown.

Make sure to let it cool down a bit before biting into the croissant.


Whether you’re in a hurry, the oven’s not working, or it’s just too hot outside to turn on the stove, there are several ways to reheat your croissant.

Our team of experts has put together this list of four tried-and-true methods for rewarming your pastry without sacrificing that buttery flavor and flaky texture we all love so much.

Which one is your favorite?

how to store croissants

How to Reheat Croissant? The Best Ways

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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Reheating


  • Leftover Croissant
  • Baking Pan or Skillet with Lid
  • Stovetop or Oven
  • Microwave


  • Prepare all the required ingredients and equipment in the article.
  • Select and follow your desired method to reheat.
  • Make sure to set a timer according to the guide.
  • Serve and enjoy.
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