Is Pyure Keto Friendly?

Is Pyure Keto Friendly? 1

If you follow the keto diet, you know the problems you have to face with sweet things. Any wrong food item can throw your body out of ketosis.

All those sugar-free products may taste bland or have artificial sweeteners hidden in them. If a company delivers sweet and helpful products in your keto diet, it would be great.

Pyure is a company that makes products that are sweet, healthy, and organic. But is Pyure keto? Let’s find out the answer to that.

Is Pyure Keto Friendly?

Pyure is a company that produces sugar-free products. It also supplies other companies with organic, non-GMO stevia.

Ben Fleisher is the founder of Pyure Organics. He started this company in 2008 because he felt that sugar-free products could taste better and healthier.

All the products from Pyure contain organic stevia extracts, while only a few control erythritol. Stevia is a plant native to South America, and its leaves form the base of a sweetener that can be a substitute to table sugar.

According to The Huffington Post, Stevia extracts can be 200 times sweeter than sugar but with zero calories.

Pyure products contain no carbs or calories. They are organically sourced, kosher, non-GMO, and are of excellent quality. The two sweeteners that they use are stevia and erythritol, which are both keto-friendly.

If we look at the fact that Pyure products have 0 carbs, we can confirm that yes, they are KETO-FRIENDLY products.

Although, the Organic Hazelnut spread and the honey alternative may not be a good option if you are on a strict keto diet. These two products contain ingredients that are not good for keto.

The stevia-based products that Pyure produces are a healthy alternative that can make your keto journey smooth.

They are also a better alternative to refined sugar in the long run.

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