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Best Portable Electric Stove Reviews 2024 – Top 5 Picks

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As technology has advanced and is still advancing, the equipment used in the kitchen is also no longer the same as it was maybe 10 years ago.

Gas burners, although still in use, were not convenient or not even practical to carry it around.

This led to the development of a portable electric stove that is much smaller, lightweight, convenient and easy to use.

The portable electric stove has become an essential unit in homes, offices, and other personal spaces.

In terms of equipment cost, it is even cheaper than a gas burner while also being easier to maintain.

But with such a fast-paced advancement in technology, it also becomes difficult to choose the best one out of the various ranges of manufacturers in the market.

Here in this article, we have come up with the reviews of our three best portable electric stoves that you can look out for if you want an idea to start your shopping.

3 Best Portable Electric Stove Reviews 2024

1 – Proctor Silex 34103 Electric Single Burner

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The Proctor Silex fifth burner is not only an electric induction that is portable but is also powerful appliances among the brand counterparts.

It is ample to make meals whenever there is a need for an extra cooktop yet compact that makes it one of the best options if you want a portable one where a large meal can be cooked.

The diameter of the burner is about 5-3”/8” in size.

The unit provides quick and sustained heat that makes it easy for you to cook the meals fast with their variable temperature setting knob. The unit uses 1000 wattage.

Although it has a coil, it is easy to clean as you can just lift the coil and wipe any mess down the stainless-steel drip tray. It also has a 1-year limited warranty.

The built-in light feature reminds you when it is on so that you save on the electricity as well as be able to maintain the electric compatibility of the unit.

The base of the burner has non-skid feet to ensure that it stays on the counter-tops without slipping off.


  • Built-in safety features are available.
  • Control of temperature settings from high to low.
  • It’s easy to use and clean.
  • The petite size of this burner makes it an easy tool to take on-the-go.


  • It is not recommended for high-heat cooking.

2 – Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

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This model of Duxtop portable induction cooktop burner is one of the best energy savers, user-friendly and modern units in the market when it comes to electric cooking portables.

The unit uses 120V with 15 amp of electrical outlet which is generally the standard in the USA.

The induction burner is digitally equipped with count-time timers that have from 1 to 170-minute increments.

The temperature has through 10 ranges, 140˚F to 460˚F while the power levels are available from 200 to 1800 Watts.

Once your cookware is taken off the top of the induction, the in-built auto-pan will switch off after 60 seconds on no cookware detection automatically.

The unit also has a slot where an automatic diagnostic error message pops up. This provides users to know if there are any problems with the induction and its other features.

Not only that, but it also offers a high and low voltage warnings system. 

The induction of Duxtop helps in leaving no messy stains and rigid wastes.

Also, the glass cooktop on this induction, due to no open heating elements and flames, is very easy to clean and maintain with just a dry or a damp cloth.

The crux of this induction is its 7-blade fan that rapidly distributes the heat uniformly to ensure durability and longer life of the product.

It is ETL approved with 2-years of warranty as well as customer service from the manufacturer.

The unit is lightweight, aesthetically designed, and compact which makes it easy and convenient for you to handle and store them.


  • Automatic shut-off on no cookware detection.
  • Different ranges of temperature and heating.
  • Sufficient timer range up to 170 mins.
  • Durable and long life due to the 7-blade fan.


  • The non-magnetic base cookware will have to be replaced with magnetic ones of a 1-year warranty.
  • No child-lock.

3 – IMUSA USA GAU-80305 Electric Single Burner

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The IMUSA single electric burner which comes in black color and wattage of 1100 watts can be used for cooking both indoors like in offices and outdoors.

The burner consists of heat distribution coils featuring their unique temperature regulating knob.

This allows you to control the temperature easily and also provides a uniform and quicker time of cooking.

You will not have any doubts or worry as to whether your burner is on or not since the product comes with a power indicator light.

Its non-slip rubber feet base gives them a good grip even on slippery countertops and prevents the unit from sliding off. 

The IMUSA electric burner has also been designed in such a way that it is practical as well as a space-saving unit. Its slim design provides an aesthetic look too.


  • It has affordable price.
  • It offers varied temperature regulating settings.
  • It is easy to carry around due to its slim design.


  • It smells like burning plastic for the first few times you use it.


Portable electric burners have made every nomadic and busy working people or students’ life much easier to cook and have our meals at home without much hassle as before.

And, this is what technology advancement is all about.

The unit has been built much around the modern aspect of having an electrical burner that is compact, easy to use for both outdoors and indoors as well as have varied options in the temperature settings.

Sure, others also have automation and temperature settings but most of them come in bulk form and it is not easy to handle them practically.

Proctor, fortunately, has done the bid to give a practical burner yet with a stylish, compact, and slim design that makes our space cleaner and more put together.

Not to also forget that they have consistently been on creating energy-saving units.

In this review article, we have given out our top three picks but if you would have to ask us which were our favorite of all then it’s Proctor Silex 34103 Electric Single Burner.

The burner is just the option when it comes to picking out one for a modern and sleek setting.

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