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Citrus Bliss: What Does Pomelo Taste Like?

Pomelo is a citrus fruit that grows in Southeast Asia.

This large fruit can be eaten whole and has a sweet, grapefruit-like flavor.

Pomelo can also be sliced up, combined with other fruits, and made into pomelo salad or sorbet.

We will now discuss what pomelo tastes like, how it’s eaten (raw/cooked), and what you should know before eating this tasty fruit.

What is Pomelo?

what is pomelo

Pomelo is a type of citrus fruit that most people enjoy eating.

While the pomelo has many similarities to other types of grapefruit, it’s more closely related to oranges and mandarin oranges than anything else.

It is also grown in many parts of the world, including the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and North Africa.

Pomelo is a large, tear-drop-shaped citrus fruit.

It typically grows to the size of a cantaloupe or even more immense.

It can be found in various colors but typically has a yellow or green exterior and white inside with juicy segments reminiscent of grapefruit.

In some cultures, pomelos make jams and marmalades for sweet desserts, while others enjoy them as snacks fresh from the peeler.

Health and Nutritional Benefits of Pomelo

health and nutritional benefits of pomelo

Pomelo, also known as the “grapefruit of China,” is a citrus fruit with many healthful benefits.

This versatile and nutritious food has been used for centuries to help prevent common colds and relieve congestion caused by allergies or head colds.

Pomelos have a high antioxidant capacity, which helps fight free radicals that can cause cancer cells in your body to grow unchecked.

They are loaded with vitamin C and potassium, which are essential for bone health.

Pomelos are a rich source of folic acid, protecting against heart disease by lowering blood pressure levels and regulating your cholesterol level.

They also contain vitamin B-complex that keeps you feeling energized throughout the day.

Pomelo is an excellent source of fiber, which helps maintain bowel health by reducing constipation and promoting regularity in your digestive system.

Pomelos are also rich in cysteine that can help break down proteins into amino acids to better absorb nutrients from other foods you eat throughout the day.

Thus, eating pomelos will provide multiple benefits to both your physical and mental health every time you enjoy one.

The nutritious qualities make this fruit worth including as part of your diet daily.

It’s easy to incorporate because it tastes so good.

You’ll love how refreshing they taste with just a little bit more sweetness than grapefruit but without all the sugar or sourness common among many other citrus fruits.

Who Should not Eat pomelo?

who should not eat pomelo

Note that people who are on cholesterol-lowering medication, such as the statin drug Verapamil, may need to avoid pomelo.

Many grapefruit varieties contain furanocoumarins which have been shown to interfere with how these drugs work in the body.

What Does Pomelo Taste Like?

what does pomelo taste like

Pomelo is a giant fruit native to Southeast Asia.

It’s juicy and sweet, but it has many more sour notes than other citrus fruits like oranges or apples because of its high acidity levels.

The taste of pomelo can differ depending on the variety.

Some are sweeter than others, while some have an additional sour undertone that’s not found in other citrus fruits like oranges or grapefruit due to their high acidity levels.

When ripe, pomelos are soft with an almost jelly-like consistency, and they can be eaten as is or used to flavor dishes such as salads, sandwiches, curries, noodles, and soups.

The cool thing about pomelo is that its skin has a thicker rind than other citrus fruits so that it can be peeled like an orange but with less effort and without bitterness.

What Does Honey Pomelo Taste Like?

what does honey pomelo taste like

There are a few different types of pomelo, but the Honey variety (identified by its light yellow hue) is considered the most flavorful.

The Honey pomelo is a fully ripe type of fruit and has acidity slightly compared to other types.

This variety’s name comes from its natural sweetness that leaves you wanting more after one bite.

The flavor can be described as sweet but hints of sourness and tanginess similar to honeydew melon which makes it very appealing to most people who taste this new variety for the first time.

The flavor is not quite as bitter or sour, like grapefruit.

They are smoother and less juicy than grapefruit but still have a nice tangy flavor.

Is Pomelo Sweet or Sour?

is pomelo sweet or sour

This yellow-orange-colored fruit looks like an orange or apple, and it has sweet and sour taste profiles depending on how ripe the pomelo is when you eat it.

For example, if your pomelos are unripe, they tend to have more tart flavors because there’s less sugar content.

As these fruits ripen over time, their sweetness increases until when fully mature, we find them excessively sugary with barely any acidity left whatsoever.

Which is Better, Pomelo or Grapefruit?

which is better pomelo or grapefruit

Pomelos typically grow larger than grapefruits, with thicker rinds due to their higher water content- which is why they tend not to be peeled before consuming or eating raw.

Pomelos have more potassium than grapefruit but provide much less vitamin A.

Grapefruit contains 1.5 grams of protein and 2.5 grams of fiber that make it a good source of dietary fiber, as well as an excellent source of immune-enhancing vitamins A and C.

Compared to pomelo with 0 calories per cup versus 54 for grapefruit and 3.4 or 4% calcium instead of 4%.

These fruits can either be eaten raw or cooked. Cut the fruit in half and scoop out each segment with a spoon.

Or, you could peel it off its skin and cut it into slices.

How to Eat Pomelo?

how to eat pomelo

It’s a thick and juicy fruit with a refreshing taste that is very different from the other citrus fruits.

Remove the rind and peel the membrane from each pomelo segment.

Scoring the thick skin makes it easier to peel.

But you don’t eat the membrane; eat what’s inside.

Pomelos are fantastic in salsas, salads, or as is for a refreshing snack.

They can also be cooked down into jams or even eaten right out of your hand.

Where to Buy Pomelo?

where to buy pomelo

Pomelo is available in many different places, but it’s best to buy it from a farmer’s market or grocery store.

It can also be found in specialty produce stands and at Asian markets.

Pomelo is usually sold by weight because it’s difficult to estimate the number of pomelos that are in one bunch.

If you happen to come across an individual piece of fruit, make sure that there are no blemishes on the skin before buying it, as these will affect its flavor once cut open.

Be aware, though, that some vendors will sell them at higher rates as out-of-season fruits.

You may want to buy more than one pomelo if you plan on making several dishes with it, as the flesh will only last for about five days in the fridge before going bad.


It’s a fruit that is popular in Southeast Asia and can be found easily in Asian markets.

The pomelo flavor varies depending on the variety, but it tastes like a cross between apple and grapefruit with hints of tangerine.

If you haven’t tried this unusual fruit before, give it a try.

We think you will find its refreshingly sweet taste to be an exciting addition to your diet.

what does pomelo taste like

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