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Plantains Decoded: What Do Plantains Taste Like?

It’s time for some banana that isn’t really a banana! Do you like to eat bananas, guess what?

You may cut down your sugar intake with some substitute that is not really the same with your loved bananas.

We are talking about plantains. What do plantain taste like? Well, it tastes so good and it looks just like the regular banana.

In this article, we will discuss this fruit, how it tastes like, and the best way to eat it. Read on to learn more!

What are Plantains?


Plantains or cooking bananas (source) are actually banana cultivars that are part of the genus Musa whose fruits are commonly utilized in cooking.

Furthermore, they might be eaten ripe or raw and are typically starchy.

Just like bananas, plantains are originally from Southeast Asia. Nevertheless, they’re now grown worldwide, including Indonesia, Egypt, India, and the tropical regions of the Americas (source). They’re commonly tougher and larger than bananas and have thicker skin.

Technically, plantains are fruit, yet they are much like tomatoes and not bananas –they were eaten or cooked like vegetables and not fruits (source).

Since they are harder to peel, they can’t be eaten raw –and you must cook it first before eating.

What Do Plantains Taste Like? Do Plantains Taste Like Bananas?


When green, plantains are starchy and bland, so much like a potato or a yucca root. Moreover, medium ripe plantains are yellow dappled with black or yellow all over and they are also slightly sweet.

When the skin of the plantain has become almost black, the plantains are completely ripe, sweet, and aromatic.

Even though they look the same as bananas, plantains do not always taste like them. They’re also much harder.

When plantains get ripe, they become sweeter and start to taste like bananas, more especially when you incorporate them in baked goods.

Furthermore, plantains have less sugar and more starch, in comparison to dessert bananas and are commonly cooked or processed before eaten.

The ripe plantains with black or yellow with black spots skins taste like caramelized sugar.

Generally, the taste of plantain may range from starchy to sweet, varying on its ripeness –just liker persimmons.

In case plantains go bad on you when you try it, just opt for bananas next time!

Best Way To Eat Plantains?


The best way for you to eat plantains is to boil or fry them. A lot of people suggest that you fry or boil plantains.

One recipe that you may love is tostones (recipe) also known as twice-fried plantains. Further, they’re cut in thin slices and fried until a crispy and caramelized plantain chips are achieved.

What’s more, plantains also go well being a side dish with beans and rice.

You will also find that plantains are the main ingredient in various popular recipes all over the world. Most popularly from the Caribbean.

Some of the most popular plantain recipes include the following:

  • Mofongo –mashed plantains with pork cracklings and garlic (recipe).
  • Jibarito –a popular smashed plantain sandwich.
  • Cazuela de camaron –an entrée of shrimp in peanut and plantain sauce.

Final Thought

We hope we are able to give an answer to your question, “What do plantains taste like?” We also hope that you find the other necessary information we included beneficial.

Either you want to try it in various dishes, it is your choice. For sure, it will be a great fruit for your dishes.

Try it now and see for yourself how amazingly delightful it is!


What Do Plantains Taste Like? Do Plantains Taste like Bananas?

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  • Plantains
  • Ingredients from your favorite recipes


  • Depending on the recipes you choose, the taste can vastly differ.
  • For authentic results, it is important to choose a recipe that will highlight the original flavor.
  • Have fun experimenting with different recipes and taste tests!
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