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What Does Pimms Taste Like? Unveil the Flavor

Nothing beats a cold, refreshing drink on a warm summer evening.

And while you can enjoy a familiar cocktail or a chilled beer, you may want to try Pimms.

Pimms is one of the Uk’s favorite summertime beverages that you can enjoy to beat the heat.

While it’s not as famous in the States as in the UK, it’s becoming a popular drink in New Orleans.

So, if you’d like to learn more about what Pimms is, what does Pimms taste like, and how to drink Pimms properly, we can help!

In this article, we’ll provide you with everything there is to know about the Uk’s famous cocktail for the summer.

What is Pimms?


Pimms is a popular gin-based liquor, according to Wikipedia.

It contains quinine, fruit, and herbs, but the exact recipe is unknown.

Also, one bottle of Pimms has an ABV(Alcohol by volume) of 25%.

The drink is typically available in a fruit cup with a blend of vegetables, herbs, and fresh fruits to enrich its sharp flavor.

It was James Pimm, an oyster bar owner in London, who introduced this liquor in 1823. He claimed that the drink could aid digestion.

James introduced a total of six flavors with different alcohols. However, Pimms No.1 is the only popular one remaining.

It’s also worth noting that Pimms is currently Wimbledon’s official partner. Each year, about 230,000 drinks get sold

What Does Pimms Taste Like? Does Pimms Taste Good?

If you don’t prefer crisp, sweet, light drinks, then Pimms may not be to your liking.

Nevertheless, its fruity lightness makes it a staple beverage for summer.

Despite being a gin liquor, it doesn’t taste anything like gin .

Instead, it has a mildly spiced and fruity flavor – It tastes almost like a hybrid of iced tea, apple juice, and Jagermeister.

Now keep in mind that it doesn’t have an overly sweet taste. Instead, it has got a slightly bitter flavor.

But, unlike some gin-based drinks like gin and tonic, Pimms is also much less bitter.

That said, the fruit and lemonade balance everything out evenly.  

Today, you’ll find different Pimms-based cocktails in households and bars around the world.

And while the flavorings and added fruits may differ from one location to another, all boast the drink’s signature summer freshness.

You can even play with the drink’s flavor profile. For instance, adding a bit of Sangria will offer a touch of sweetness.

Or, you can accentuate the bitterness by adding a little Campari

In addition, adding fresh herbs and a little bit of syrup will highlight its sweet, summery taste.

And, if you wish to boost the juniper intensity and alcohol content, you can add more gin.

Now, let’s have a look at the nutritional value of a Pimms No. 1. per serving (30ml).

Calories – 48

Protein – 0g

Carbohydrate – 1.5g

Alcohol – 6g

Total fat – 1.5g

But no one ever drinks Pimms straight out of the bottle.

As such, you might want to take a look at the nutritional profile of a typical Pimms Cup pers serving.

Calcium – 15mg

Sodium – 13mg

Iron – 0.3mg

Fibre – 0.8g

Carbohydrates – 13.3g

Protein – 0.8g

Calories – 150

How to Drink Pimms Properly?

There are various ways to enjoy this gin-like drink.

In this section, we’ll have a look at some best practices to drink Pimms properly, so keep reading!

If you enjoy juicing, you should try the Pimm’s Deuce this summer.

To make this drink, take a tall drink glass or a jug and fill it with ice cubes.

Then mix the Pimms No. 1 with orange juice, cranberry juice, and a slice of cucumber and orange.

While the traditional way involves serving with mints, there are other underrated herbal alternatives that you can try.

For instance, you can add fresh rosemary, basil, and even thyme to get that extra zing.

Like the Pimm’s Deuce, to make a herbal Pimms drink, you’ll have to add some ice into a tall drink glass or a jug first.

Next, mix the Pimms No. 1 with chilled homemade lemonade. Finally, garnish with cucumber, mixed fruit, and herbs of your choice. We find basil to be an ideal choice. 

There are other versions too. You can replace lemonade with ginger ale, or you can even mix it with champagne.

Also, you should avoid drinking Pimms neat. While it may have a syrupy pop flavor, it’s deceiving.  Moreover, in one glass of Pimms, there’s 25.3g sugar content.


Pimms is a refreshing gin-based liquor that is quite popular across the UK and even in New Orleans.

If you’re looking for a light summer drink to beat the warm weather, you can’t go wrong with Pimms.

Plus, Pimms Cup only has about 6 ABV, which is almost the same as your typical beer.

Hence, you won’t have no problem going for a second round.

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What Does Pimms Taste Like? Does Pimms Taste Good?

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