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What Does Pepsi Fire Taste Like? Spicy Twist on Classic

Pepsi Fire is an interesting new product from Pepsi. It’s a spicy, habanero-flavored drink that has been in the news recently for its unexpectedly high level of spice.

What are the ingredients of a Pepsi Fire? Is it too spicy for people to drink or enjoy? And what does Pepsi fire taste like?

This blog post will answer all those above questions. Let’s dive in.

What is Pepsi Fire?

what is pepsi fire

Pepsi Fire is a new, limited-time flavor of Pepsi. Pepsi Fire was released on May 22nd, 2017 and it was discontinued within 8 weeks. It was only available in select areas across the United States.

Pepsi Fire comes with an extreme spice factor of 20/20, which Pepsi claims to be twice as spicy compared to its other beverages like Mountain Dew Game Fuel (also a soda). This drink has been criticized for being too hot and spicy and not enjoyable.

Pepsi has been known for its daring and sometimes controversial flavors. The company has previously released beverages that have been the talk of the town, such as Crystal Pepsi – a clear version with no artificial coloring or sweetener (1992).

Or Sierra Mist Freezes for Hot Days, a lemon-lime slushies available in four fruity varieties like Cherry Limeade Freeze(2001). But most of the time, these drinks are just a publicity stunt.

What Does Pepsi Fire Taste Like? Does Pepsi Fire Tatse Good?

what does pepsi fire taste like

On the outside, Pepsi Fire looks like a hip summery beverage. Its red and orange label is extremely appealing to younger drinkers who are looking for something refreshingly different from traditional sodas.

Pepsi has stated that this is the hottest drink of summer. But does Pepsi Fire live up to its promises?

The ruby red color of the Pepsi Fire made me think it was going to be a fruity drink. But when I sipped, it tasted pretty much like your average Pepsi. The only difference I noticed was that it had a slightly spicy flavor.

You could barely notice the cinnamon, but there was definitely a little kick to the drink. It was not too spicy though, so it won’t be off-putting for most people.

How to Drink Pepsi Fire?

All sodas are best when served cold. For the Pepsi Fire, this is even more true. The ice makes it taste sweet and cools off any of those spicy notes that might be too much for some people’s tastes

Pepsi fire can also work well as a mixer with vodka or whiskey to create an original cocktail recipe.

The best way to enjoy your high-octane drink is neat with an orange slice on top. If you don’t feel like using alcohol then just try some Sprite for that extra carbonation kick as it mixes nicely together too.


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In conclusion, Pepsi Fire is an interesting taste that mixes the flavor of Pepsi with a spicy kick.

Though it’s not drastically different from your average soda, this drink will still be refreshing to many people interested in trying something new for summertime or as their first experience drinking carbonated drinks at all.

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