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Savor Irresistible Taste: What Does Pastrami Taste Like?

Pastrami is the Romanian version of the Turkish Pastirma.

The dish and its name originated from Romania from the word Pastram which means pressed meat.

The making of Pastrami was initially to preserve meat when we did not have refrigerators.

First served in New York in the 1800s, Pastrami had its roots in Romania.

Like how we make bacon from a pig’s belly, we make Pastrami from a cow’s stomach. To make Pastrami, you need to make corned beef and smoke it.

An immigrant first introduced the recipe from Lithuania called Sussman Volk.

As the legend suggests, Pastrami became so popular with the people that Sussman opened a store selling Pastrami on rye bread.

So what does Pastrami taste like? Read further to know.

What is Pastrami?

what is pastrami

Pastrami is meat processed from the belly of a cow; it is a beef variant of bacon.

The flesh is brined at first, partly dried, topped with some herbs like oregano and such, and then finally smoked in Pastrami.

Though the procedure to make Pastrami is similar to that of corned beef, they are not the same.

So, what makes them different? Here are some differences:

  • They have different places of origin. Pastrami originated from Romania or Turkey, while corned beef from Ireland.
  • Pastrami is cooked differently from corn beef. We smoke the former while we boil the latter with vegetables.

What Does Pastrami Taste Like? Does Pastrami Taste Good?

what does pastrami taste like

Pastrami has a smoked flavour with a different taste than most meat.

As there are many varieties available, the taste differs from one person to another.

Pastrami has the same taste as a sausage and roast beef, or you can say a mixture of both.

When we use different herbs and spices, it tastes better and becomes a versatile dish.

Good Pastrami melts in the mouth and so is expensive and rare to find.

It has more fat content than corned beef; it is chewy, succulent, and tender if cooked at the right temperature.

Pastrami is a low-calorie filler for sandwiches and helps in the nutritional intake of health-conscious people.

It has a rich source of protein, and it provides all the essential amino acids needed by the body.

Although Pastrami is a good source of protein, it has a fair amount of saturated fat.

Saturated fat is not an excellent addition to your diet in large quantities. Too much saturated fat increases the body’s blood cholesterol, so we must be aware of its intake.

Pastrami is also very rich in sodium, and this will eventually lead to high blood pressure and heart disease if consumed in large quantities.

Most people prefer Pastrami on the fatter side.

Pastrami is ranked second to pickled beef tongue among deli meats. It celebrates Romanian Jewish ancestry.

It has been popular among deli eaters for many years.

How to Cook Pastrami

how to cook pastrami

The way we prepare Pastrami is almost similar to corned beef, but we always smoke the Pastrami at the end of the procedure.

Here is a recipe to cook the best homemade Pastrami:

  • Homemade Pastrami– Homemade Pastrami is like one of those dishes that we pass down from generation to generation. Enjoy this with the family!
  • Pastrami dishes are also available in different restaurants across the globe. One of the most famous restaurants or delis is Katz, located in New York City, America.
  • Katz is known for their Pastrami sandwiches and other delicacies and has been selling them since 1888.
  • Ready-made Pastrami is also available online, and Katz also sells them. This meat is sold in pounds and is quite expensive.

There are other meats available similar to Pastrami like salami, brisket, corned beef, etc.

It all depends on you to choose which of these would be to your liking.

The meat goes through a whole process to get the right texture. So, it is not just ordinary meat you would be consuming; it would be The Best Pastrami!

Since Pastrami is initially a slice of very fatty meat, people often buy the Lean sliced Pastrami, which is also available online and elsewhere.

To keep those calories in check, I would advise you to buy or eat the latter.


does pastrami taste good

We can conclude that Pastrami is one of the most iconic meats eaten by most people in America and elsewhere in the world.

We serve Pastrami in sandwiches and hot dogs, but most people love eating this cuisine either alone or with small bread slices.

what does pastrami taste like

What Does Pastrami Taste Like? Does Pastrami Taste Good?

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  • Depending on the recipes you choose, the taste can vastly differ.
  • For authentic results, it is important to choose a recipe that will highlight the original flavor.
  • Have fun experimenting with different recipes and taste tests!
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