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Is Metamucil a Wise Choice on the Keto Diet?

When you are on a ketogenic diet, you have to eat only low carb food items.

This also means you have to skip some kinds of fruits and vegetables and even grains.

So, sometimes you may need to take supplements for fiber to avoid constipation.

One such supplement is Metamucil that works as a laxative.

But is Metamucil keto? Or will it have any wrong impact on your keto diet?

Let us look at what Metamucil is, how it works to get the answer to our question.

Is Metamucil Keto Friendly?

Metamucil is a psyllium husk brand, a dietary fiber that helps treat digestive issues, especially constipation.

Since it has fiber, it will not lead to ketosis, a metabolic stage where your body burns fats as fuel.

There are many varieties of Metamucil powders:

Metamucil Daily-Fiber Supplement (Original coarse): It has sugar and 7 g of net carbs in 2 tablespoons, a complete no-no for keto. You should take it once in a while.

Premium blend: This sugar-free Metamucil variety has 5g carbs in 2tps, stevia, and Maltodextrin as sweeteners.

Stevia is keto-friendly, but Maltodextrin is extracts of starchy plants. So, this is not a good option for keto users.

Sugar-free Metamucil: This product has 4 g carbs in 2 tablespoons, which is, however, acceptable.

But it has Aspartame and Maltodextrin, which are not suitable for ketosis.

The Metamucil wafers have rolled oats, fructose, and wheat flour, all non-keto products.

It is better to consume Metamucil Fiber Supplement capsules because they contain only psyllium husk and 2g of carbs.

Even this 2g of carb comes from fiber, so it means the net carbs is 0g.

Or you can directly consume Psyllium husk powder, which is more healthy and nutritious than packaged items.

There are different products of Metamucil with varying compositions of sugar, carbs, and fiber.

It is necessary to choose the right product so that it does not hamper your keto.

Try to derive fiber from your keto-friendly diet so that you do not depend on laxatives.

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