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Best Meal Prep Bags Reviews 2024 – Top 5 Picks

Disclosure: Our editors independently review and test the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We receive a small commission from purchases made via some links on this website. We do not accept free products from manufacturers, and we never allow ourselves to be influenced by how much money we could make off a certain product.

Meal prep bags is your answer to healthy food and taking full control of how you eat and when.

These bags are specifically designed to keep all of your meals hot, appetizing, safe and secured.

Whether you want to lose weight or gain some extra muscle mass or just eat organic, meal prep bags are a god sent for the busy individual who has a busy life to juggle.

Some of the best meal prep bags will enable you to maintain your strict diet plan on the go.

5 Best Meal Prep Bags Reviews 2024

1 – MIER Adult Lunch Box Insulated Lunch Bag

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If you are somebody under a strict diet or just merely prefers home cooked meals all day, then the Mier Adult Lunch Box Insulated Lunch Bag is your perfect choice.

It has enough room to fit an entire day’s worth of meal in one compact and comfortable bag.

The double decker design offers proper organization with separate spaces to store your hot and cold foods.

This one is highly eco friendly, affordable, portable and most of all, easy to clean!

Easy portability with the shoulder strap and handle which can be detached. And most of all, it weighs only around 13.6 ounces.

You can carry as many meals in this meal prep bag, and still, the weight won’t bother you at all!

It comes with a roomy pouch on top to store cookies, snacks, drinks, fruits and chips. The square compartment at the bottom will allow you to carry salad, sandwich, snacks, lunch, etc

There are two sections to separately store hot and cold meals. The lunch box is reusable with detachable shoulder strap and soft PU strap handle for easy carrying.

The upper compartment is easy to use with dual zipper 2 way dual closure. For additional storage needs, there are two side pockets to store additional needs

The zipper pocket at the front to put cards, small change, keys, napkins, utensils and other small items.

This is a great option to pack large quantities of food and even accommodates an entire day’s meal plan for you.


  • Large enough to carry food worth for an entire day
  • Separate spaces for storing cold and dry food
  • Durable and portable
  • Easy to clean and eco friendly!


  • Bottom compartment is smaller than the top compartment
  • Too big for the small packers

2 – MDMP – My Daily Meal Plan Meal Prep Lunch Bag

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This Meal Prep Insulated Lunch Box for Men and Women offers everything that you will ever need when it comes to a fuss free experience of portion control diet plan.

It has a roomy lunch bag to store as many different meals as you want for the day.

This one has a 10 hour lasting guarantee to keep your meals cold or hot as per your preference.

With the thicker insulation, you can rest assured that your meals stay cool even in the hottest summers and piping hot even when it is snowing outside.

Unlike the other meal prep sets, this one contains 3 containers that are reusable. Each container is large enough to store a single meal for you.

For those of you protein shake lovers, you will love their 3 extra storage cups for storing all types of supplements, vitamins and protein powders.

They come in built in storage space so you can easily open and close it whenever you want.

The 3 food containers that are dishwasher safe. The 22-oz shaker and 2 ice packs to give that extra chill.

There is a premium lunch bag woven from ultra tough PVC 1680D. It keeps meals hot or cold for up to 10 hours. It also has a well tailored handle for carrying and YKK top quality zippers.

The 45-oz containers are leak proof. It contains 3 containers that can be reused and each measures 6.3” x 6.3” x 3”. The containers come with locking lids which prevent leaks and stains.


  • Containers are leak proof with locking lids
  • Safe for cleaning even in the dishwasher
  • 100 per cent lifetime warranty
  • 3 extra cups for protein powders


  • Slightly on the heavier side of things
  • The bag might be too big for daily lunch

3 – Lavington Insulated Cooler Bag – Large Lunch Bag


Initially designed to keep food fresh for the airline industry, Lavington bags soon become popular for the strong handles and its ability to keep food well insulated for a long period of time.

Today, it is one of the most talked about Meal Prep Bags in the market and Insulated Lavington Cooler Bag is the living testimony of it.

One of the best features of this bag is the construction.

It is made from top quality polyester, the lining is good grade quality and the interior has layers of insulation walls to keep your meals hot or cold.

You will love the zippers because it comes with an extra tight seal which ensures that the temperature is kept under control and prevents the food from spilling out of the bag.

The interior of the bag is very spacious and as if that is not enough, it has multiple pockets so that you can carry your easy to access food items.

Even the pockets are insulated by the way! this is popularly used even for carrying around baby formula for parents.

It comes with ergonomically designed meal prep bags for work, picnic, gym, travelling and much more. Insulated pockets will keep baby bottles, beer and wind cold or hot!

You can easily access compartments to find meals and other essential items effortlessly.


  • Enables quality temperature control with the superior construction
  • Accommodates so many containers because its interior is very roomy
  • Layers of insulation inside the compartments as well
  • Pockets are also insulated


  • There is no hardware to the straps and they have been sewn together
  • Expensive price

4 – Pwrxtreme Insulated Lunch Bag

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This is a very large insulated lunch bag and perfect if you are a professional or a student.

The high quality nylon material is sturdy enough to withstand stains, tears and punctures.

The water proof material makes it easy for you to use in the rain and clean it with a damp cloth.

We especially love the side mesh pockets because they are so spacious and you can fit even large items such as a 20 ounce water bottle and a 6 inch smart phone.

You can stack food storage containers in the main compartment and even add some water bottles.

The product dimension in inches – 9.5 inches width, 7.5 inches diameter, 9.5 inches. It accommodates food storage container in stacked form.

It also has provision to store wallet, phone and keys in front zippered pocket. It is made of top quality nylon to resist stains, punctures and tears.

The water proof material will protect contents from rain or water spillage. You can also easily clean it with a damp towel or cloth.

The mesh pockets are spacious and expandable to accommodate large items such as 20 oz water bottles and even smart phones as big as 6 inches.

They use EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) lining which is ultra light in weight, non toxic and leak proof.

We love the insulation with PE foam to prevent any leaks while also maintaining meals at the right temperature.


  • High quality nylon material which is highly durable
  • Cleans easily with a damp towel or cloth
  • Foam insulation to prevent any leaks
  • Mesh pockets are super spacious


  • Not easy to fit tall bottles
  • Zipper is very flimsy

5 – Lovotex Large Insulated Lunch Bag


You will love this Lovotex Insulated Large Lunch Bag Cooler Tote.

It has a whole load of features including 2 reusable ice cooler packs, zippers to easy to pull and shoulder straps that are detachable.

This roomy compartment will give you enough space to pack as many lunch boxes, containers, bottles, etc.

Fill it up with your choice condiments, fruit salads, food containers, etc.

If you are somebody who is planning on a long trip or you just want to enjoy healthy even when you are away for work, then this one is your perfect choice.

Have a toddler at home? You can even use it as a diaper bag!

You can easily store it at home with the folding option to take less storage space. It is made of FDA compliant non toxic PEVA lining.

It also comes in PE foam insulation which will make it water proof and leak proof.

There is high level insulation, offering temperature control for up to 9 hours. It is made of 600D nylon which is rip resistant.

There are several practical external pockets for carrying condiments, mobile device, keys, etc. it is easy to pull and durable zippers for quick access on the go.


  • Safe for use in freezer
  • Made of non toxic FDA compliant
  • Unisex design for both men, women and children
  • Large and spacious but not too bulky


  • Insulation is quite poor
  • Smaller than expected

Why You Should Buy Meal Prep Bags

You can work through the day without worrying about where or what to eat. These bags are a step ahead of the regular lunch boxes because they offer multiple benefits like:

  • Storage
    An average individual on a diet usually takes 5 to 6 or 3 to 4 meals in a day. Stocking up your work fridge will create commotion among your colleagues.
  • Versatility
    Most of us carry around different bags for different purposes like exercising, lunch, work, etc. It’s time for you to swap all of that for one good meal prep bag. It offers different compartments where you can keep your meals, laptop, water bottles, spare outfits, gym attire, etc.
  • Insulation
    Most of all, this bag keeps your food cool, so it doesn’t go bad even after an extended period of time. You can keep it as cool and fresh or as hot as you want with proper insulation.

What to Look for When You Buy Meal Prep Bags

Besides the style and the purpose of your meal prep bag, there are other factors to consider before you go out there and purchase one for yourself. There are some key factors you need to keep an eye out for:


It is not a joke to carry an extra bag along with you throughout the day. The least you can do for yourself is choose one that is as comfortable as it gets for you. One of the first things you need to look for are padded straps.


Size matters! How big your bag is will directly determine the amount of food that you can carry. For this, you need to keep in mind the size of your appetite on average and also the number of times that you usually eat in a day. The same goes for your kids when you prepare them for school.


How your bag looks also matters a lot. No body wants to walk around all day throughout the year in an awkward looking meal prep bag. Make sure you strike a fine balance between the comfort and appearance of the bag so you can walk around with confidence.

Important Features

Insulation is one of the most useful and common features of a meal prep bag. This will help you to maintain the ideal temperature and freshness of your meal even if you store it for hours on end. Some of the best quality ones will even allow you to store food for days on end and keep it just as fresh.

Additional Inclusions

Certain bags offer additional inclusions like meal containers. Consider the number of containers that are included in the bag. Some others also offer protein shakers which is great if you are all about incorporating smoothies in your daily diet plan.

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