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Best Martini Glasses Reviews 2024 – Top 5 Picks

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Cocktails are best served in fancy classes that stay true to their class and elegance.

Every party or social gathering seems incomplete without good cocktails these days.

To let your guests enjoy their drink with some luxury, a set of the best martini glasses is more of a necessity in every kitchen.

A martini glass is the iconic V-shaped cocktail class. Its design and shape are meant to keep the drink at the ideal temperature and also keep the cocktail ingredients separate.

Being equipped with luxury glassware is a must in today’s modern world.

Whether it is for your guests or your personal use, drinking a martini in stylish martini glasses gives that oomph effect with every sip.

Martini glasses are classy looking, comfortable in hand, and durable too. Investing in a good set of martini glasses is an investment you won’t regret.

With so many variants available today, it can be challenging to find the best one.

But, don’t worry and read on to know more about some of the best martini glasses out there.

5 Best Martini Glasses Reviews 2024

1 – Epure Milano Collection 4 Piece Glass Set

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Epure is a name well known in the glassware industry. True to its reputation, this set of martini glasses is long-lasting, durable, and stylish looking.

Epure martini glasses bring together a fusion of new and classic styles.

Made from professional grade glassware, these glasses have a capacity of about 6 ounces of drink. Its capacity is just perfect, unlike other modern variants that are too big for an original martini.

This is by far our favorite pick because of its style, capacity and outlook stay true to an original martini glass.

If you don’t prefer the modern fancy martini glasses, but chooses to go for the original martini glasses, then this is the best pick for you. These glasses are super affordable and feel light on the hand.


  • Durable glassware
  • Can be cooled without cracking
  • Classy outlook
  • Affordable and lightweight


  • The glass is a bit small

2 – JoyJolt 4-Piece Afina Cocktail Glasses Set


This four-piece glass set by JoyJolt contains martini glasses with a modern twist, that is without the stem.

These glasses are perfect for those clumsy drinkers who struggle with stem glasses.

The glasses have a unique design with a heavy base, giving it an innovative and bold style.

Handmade with cutting edge materials, these glasses guarantee sturdiness.

Each glass has an 8-ounce capacity, which is great for a martini as well as other cocktail drinks.

The glasses are dishwasher safe and can be easily heated or kept in the freezer without the fear of them cracking.

An added advantage is the beautiful packaging they come in, thus making it a great gift box to a cocktail lover.


  • Stemless with a sturdy base
  • Versatile to accommodate any cocktail
  • Dishwasher, heat, and freezer safe
  • Sturdy glassware


  • A little hefty
  • Rims may have defects

3 – Arc International N7340 Luminarc Cachet 10 Ounce Martini Glass, Set Of 4

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Arc International is one of America’s most reputed glassware making brand.

Known to produce top-quality glasses, this set of martini glasses are no less.

This is a good pick for people who are environmentally conscious because it is one of the cleanest brands in the world.

The glasses are made from lead-free, tough built glasses, making them highly durable.

Each glass has a 10-ounce capacity, which makes them perfect not only for a martini but other cocktails or even desserts.

These stemmed design glasses are also dishwasher safe. The stem feels thick and strong, and the whole glass has an elegant outlook.


  • Versatile glasses
  • Lead-free glass
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Bad box design for transit
  • Some may have an uneven base

4 – Schott Zwiesel Tritan Martini Cocktail Glass Set of 6

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Schott Zwiesel is a brand that originated in Germany and uses state-of-the-art technology in all its glassware making.

This set of martini glasses from their Pure Collection contains six pieces of stemmed martini glasses made from lead-free, Tritan crystal glass.

The use of Tritan technology makes the stem of the glass-smooth, tough, and resistant to scratch, chip, or even break.

The brand guarantees 100% less likely for the stem to break during normal use.

These martini glasses have sharp designs with crisp geometry and a classy outlook.

They have an 11.6-ounce capacity, making it big enough not only for martinis but other drinks too.

All in all, this set is versatile, brilliantly built, tough, and attractive to own.


  • Tritan technology glassware
  • Chip, scratch, break-resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Attractive design


  • Expensive price
  • A bit large in size

5 – Stone & Beam Traditional Martini Coupe Glass Set of 6

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These martini glasses come in a classic coupe design with a shallow oval bowl that can add elegance to any table.

Made from lead-free glass, they guarantee strength and durability.

Each of the six glasses in the set can hold 8 ounces of liquid, which is perfect for an original martini drink or any other cocktail.

The glasses are dishwasher safe, and will keep their shine even after many washes.

The surface is smooth, and the stem is sturdy. The stem feels strong on the hands and is not prone to breaking easily.

The glasses are approx 5.7″ tall and 4.3″ wide. These are a great pick for any party or even for serving at the bar.

The whole stylish outlook of a coupe design adds value to the drink.


  • Lead-free glass
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Coupe design


  • Price is a bit high
  • Uneven clarity in the glass


Any drink will look appealing when poured in a martini glass. Martini glasses have a rich outlook and can make you feel amazing while drinking from it.

If you don’t own a martini glass set yet, then now is the time to buy one for yourself and experience luxurious drinking.

For anyone searching for the best martini glasses in the market, opt for our best pick, which is the Epure Milano Collection 4 Piece Glass Set.

These glasses have a unique, classy, and traditional martini glass design with a durable built. They are affordable, lightweight, and feels comfortable to hold.

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