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Ways to Maintain Your Balanced Diet Even during Stay-Home Orders

These days, everyone is stressed, uncertain, and even a little bored because it seems that staying at home will be the trend for quite some time.

It’s so easy and so tempting to reach into the stash of food at the house for a quick snack frequently.

But developing healthy eating habits and a balanced diet while staying home may be the best way to get through it when it comes to keeping one’s immune system up.

Of course, it’s understandable to feel that healthy eating can be strangely regimented or is another unnecessary concern during a time when almost everything around can cause anxiety.

Instead of looking at it that way, understand that eating right can keep the body healthy and can even do wonders to your mental well-being.

According to doctors at Harvard Health Publishing, eating right can improve the mood and lower stress during these troubling times.

Even the World Health Organization says that proper nutrition can bolster the immune system and make one more resistant to diseases while lowering the risk of chronic illness.The body can get all the antioxidants it needs, along with daily vitamins and minerals, and it can be done even with the limited access to food around.

So amid all the chaos inside and outside the home, what are the ways to get the proper nutritional intake and maintain a balanced diet?

Make the Recipes Light


Everyone seems to be learning how to cook now that they have time on their hands. Find a recipe on blogs, cookbooks, or even Pinterest. Now is a great opportunity to try something new. Lighten the recipes by replacing high-calorie ingredients with better alternatives such as zucchini pasta or cauliflower rice. Grab olive oil instead of butter. A few changes can make a big difference.

Set a Schedule

If this were any other day without a global pandemic, what time of the day would you usually be eating? Maintain the same eating routine: have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the usual times.

This ensures eating regular, full meals. With the body sated, it’s a lot less likely to reach for a snack in between.

Stay Hydrated


Sometimes, it helps to ask yourself, “Am I hungry or just thirsty?” Drinking more water keeps the body hydrated. It also tricks it into feeling full and cuts the hunger felt when you suddenly want a snack. It’s about hydrating and avoiding unnecessary snacks in one.

Plan and Prep Your Meals

Knowing what to look forward to makes little room for deviation. Creating a meal plan and preparing meals can allow one to stick to a healthier diet.It is also a good way to stay on top of the food supply at home. It helps in knowing what items are needed more, what needs to be consumed and when, and what to get on the next grocery run.

Sell E-books on Food Plan

This may sound like a huge leap, but if there’s anything this moment can teach, it’s that people are capable of developing healthy habits and anyone can share one’s knowledge about it.

Gather everything you learned, and try your luck at selling helpful e-books online. A lot of people can learn better from someone they can easily relate to.

Try the No-Takeaway Challenge


Food deliveries and drive-throughs in fast-food restaurants are making a lot of money from people who are now relying on them for their meals. They are undeniably convenient, but they can also break one’s goal of having a balanced diet.

Skipping food deliveries means cutting down on fast-food intake and forces one to make meals wisely at home. Avoiding deliveries also reduces the risk of outside exposure and can save you much-needed money during this financially challenging period.

Final Thoughts

In a world where there are so many things beyond one’s control, maintaining a healthy eating habit is something that you can control.

Having a balanced diet, preparing meals, and learning about what should nourish the body can tremendously help in staying fit, internally and externally, during this confusing time.

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