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Grainy Goodness: What Does Jasmine Rice Taste Like?

Rice is the main staple food for many regions, especially among Asian countries.

But do you know that there are several types of rice?

Or you love to eat rice but fed-up with eating the same brown or white rice varieties?

If yes, then it is time you consider Jasmine rice in your kitchen menu.

Jasmine rice or Asian rice is a kind of rice that has a unique flavor, aroma, and texture.

Each grain of this rice has a length that is about four times the wide. Apart from its unique taste and smell, it contains various nutritional values.

But if you are not familiar with this rice, then you might be asking the question, “What does Jasmine rice taste like?”

The good news is we are here to help you. Continue reading it to know more about Jasmine rice.

What is Jasmine Rice?

what is jasmine rice

Jasmine rice is a type of long rice with various names: Thai fragrant rice, Asian rice, or aromatic rice. These names describe the characteristics of the rice.

It grows mainly in Cambodia, Thailand, southern Vietnam, and Laos, which all come under the Asian continent. Besides, it has a pleasing and satisfying taste and smell.

When it comes to different rice varieties, Jasmine rice is quite similar to basmati rice with the appearance.

Nevertheless, the difference comes with texture and flavor, with Jasmine rice being slightly sticker than basmati.

Today, this rice plays a vital role in almost every meal throughout Asia and the Middle East.

Besides, there are two kinds of Jasmine rice: white Jasmine rice and brown Jasmine rice. The latter is healthier than the former.

What Does Jasmine Rice Taste Like? Does Jasmine Rice Taste Good?

what does jasmine rice taste like

Jasmine rice has a pleasant fragrant that is greatly different from other types of rice.

When you cook Jasmine rice, you will notice that its texture is moist and soft. Besides, it is three-time stickier compared to American long-grain rice.

When it comes to flavor, Jasmine rice has a slightly sweet, buttery, and nutty taste.

Other rice types, such as white and brown varieties, mainly depend on the dish’s flavor for satisfaction.

But it is not true for Jasmine rice; it maintains is its flavor throughout the cooking process.

Overall, Jasmine rice makes your whole meal healthier, and it greatly stands out compared to other types of rice.

Nutritional Value of Jasmine Rice:

Although Jasmine rice contains a very less amount of protein and other essential nutrients, it is a rich carbohydrate source.

It can perfectly balance your already existing healthy diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and protein.

According to Livestrong, 12 tablespoon of white Jasmine rice contains:

  • 36-gram of carbohydrates.
  • 3-gram of protein.
  • 160 calories.
  • 0-gram of fat.
  • 0-gram of iron.
  • 0-gram of cholesterol.

Enriching food is a process by which manufacturers add minerals and vitamins to food.

Generally, manufacturers do not apply this process to most Jasmine rice.

So if you prefer enriched Jasmine rice, then we recommend checking the labels before buying it.

There are several health benefits of eating cooking Jasmine rice. One of them is that it helps prevent constipation.

The reason is that brown Jasmine rice contains a rich amount of fiber, which is essential for proper digestion.

Additionally, it can improve your immune system and promote a healthy pregnancy.

How to Cook Jasmine Rice?

how to cook jasmine rice

Jasmine rice is a versatile food, which means it will go well with whatever dishes you choose.

Some dishes that complement well Jasmine rice include grilled or ground meats, stir-fried vegetables, and spicy curries, among others.

There are two common ways to cook Jasmine rice. One of them is by using a rice cooker. It will allow you to cook the rice without worrying about the temperature quickly.

Another way is by cooking over the stove. It will give you more control over the cooking process as you can adjust the temperature.


does jasmine rice taste good

To sum up, Jasmine rice is a staple food throughout the Middle East and Asia. It has a nutty, buttery, and sweet flavor, which is quite intoxicating.

Besides, its texture is soft and moist, which makes the rice slightly sticky when cooked.

Whether you choose white or brown Jasmine rice, it will always be an excellent option for main meals, side dishes, or dessert.

what does jasmine rice taste like

What Does Jasmine Rice Taste Like? Does Jasmine Rice Taste Good?

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