Is Jackfruit Keto Friendly?

The keto diet requires a person to consume food with high-fat content and a low amount of carbohydrates.

If you have decided to try the keto life, you should ingest enough protein but not too little.

Considering all these requirements, it can be a challenge to figure out whether a specific food item is keto-friendly or not.

In this article, you will find the answer to the question: is jackfruit keto?

Is Jackfruit Keto Friendly?

According to Healthline, Jackfruit is one of the best alternatives for meat because of its consistency.

There are not many kinds of fruit that vegans and vegetarians can use to substitute meat in their recipes. As a result, jackfruit is like a god-sent food item with great taste and texture to make up for meat.

Now, to answer the question of the hour, is jackfruit keto? Unfortunately, jackfruit is not the most keto-friendly food item on the list.

Despite this fact, Health says that there is no harm in having small quantities of jackfruit from time to time because of its benefits.

The reason why jackfruit is not keto-friendly is its high carbohydrate content and relatively low fiber value.

Consuming even a cup of jackfruit in one meal can set fire to your keto diet. Here is a more detailed look at the nutritional contents of jackfruit according to Wikipedia.

For every 100 mg of jackfruit, it contains:




23.25 grams


1.72 grams


1.5 grams


0.64 grams



MedicalNewsToday states that every cup of jackfruit contains 157 calories.

Regardless of whether jackfruit is keto or not, it is a very healthy fruit with multiple benefits.

According to an article by WebMD, this fruit helps in reducing blood pressure and protect your skin from damage thanks to the high Vitamin C content.

In conclusion, jackfruit is NOT KETO because of its high carb content and sugars.

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