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Is Jello a Suitable Choice for the Keto Diet?

Jello is one of the most popular desserts that has been on the menu since 1897. It is a gelatin-based product by Kraft Heinz.

Today you see the ready-to-eat forms of Jello in the market. And these are delicious little snacks that can give pleasure to your sweet too craving.

But what with the ketogenic diet becoming increasingly popular each day, is Jello keto? Keep reading to find out if Jello is keto friendly.

Are Jello Keto Friendly?

Jello is one of the products that people debate as to whether it is keto-friendly.

While some may see it as a good keto option, some might not. Naturally, the answer comes down to personal preferences.

Some people may prefer to stay away from Jello during keto diets. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that jello can reverse ketosis.

Jello is an excellent option to fulfill your sweet tooth cravings during keto diets.

Many people like Jello because it is fat-free and has low calories.

In fact, it contains almost no nutritional value to cause a drastic reversal in your ketosis.

The ingredients in Jello include gelatin and artificial sweeteners.

You can check out the ingredients and see if the sweeteners work fine with you.

Or you might want to opt for sugar-free jello packs while on keto. Here are nutrition facts for 100g of Jello:



Net Carbohydrate

17 grams


1 grams


2 grams


0 grams



Benefits of Jello:

  • It boosts skin and hair health.
  • It promotes healthy joints, bones, and teeth.
  • It may improve gut health and aid in weight loss.

You can always get creative and make healthy and delicious keto jello. You can use the following recipe to make yourself a yummy treat.

This simple Keto Jello Mousse has a low carb content with high protein and is as delicious as it is healthy.

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