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Heart’s Delight: What Does Heart of Palm Taste Like?

Found inside palm trees is a soft and fleshy, highly nutritious edible part known as the heart of palm.

Most people who have seen it but are scared to try may wonder, what does heart of palm taste like?. You will find that out in some time.

Heart of palm is gaining popularity over time because it has placed itself to be a really good substitute for high-carbs foods such as pasta and spaghetti.

Now, every major grocery store will have heart of palm stored in cans.

This nutritious food item can be consumed as salads, stews, quiches, and many other dishes.

What is Heart of Palm?


Heart of palm is the inner core of certain palm trees such as coconut, acai palm, peach palm, and plamiteiro. It is the growing bud of the tree and is consumed as a vegetable, either cooked or raw.

This vegetable has a high nutritional profile and is known to have multiple health benefits. Heart of palm is treated as a delicacy because of its difficulty to harvest.

The commonly found heart of palm is peach palms because they are easily domesticated. Peach palms are also the ones used in canned products. 

This cylindrical shaped vegetable is grown in parts of Asia, Latin America, but most abundantly in Costa Rica and Brazil.

What Does Heart Of Palm Taste Like? Does Heart Of Palm Taste Good?


Coming to the point, this white-colored vegetable closely resembles the taste of artichokes, but is milder and feels crunchy in the mouth.

The heart of palm makes a really good substitute of meat because of its nutrients and is especially recommended in vegan diets.

The canned heart of palms may have a slightly acidic taste and will not have the crunch. Even though they are convenient and easily available, the taste difference between canned and raw ones is drastic.

The overall taste is mild but dynamic enough to go well with a variety of dishes.

According to Dr.Axe, heart of palm is rich in fiber with a good amount of protein and low glycemic index. This makes it suitable to be eaten in a healing diet, that aim to reduce inflammation and low the blood sugar levels in the body.

The nutritional value of heart of palm is unbelievable. They are considered to be great sources of vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, manganese, etc.

They boost the immune system, help in preventing anemia, helps in weight loss, supports bone health, and many more.

How to Cook Heart of Palm?


The versatility of this vegetable makes it combine deliciously with other any kind of other food items. It is also used as a substitute for seafood, and hence, you can use recipes used to cook shrimps, crawfishes or lobsters.

Some of the best ways to cook heart of palm are:

  • Pan-seared

Just chop the veggies in circles and sear it in a pan with garlic, salt, pepper and any other herbs or paprika you like till its turns brownish in color.

  • Crispy fried

Mash the vegetables into a meaty texture and then add your favorite sauces to add flavor. You can then fry the cakes until crispy and have it with a dipping sauce.

There are other ways to eat, such as in salads, casseroles, etc.


Canned heart of palm have high sodium content and hence can increase your blood pressure. It is advisable to run it through the water once before eating.


With an attractive name and an equally delicious taste, heart of palm is a welcome addition to any low-carb meal or to spice up your dishes.

They are a great source of key nutrients beneficial for the overall well-being of the body and are best consumed in raw form.


What Does Heart Of Palm Taste Like? Does Heart of Palm Taste Good?

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Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
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  • Heart of Palm
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  • Depending on the recipes you choose, the taste can vastly differ.
  • For authentic results, it is important to choose a recipe that will highlight the original flavor.
  • Have fun experimenting with different recipes and taste tests!
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