Is Gyro Meat Keto Friendly?

Is Gyro Meat Keto Friendly? 1

Gyro meat is a nutritional Greek delicacy that is high in protein. Usually, people use lamb to make this specialty. Lambs contain fewer calories and a good amount of protein.

Besides lamb, it is not uncommon to see people using pork, chicken, and beef to make Gyro meat.

But the important question is, "Is gyro meat keto friendly?" If you are following a ketogenic diet, you might wonder if you can have gyro meat.

Is Gyro Meat Keto Friendly?

A keto diet is a diet that limits carbs content while raising the fat volume. This diet has many potential benefits on health and body. It especially aims to raise the levels of protein and fat.

As you can see from the above nutrition facts, gyro meat has relatively fewer carbs than most foods. It also has a high amount of fat and protein and fits well into the keto diet.

Here are quick nutrition facts in 2oz of Gyro Meat:



Net Carbohydrate

5.1 grams


9.2 grams


0.5 grams


16.6 grams



There is a reason why people prefer gyro meat over to other meat. While gyro meat serves as a delightful meal, it also provides various benefits on health and diet.

Benefits of Gyro meat:

  • It assists in weight loss and body management.
  • It is rich in protein and low in carbs.
  • It helps in reducing blood sugar and insulin levels.

Want to try out this famous Greek delicacy? You can cook a tasty and healthy meal with the following recipes.

This low carb Greek gyro meat recipe is easy and simple but highly tasty. You can also make your own Greek Gyro Meatballs that are low carb and ketogenic.

So go ahead. Add gyro meat into your keto diet. Gyro meat is keto-approved because of its adequate compositions of nutrition.

Nothing beats a healthy and delicious meal!

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