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Unlocking the Taste: What Does Grouper Taste Like?

Grouper is among the top favorite fishes on menus all across the globe.

Despite their rather obnoxious appearance, groupers are highly sought after for their deliciousness.

It is not a surprise that grouper features on the menus of every restaurant worth its salt. 

However, what does grouper taste like?

If you are yet to try this fish, it worth asking and knowing what the fish tastes like from the experts.

So today, we break down the real taste of grouper, its nutritional value, and how you can cook it as well.

What is Grouper?

grouper fish

Grouper is the name of any fish belonging to the family Serranidae, according to Wikipedia.

However, it also refers to other fishes that are in the Mycteroperca and Epinephelus genera.

With over 400 species of grouper in the salt waters, they are a culinary delight.

Among them, red and black grouper are the most common ones on the menu.

Grouper is a bottom-dwelling fish, which makes it fairly difficult to spot and catch them.

Most groupers can grow up to massive sizes, but the Atlantic goliath grouper takes the trophy.

However, the stout body of the grouper means that it is not a terrific swimmer. 

What Does Grouper Taste Like? Does Grouper Taste Good?

what does grouper taste like

Grouper is delicious and is often competing for the best-tasting fish in the world. To put it simply, grouper has a mild taste.

Freshly caught grouper also has a faint sweetness to it, much like a monkfish or a flounder. 

Between a red and a black grouper, the former is slightly sweeter than the latter.

But this sweet flavor in the fish may not be present if the fish is not particularly fresh.

Despite their names, red and black grouper turns white on cooking. 

The flesh has a firm texture similar to red snapper or a rockfish. In addition, the flakiness of the flesh does not make the fish any less juicy.

The moisture content in grouper is significantly higher in comparison to other larger species. 

Of course, the preparation and cooking of grouper will affect its final taste.

But the chances of a grouper tasting dry is very unlikely. In fact, grouper is one of the fishes that will melt in your mouth, especially with the right cooking technique. 

Nutrition value of grouper compared to others. 

In comparison to other fishes, grouper ranks high on the list of healthy fishes to eat.

According to, below is the nutritional information of grouper per 100 g. 

  • Protein – 24.8 g
  • Fat – 1.3 g
  • Cholesterol – 47 mg 
  • Sodium – 53 mg
  • Potassium – 475 mg 
  • Minerals – Traces of iron, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and calcium.
  • Vitamins – Traces of vitamin A, B1, B3, B5, B6, B12, and vitamin C.

So the total calories per 100 gm of grouper are 118. 

How to Prepare and Cook Grouper?

Because grouper has a firm texture and mild flavor, it is very easy to cook with it.

Everyone from chefs to amateur cooks loves cooking grouper.

Popular ways to cook the grouper include baking, grilling, steaming, deep-frying, broiling, and pan-frying. 

Blackening the grouper is also preferred by some folks.

Besides, grouper sandwiches are a common sight in many restaurants. 

Filleting the grouper is the most preferred way to prep the fish for cooking.

Adding garlic, limejuice, and butter always works to bring out the best taste of grouper.

For cooking grouper, olive oil is best but use it sparingly. 

Outside of the US, grouper is also served raw. This is especially seen in restaurants that serve sushi and sashimi.

However, grouper is a known fish that hosts parasites according to researchgate.

So chefs only use scamp grouper, which does not carry parasites.

Where other types of grouper are concerned, raw consumption is to be avoided completely. 

Prepping and cooking grouper do not require special precautions.

However, the level of mercury in groupers is significantly high.

Therefore, it is not advisable to eat grouper daily. In addition, if you are an expecting or a nursing woman, you might want to eat grouper with caution or avoid it altogether. 


Grouper is often called the best-tasting fish, and with good reason.

The flesh is soft, sweet, and juicy. In addition, grouper is also effortless to cook, provided that you can catch it on your next fishing trip. 

what does grouper taste like

What Does Grouper Taste Like? Does Grouper Taste Good?

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