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Enhance Your Recipes: 5 Top Ground Clove Replacements

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Cloves bloom brown flower buds on evergreen trees, and these unopened cloves produce aromatic fragrance even before blossoming.

Clove trees are originated from the Molucca Islands initially, but now you can find them in various countries, including, India Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and other Islands.

Also, you can find clove trees in some parts of China.

Cloves are generally connected with holiday sessions as they add aromatic flavor to festive drinks such as cranberry flavored wine recipe or Drummond’s flavored apple cider recipe.

Cloves are also used to doll up the Christmas ham at family parties.

Many people use clove-studded oranges to decorate their homes during the winter months.

What is Ground Cloves?

what is ground cloves

Cloves are a very famous spice that people from all over the world use to prepare aromatic recipes.

From baking delicious desserts to the most scrumptious pudding, people use clove.

Also, they use this aromatic spice to make delicious soups and marinades.

Most of the snacks, cookies, cakes, and bars will have a slight essence of this unique spice, and when you take a bite, you can taste that slight essence of clove in these delicacies.

This aromatic spice not only has a strong nutritional history but also offers medicinal benefits.

You can use cloves in savory and sweet dishes, and people from all over the world enjoy making their favorite dishes using cloves.

However, if you are not a clove person and wondering what substitutes for Ground Cloves, you can find.

The good news is, you can find the best substitutes for ground cloves and enjoy making your favorite drink or dessert during festival seasons.

Here you can find the five best substitutes for ground cloves that can help you choose the alternative for clove if you are not a clove person.

5 Best Substitutes for Ground Cloves

1 – Allspice


Allspice is the most suitable substitute for ground cloves, and it is one of the best alternatives that allow you to replace ground cloves in your recipe.

Allspice is derived from dried berries from the myrtle family, an evergreen tree in Jamaica known as Pimenta dioica.

You can find the flavor of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and pepper in allspice, and this aromatic powder is used mostly in Latin American cuisines, Middle Eastern, and Caribbean cuisines.

This adaptable seasoning can be used to flavor side dishes, desserts, main courses, and beverages.

You can feel a bit of black peppery scent, chili’s herbal scent, cumin spice, and delicate notes of cinnamon and clove.

That is why allspice is considered the most compatible substitute for ground cloves.

2 – Cinnamon


Cinnamon is also one of the best substitutes for ground cloves.

This spice is the best option to include a spicy, herbal taste in your recipe.

This aromatic spice is obtained from the bark of various tree species from the Cinnamomum genus.

Cinnamon spice is used mainly as a flavoring preservative in a range of cuisines, savory and sweet dishes, snacks, breakfast cereals, traditional foods, and tea.

Cinnamon brings earthy, herbal flavors and thick texture, and you can use cinnamon powder as an alternative for ground clove in your recipes for a spicy flavor.

Many people use cinnamon powder instead of cloves as it doesn’t add intense flavor to the dishes.

The cinnamon is mildly spicy and sweet and makes it suitable for people who are not accustomed to strong spiciness.

3 – Nutmeg


Nutmeg is also one of the best substitutes for Ground Cloves, and this spice is produced from a Myristical fragrance, an evergreen tropical tree.

These trees are mostly found in West Indies and Southeast Asian countries.

Though nutmeg is most commonly used for its flavor, it also offers several health benefits.

Nutmeg spice contains a range of powerful compounds that can help people prevent diseases and enhance their overall health.

Ground nutmeg offers a slight sweetness and spiciness, and it is a more suitable substitute for clove because of its half-spicy and half-sweet aroma that makes the dishes more delicious.

Even children and people who have low spiciness tolerance can relish the aromatic dishes.

4 – Mace


Mace is also one of the best substitutes for ground clove, and this yellowish-brown spice is derived from the dried nutmeg fruit.

This spice is available in ground form and is mostly used with other aromatic spices.

Mace is found mainly in Caribbean, Asian, Moroccan, and Indian cuisines, and it is also used in Dutch, British, and French cooking.

Mace is used mostly in baked foods and savory dishes like sauces, soups, and fish and poultry recipes.

Mace is the best alternative for cloves because it gives a condiment taste with mild spicy and sweet flavors.

5 – Cardamom


Cardamom is also one of the best substitutes for ground cloves. However, it might not be the popular seasoning.

Cardamom is one of the popular spices that have been in use for centuries, and it is used in both ways, as a medicine and in cooking.

This spice is mostly used in Arabic and Middle Eastern foods, and gradually this spice gained popularity in the West.

Cardamom belongs to the ginger family, and the seeds of this spice come from various plants.

Cardamom is a perfect alternative for cloves as clove and ginger contain similar flavors.

If you do not like clove fragrance, then you can use cardamom in place of clove to make your dish taste less pungent.


Most people prefer the substitutes mentioned above for ground cloves for better taste and flavor.

Some aromatic spices are very earthy, while some are tartly sweet, and some taste herbal as per your preference; you can use the spice in your recipes.

The 5 Best Substitutes for Ground Cloves

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  • Allspice

  • Cinnamon

  • Nutmeg

  • Mace

  • Cardamom


  • Choose your preferred substitute from the list of options.
  • Organize all of your ingredients.
  • Follow the substitution ratio to determine how much is required in your recipe.

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