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Perfect Pairings: 8 BEST Side Dishes for Green Beans

One of the most popular vegetable choices among modern dishes, green beans are healthy and tasty.

Green beans are also called snap beans or string beans; they grow in a pod that can be snapped into pieces to reveal the seed inside.

The taste of green beans can vary depending on the time of year they are harvested, but they are typically sweet and crunchy.

Green beans are easy to cook – steam them for a few minutes or sauté them in a bit of oil until they are crisp-tender.

They are a versatile side dish that can be served with almost any main course.

They’re also a good choice for potlucks and other gatherings since they can be prepared ahead of time and don’t require any special equipment or utensils to cook.

When serving green beans, there are several different options to consider.

In this article, we’ll go over eight of the best side dishes to serve with green beans.

What to Serve with Green Beans? 8 BEST Side Dishes

what to serve with green beans best side dishes

Green beans are a versatile vegetable that can be served as a side dish with almost any main course.

They can be cooked in various ways, making them a perfect addition to any meal.

However, some people may not know what to serve with green beans.

If you are looking for some ideas for side dishes that will pair well with green beans, here are eight great options.

1 – Roasted Beef and Broccoli

roasted beef and broccoli

This is a total comfort food side dish.

Lean beef and broccoli are tossed in a garlic, ginger, and soy sauce mixture then roasted until tender.

It makes a great side for any Asian-inspired dish or grilled steak or chicken—the savory flavors of the beef and broccoli pair perfectly with the salty and slightly sweet sauce.

Roasting the broccoli brings out the sweetness in the veggie, but it also crisps up the stalks.

So whether you choose to pair this dish with chicken or steak, it will go great.

2 – Parmesan Roasted Butternut Squash

parmesan roasted butternut squash

Butternut squash doesn’t have to be boring.

This roasted recipe is full of flavor and nutrients, making it the perfect side dish for any meal.

It’s topped with a delicious Parmesan cheese and herb mixture, making it a real crowd-pleaser.

Butternut squash is a great source of dietary fiber, potassium, and vitamin A, so you can feel good about serving this dish up.

It goes great with pork, chicken, or even pasta dishes—the sweet and nutty flavor of the butternut squash pairs well with almost any main course.

3 – Buttered Noodles with Garlic and Parsley

buttered noodles with garlic and parsley

When you want a simple side dish that still packs a lot of flavors, these buttered noodles are the way to go.

They’re cooked until they’re nice and tender, then tossed in delicious garlic and parsley butter.

This is a great side for any Italian-inspired dish.

The buttery noodles compliment the tomato sauce and flavors in the dish perfectly.

They also make a great side for grilled meats or fish.

The garlic and parsley add a delicious richness and flavor to any main course.

4 – Creamy Cauliflower Casserole

creamy cauliflower casserole

Casserole dishes always make for a filling and comforting side dish.

This particular recipe is made with cauliflower, making it a great way to get your veggies in.

It’s topped with a creamy cheese sauce, making it irresistible.

This casserole is perfect for any family gathering or potluck.

It’s sure to be a hit with everyone.

Cauliflower is a great source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin K.

So this side dish is not only delicious, but it’s also good for you.

It goes great with ham, chicken, or fish—the creamy cheese sauce pairs well with almost any main course.

5 – Baked Mandarin Orange Chicken

baked mandarin orange chicken

Tangy and sweet, this baked chicken dish is loaded with an Asian flavor.

Making it is really simple — coat the chicken in a mixture of orange marmalade and Dijon mustard, then bake until crispy and golden brown.

You can add some chopped onion to the mix for an extra boost of flavor.

Serve this chicken as a main course or as a side dish.

It goes great with rice, noodles, or even simple steamed veggies.

The orange marmalade gives the chicken a delicious and unique flavor that everyone will love.

6 – Teriyaki Chicken Drumsticks

teriyaki chicken drumsticks

These tasty chicken drumsticks are marinated in a teriyaki sauce then roasted until crispy.

The result is finger-licking good.

It’s perfect for any get-together or potluck, but it also makes a great main course.

It goes especially well with steamed white rice and stir-fried vegetables.

Chicken drumsticks are a great source of protein, making them the perfect main dish to fill you up.

The teriyaki sauce adds an irresistibly sweet and savory flavor that will keep you coming back for more.

7 – Meat Loaf

meat loaf

Meatloaf is classic comfort food.

This recipe is made with ground beef, onion, bread crumbs, and egg, then a ketchup-based sauce.

It’s simple yet delicious. Meatloaf is a great source of protein and dietary fiber.

It’s also low in fat and calories, making it the perfect meal for anyone looking to eat healthily.

This recipe is perfect for any family gathering or potluck.

Everyone will love this classic dish. Meatloaf is a great way to use up leftovers.

You can add in any vegetables or spices you have on hand, making it a versatile dish that everyone will love.

8 – Sloppy Joes

sloppy joes

Sloppy joes are the perfect meal for any family gathering or potluck.

With a tangy tomato sauce and flavorful ground beef, these sandwiches are delicious and filling.

This is an easy dish to make — brown the beef, then add tomato sauce, onion, garlic, and spices.

It makes for a great main dish, especially when paired with oven-baked potato wedges.

Sloppy joes go great with soup and salad, making a delicious side dish.

The tomato sauce and ground beef create a delicious tangy flavor that everyone will love.


Green beans are a great side dish.

They taste delicious with almost any main course, and they are also healthy for you.

There are many different ways to cook green beans, but one of the best is to sauté them in garlic butter.

This creates a deliciously savory flavor that pairs perfectly with just about anything.

Serve these tasty green beans with any of the recipes listed above, or just on their own.

They are sure to be a hit. Green beans are healthy for you and delicious.

Any dish that has green beans in it is guaranteed to be good.

what to serve with green beans

What to Serve with Green Beans? 8 BEST Side Dishes

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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Side Dishes
Servings 1 Serving


  • Roasted Beef and Broccoli
  • Parmesan Roasted Butternut Squash
  • Buttered Noodles with Garlic and Parsley
  • Creamy Cauliflower Casserole
  • Baked Mandarin Orange Chicken
  • Teriyaki Chicken Drumsticks
  • Meat Loaf
  • Sloppy Joes


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  • Organize all required ingredients and prepare a delicious meal in 30 minutes or less!
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