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Creamy Tang: What Does Greek Yogurt Taste Like?

The benefits of Greek yogurt are numerous. It ranges from boosting metabolism and gut health, developing muscle mass and bone health, among others.

Among all other types of yogurt, the Greek variety is a standout because it does not contain lactose. 

But what does Greek yogurt taste like? This is a legit question, especially if yogurt is not part of your diet.

However, this creamy and thick yogurt is very popular in cuisines all over the world.

So today, we dissect what this item of food tastes like and how you can incorporate it into your diet to get its benefits. 

Let’s start. 

What is Greek Yogurt? 

Greek yogurt is one type of yogurt that has undergone the straining process to remove the whey. This is why Greek yogurt has a thick and creamy consistency making it look very different from other types of yogurt.

The other names of Greek yogurt are yogurt cheese, strained yogurt, kerned yogurt, and sack yogurt. In the UK, the standard name is Greek-style yogurt

Greek yogurt is prepared by boiling milk to reduce its water content. Alternatively, adding powdered milk or butterfat to the milk also results in Greek yogurt.

The milk of choice for making Greek yogurt is cow’s milk that is completely fat-free or low-fat. There are other variations of Greek yogurt like Tzatziki and skyr, in other countries.

What Does Greek Yogurt Taste Like? Does Greek Yogurt Taste Good?

A straightforward answer? Greek yogurt has a distinctive sour taste, much like regular yogurt. The explanation behind this is the fermentation process that involves the use of bacteria. 

In addition, some people will say that Greek yogurt is bitter, and they will not be wrong.

On the other hand, some people also say that Greek yogurt tastes very much like sour cream. In fact, Greek yogurt and sour cream are used interchangeably in some recipes.

However, a different bacterium is used for the two items, so there is a considerable difference between the two. 

Of course, Greek yogurt will taste significantly different if it has sweetening ingredients. This can be in the form of honey, strawberries, and cranberries, among others.  

When it comes to Greek yogurt’s texture, it is quite different from other types of yogurt. Because it undergoes a straining process, Greek yogurt has a thick and creamy consistency.

This dense texture is a combination of removing whey and reducing the liquid content of the milk.          

Nutrition value of Greek yogurt compared to others.  

Greek yogurt has excellent nutritional value. According to the USDA, the nutritional information of Greek yogurt per 100 g is as follows:

  • Protein – 10.13 g
  • Carbohydrate – 3.96 g, main sugar with little to no dietary fiber.
  • Fat – 0.4 g
  • Sodium – 44 mg
  • Cholesterol – 5 mg
  • Calcium – 110 mg
  • Other minerals – Traces of zinc, potassium, selenium, phosphorus, and magnesium. 
  • Vitamin – Traces of vitamin A, B6, B12, and E. 
  • Water – 81.30 g

So, the total energy of Greek yogurt per 100 g is 133 kcal.

How to Cook/ Use Greek Yogurt in Recipes

In addition to being a healthy food, Greek yogurt is very versatile. So there are many ways you can incorporate it into your diet or menu.

Below, we share the top ways to use Greek yogurt in recipes.

  • Add a serving of fruits.

Fruits and nuts mask the bitter taste of Greek yogurt without overpowering it. In addition, it also complements the taste of the yogurt. Some of the fruits and nuts that go well with Greek yogurt are blueberries, strawberries, and cranberries. If you feel adventurous, slices of orange, mango, and nuts are also a good choice. 

  • Make it into a smoothie.

Another way to add Greek yogurt to your diet is by making it into a smoothie. Using Greek yogurt in a smoothie is a bit unconventional, but it works fantastically. In addition, you can add many varieties of veggies and fruits to the smoothie, and it would still taste amazing.

  • Use in baking and others.

Greek yogurt is also a great way to kick up the taste of muffins and pancakes. This creamy yogurt is also an excellent marinade for meat as it tenderizes the meat.

You can also use Greek yogurt in soups to make it thicker and, of course, in salad dressing. 


Few dairy products are as healthy and beneficial as Greek yogurt. It is full of vitamins and minerals, which makes it a great dessert and a side dish.

Greek yogurt is also very accommodating, so you can add it to any menu without a problem. So go ahead and add this nutritious food item to your diet today.  

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