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Gourmet Insights: What Does Gouda Cheese Taste Like?

You probably know about feta cheese or goat cheese, but have you ever heard of Gouda cheese before? Have you tried it?

If yes, then you know by now, what does Gouda cheese taste like? If you don’t have any idea about Gouda cheese at all, now is the time to learn about it!

Gouda or ‘how-da’ as locals say (source), is an iconic cheese in Holland. It is named after Gouda city in the Netherlands.

It is also one of the most famous cheeses in the whole world. What makes it famous? Read on to this article and you’ll know!

What Is Gouda Cheese?


Gouda cheese is a mild, yellow cheese that originated from the Netherlands. It is made from cow’s milk.

Its name is used nowadays as a common term for various similar cheeses that are produced in a traditional way (source).

Gouda cheese is a famous cheese of the Dutch, as well as a gradually famous style of cheese made by the cheese makers in the USA.

This cheese is aged anywhere between 2 months to 5 years. The longer it has aged, the more intense its flavor becomes.

Moreover, Gouda cheese is made traditionally from unpasteurized cow’s milk and is coated in yellow wax, which helps in preventing it from drying out in the course of its maturation.

Since it is now produced industrially, it’s quite rare that it is made in this manner as the milk spoils so much quicker when it’s pasteurized, thus making it a loss-making choice for the large=scale producers.

Nowadays, regular Gouda cheese has become an international staple and is often considered as one of the most famous cheeses in the whole world (source).

What Does Gouda Cheese Taste Like? Does Gouda Taste Like Cheddar?


The newer Gouda cheeses may have much more soft, mild, and almost sweet taste. It also has a soft texture.

They are ideal for crackers and sandwiches. On the other hand, the older ones become stronger, darker, and harder, thus having a nutty and buttery flavor.

Various factors may affect the taste of Gouda cheese. For instance, an extra step in the process of cheese-making gives Gouda cheese a sweet, butterscotch taste.

One step is removing the lactose from the milk, this makes the cheese taste much sweeter (source).

Moreover, the taste of Gouda cheese is also affected by how long it is aged. The longer it ages, the more intense and sweeter the flavor becomes. With aging, its texture also changes, making it crumbly, dense, and hard.

Its taste is nowhere the same as any cheeses, like gruyere cheese, Havarti cheese, Muenster cheese.

How To Use Gouda Cheese in Recipes


Gouda is an amazing melting cheese. It is ideal to combine it with cheddar in making mac and cheese.

It works so well on any cheeseboard. You can try to incorporate it with some comparatively mild cheeses –this will surely be a hit!

Furthermore, Gouda cheese, the baby ones specifically, is also ideal for seasoning salads, and it tastes great on certain fruits.

If you wish to cook with it, it works so well on casseroles due to its quick melting nature and great taste.

On the other hand, because of the butterscotch taste of the old Gouda cheese, it is ideal as a base for pears or apples.

If you want to be creative, you may also try using it in your pizza, together with barbecue chicken & mozzarella. If Gouda cheese goes bad in this dish –that’ll be a surprise.

Final Thought

I hope we answered your question regarding what does Gouda taste like. We also hope that you enjoyed the other essential information about Gouda cheese we included.

With all of its astounding characteristics, there’s no doubt that it has become one of the most famous cheeses in the world!

Try it now and see for yourself what an amazing cheese it is!


What Does Gouda Cheese Taste Like? Does Gouda Taste Like Cheddar?

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