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Can You Freeze Simple Syrup? [Tested & Detailed Guide]

Simple syrup consists of a condiment, which is a viscous and thick liquid.

It contains mainly sugar solution in H₂O and features a massive dissolved sugar amount but displays less tendency for depositing crystals.

You can compare its consistency to that of molasses. You can make syrups by trying to dissolve the sugar in water.

It is also possible to do so by decreasing natural sweet juices like cane, agave nectar, sorghum, and maple sap.

Henry Ramos is responsible for creating this drink during the 1880s back in his bar in New Orleans.

To make a simple Syrup, you need to stir sugar in hot water by using a saucepan.

You have to wait for the sugar to fully dissolve and allow for the solution to cool off.

Ensure that the sugar to water ratio ranges between 1:1-2:1.

You can try exciting, simple syrup recipes such as the “Vanilla Simple Syrup Recipe,” “Orange Simple Syrup”, or the “Bar Simple Syrup”.

You have access to a ton of fun recipes that will enhance all your drinks.

Can you freeze Simple Syrup? Yes, it is fully possible to freeze your simple Syrup.

Once you make it, you can proceed to store them inside your freezer for long-term use.

It will be quite useful for you in the coming days when you wish to whip up a good drink.

Does Freezing Affect Simple Syrup?

does freezing affect simple syrup

No. Freezing your simple Syrup won’t end up affecting its quality and taste.

You can have them freeze for months without witnessing any deterioration but under proper care.

Chilling and straining will easily slow down the growth of bacteria and mould in your syrups.

You can even add antibacterial agents such as high-proof vodka for preventing their growth.

Straining tends to remove the small bits, which act as the nucleation spots on which they grow.

The same goes for antibacterial agents, and chilling also slow down their activity.

In this way, freezing does a great job of extending their lifespan.

We would advise you to not use a large tub for freezing it.

Why? Well, because you will invite contaminants while thawing and refreezing it, causing its quality and taste to deteriorate over time.

How To Freeze Simple Syrup?

how to freeze simple syrup

To freeze your simple Syrup, ensure that you follow these key steps:

  • Pick an airtight container that comes with a tight-fit lid. We would advise you to choose Tupperware for reducing the exposure of Syrup to oxygen. Even if a glass jar or bottle is useful for the process, avoid using it because it will crack inside the freezer.
  • Now you need to sterilise your container for ensuring that the simple Syrup lasts long. But you need to clean the container first.
  • Put your container in a bigger container, along with a cup filled with water. Proceed to place it inside your microwave. Allow it to heat for over 3 minutes and remove it in a careful manner.
  • Now, you can use a pour spout for adding the simple Syrup inside the container. It will allow the Syrup to flow smoothly and prevent any dripping on your kitchen counter.
  • Proceed to store your simple Syrup inside the freezer. Ensure that you are sealing your container properly. It is best to store it towards the freezer’s end to avoid temperature shifts.

What You Should Know.

  • The sugar to water ratio will affect the simple Syrup’s shelf-life. When you have an equal ratio, the Syrup can last for over a month. For this, the ratio of sugar to water should be 1:1.
  • To allow your simple Syrup to last for over 6 months in its shelf-life, you can stick with the 2:1 ratio. You have to realise that the increased sugar content will extend the Syrup’s shelf duration.
  • Another trick would be to add 14.8ml or 1tsp of vodka to your simple Syrup. When you include it in the hot process of Syrup, the life will automatically extend.
  • The 1:1 sugar to water ratio simple syrup will last for 3+ months. Also, the 2:1 sugar to water ratio simple syrup will go for more than 6+ months. Plus, the freezer will do its trick in keeping them fresh and edible for longer periods.

With proper care and management, the simple Syrup can last for more than a year inside the freezer.

You have to realise that the higher the sugar content, the greater will be its longevity.

However, when it gets cloudy from contamination, you should discard it immediately.

How To Thaw Simple Syrup?

how to thaw simple syrup

Here are some of the methods that you can use for thawing your simple Syrup:

1 – The Fridge Method.

  • Take out your frozen Simple Syrup from the freezer.
  • Proceed to place it on your fridge.
  • Allow it to thaw overnight. The temperature shift will cause the frozen Syrup to come back to its liquid state.

2 – The Warm Water Method.

  • First, you need to take out the frozen container of simple Syrup from your freezer.
  • Fill up a bowl using warm water. Avoid overfilling the bowl with water.
  • Proceed to place the container on top of it.
  • Now, you have to wait for the frozen Syrup to meltdown.

3 – The Microwave Method.

  • Proceed to take out the frozen container of simple Syrup from your freezer.
  • Put it inside the microwave and heat it at a low temperature. The microwave will break down its thickness and bring back the consistency.
  • After that, you can allow it to rest for a few minutes on the counter.

4 – The Room Temperature Method.

  • You just have to take it out from your freezer and place it on the kitchen counter.
  • The room temperature will break down its solid nature. However, this method does require some patience.


  • Avoid using hot water for thawing your frozen Simple Syrup.
  • Use a plate to collect all the condensation on the kitchen counter.
  • Do not use a high volume of heat for defrosting your Syrup inside the microwave.
can you freeze simple syrup

Can You Freeze Simple Syrup? A Complete Guide

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Prep Time 10 minutes
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Total Time 20 minutes
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  • Simple syrup
  • Air-tight containers or Ziplock bags
  • Labels and markers


  • Prepare all the mentioned equipment and ingredients in the article.
  • Follow the steps for proper freezing.
  • Label the container with the date and contents.
  • Depending on the recipe, thawing time may vary.
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