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Can You Freeze Lobster Bisque? [Tested & Detailed Guide]

Lobster bisque made in a slow cooker is easy to prepare, and it tastes delicious when served with warm biscuits or freshly baked bread.

This chowder-like soup is a rich and creamy seafood dish that balances chunks of lobster meat with crab pieces.

It’s usually served as an appetizer or as a first course for a special dinner, but it also makes a wonderful lunch when served alone as a meal.

The best lobster bisque recipes use a sauce made with shellfish, tomatoes, or tomato paste and other ingredients.

This would include basic items such as onions and garlic along with more expensive items like cream.

The soup is served also contributes to its taste, but adding some of these common ingredients makes it affordable even for large gatherings.

Can you freeze lobster bisque? Yes, this easy-to-prepare soup freezes well for up to three months.

The flavor and texture of the bisque are not affected by freezing.

You can thaw the soup overnight in the refrigerator or place it in a saucepan and heat it to serving temperature when you’re ready to serve.

This article will guide you through the steps you need to follow to freeze lobster bisque.

The Flavor of Lobster Bisque

the flavor of lobster bisque

Lobster bisque must be prepared quickly with a minimum of ingredients.

One way to do this is by using canned cream, which enables you to make the soup on short notice.

While commercial brands of canned lobster bisque use a heavy hand when adding milk and cream, making your own from scratch leaves this decision up to you.

Making bisque from scratch involves adding lobster shells, tails, and heads or fish trimmings to the stockpot with a gallon of water.

Bring this liquid to a full boil before using the lobster for any other purpose to extract as much flavor from it as you can.

The water will become cloudy as it boils, so use a wire strainer or slotted spoon to remove any remnants of this mixture that you can’t use in the soup.

Adding some salt and pepper to the stock is highly recommended because it helps draw moisture from the shellfish and makes everything taste better.

If you don’t have fresh shellfish on hand, you can use fish stock instead.

This is an excellent way to make lobster bisque if you’re short on time and ingredients.

Once the stock is strained, it should be placed on the back of your stove to cool down.

If you plan to use canned fish stock, you can skip this step since the broth will already be cold when you open it.

Whether you’re adding seafood or using already-made fish stock, you’ll need to add some vegetables and some milk or cream to this broth.

Add a little extra butter and some flour to thicken the soup as well, if desired.

Add the lobster meat produced when you steam the tails before adding your stock to the pot and simmer until tender.

This used-up part of these shells will add even more flavor to make your bisque taste rich and smooth.

If you’d like to add other seafood, such as mussels or clams, now is the perfect time to do it.

The cooking time for other shellfish is shorter than for lobster, so you’ll have to stir the soup often.

Add only enough of these items to fill the bisque with flavor without making it too expensive or difficult to eat.

Does Freezing Affect Lobster Bisque?

does freezing affect lobster bisque

The flavor or color of the bisque isn’t changed when you freeze it.

The texture may become slightly less firm, but this won’t be noticeable if you use a freezer bag to store the soup in your freezer.

If you decide to can lobster bisque instead of freezing it, make sure that you use proper food safety methods.

It would be best if you also used canning lids to seal the jars.

Freezing lobster bisque does not alter the recipe in any way, so there is no need to make adjustments when you thaw it.

Do you freeze lobster bisque? Yes, many people do because they want to be able to enjoy this soup year-round.

Keep some on hand for a special occasion or to serve unexpected guests.

This is also the perfect soup to make when you have extra lobster tails.

If you don’t use the frozen soup often enough, consider making it with fish instead of lobster.

You can follow the same recipe for bisque made with shellfish, but substitute haddock fillets, salmon, or cod.

How to Freeze Lobster Bisque?

how to freeze lobster bisque

Freezing lobster bisque is not difficult.

The main thing you want to do with this soup is making sure that the texture stays nice and smooth.

Once the bisque is prepared and cooled, the next step is to freeze it.

Here’s how to do it safely:

  • Put the bisque in a freezer-safe container with a tight lid.
  • You can also use a freezer bag if you have big enough to hold the soup. Put some of the food in a freezer bag, squeeze out the air and seal it.
  • Write the date on your bags or containers, so you know when you prepared this lobster bisque.
  • Transfer the soup to the freezer to be kept frozen until you are ready to use it.
  • They will last for 3 months in the freezer, but always check the quality when ready to use it. Lobster bisque frozen for too long will have a different texture and may taste like a freezer burn.

How to Thaw and Reheat Frozen Lobster Bisque?

how to thaw and reheat frozen lobster bisque

Lobster bisque is easy to thaw and reheat. It’s simple enough to do following these steps:

Let the soup thaw in your refrigerator overnight.

The bisque will taste better if you use it completely chilled, so don’t rush this part of the process.

If you take it out of the freezer too early, your seafood may taste rubbery.

Once you take the container out from the freezer, place it in a bowl of warm water to help speed up the process.

Set a timer and leave the bisque in the warm water for 45 minutes so you can reheat it properly.

Transfer your lobster bisque to a large saucepan on the stovetop and bring it to a low simmer.

Add any extra ingredients that you want to include, such as lobster meat or fresh herbs.

Bring the bisque to a boil and cook until it is warmed thoroughly.

If you need more liquid in your soup, add more lobster broth or cream at this point so the bisque will be hot enough to serve right away.

What to Serve with Lobster Bisque?

what to serve with lobster bisque

You will probably want some delicious bread for dipping into your hot bisque.

You can even use a baguette and slice it into chunks to soak up the soup.

Serve it alongside a salad dressed in lemon vinaigrette, or order cornbread from your favorite restaurant to go with the bisque.

You can also serve the bisque with some wonderful homemade garlic bread.

It’s a classic option, and everyone will love it.

Another option is to serve your lobster bisque with a grilled cheese sandwich or some fried oysters on the side.

A dessert is also an excellent option for enjoying this dish.

Some homemade crème brûlée and chocolate cake are delicious choices, especially if you don’t want to serve salad for allergies or other reasons.

How to Tell if Frozen Lobster Bisque is Bad?

how to tell if frozen lobster bisque is bad

If you follow the instructions for freezing and storing your bisque properly, you shouldn’t have a problem with food safety.

That said, it’s good to know what signs to look for if you notice something wrong with your lobster bisque before you serve it.

Here are some symptoms that could mean trouble:

If your food looks moldy or has a funny color, then it’s time to dump it.

Molds can’t penetrate plastic containers or bags, but they don’t belong in your bisque.

If you see particles in your soup, it might have thickened.

This can happen when the food has been frozen and thawed too many times.

Discard that batch and get a new one to replace it.

If you notice fishy odors even though the soup is still in the bag, that could mean there was a leak in your container.

Try to see if you can taste anything unusual in the bisque.

Sometimes food tastes “off” before it smells bad or changes color.

If something tastes like chemicals or cardboard, then you shouldn’t eat it.


In conclusion, lobster bisque is a creamy seafood soup that you can enjoy all year round.

This recipe is very simple to make, so it’s perfect for people who don’t like spending hours in the kitchen.

When it’s frozen, lobster bisque lasts for 3 months.

You can freeze it yourself to have lots of leftovers to enjoy during the holidays and any cold winter month.

If you follow the instructions properly and don’t take shortcuts, your seafood will taste great after freezing.

how to freeze lobster bisque

Can You Freeze Lobster Bisque? Easy Guide to Freeze Lobster Bisque

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Prep Time 10 minutes
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Total Time 20 minutes
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  • Lobster bisque
  • Air-tight containers or Ziplock bags
  • Labels and markers


  • Prepare all the mentioned equipment and ingredients in the article.
  • Follow the steps for proper freezing.
  • Label the container with the date and contents.
  • Depending on the recipe, thawing time may vary.
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