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Unveil the Sweetness: What Does Fondant Taste Like?

The best possible way to celebrate an occasion is by ordering a fondant cake. This icing on your masterpiece adds a layer of flavor as per your requirement and in any color.

They can also enhance the beauty of the cake as their versatile texture takes any shape you desire.

The designs you can create are endless and anything that you can imagine. So what does fondant taste like?

Well, we might be able to tell you if you stick around this article and also listed ways of how you can use it and what are the things you need while making one.

What is Fondant?


Fondants are the icing that covers a cake. It can refer to two different icing types, but mostly, it’s a rolled fondant that adds designing aesthetics to a cake.

To make a fondant, sugar, water, corn syrup, and gelatin is mixed together to create a dough.

The second one is not common as you have to cook it first and then pour it onto your desserts or cake.

A rolled fondant is much versatile, and you can cut it into any shape and size. This layer gives you an extra edge to show your creativity and enhance the look of the cake.

What Does Fondant Taste Like? Does Fondant Taste Good?


Well, fondants taste similar to marshmallows as it mostly contains sugar.

They are identical in taste and texture with buttercream but not as complicated as whipped cream. The fondant has been evolving and has grown into a complete package.

Fondant also called sugar paste in the European nations, was first known as the Australian paste in the early 40s and 50s. The versatile texture of fondants has made it very popular as decorators can create any shape and figure using fondants.

Fondants have seen mixed results while taste is concerned. Many find the sweet texture and taste very delightful, but others find it unpleasant, and that depends on personal choice.

The sweet taste is another reason for decorators to opt for other icing options.

Fondants are not only full of versatility and taste but also carry some nutritional health benefits.

According to Nutritionix, fondants have carbohydrate contents and calcium. They contain no cholesterol and are sodium and fat-free.

How to Make Fondant?


Fondants can enhance the look of any sculpted or simple cake. The smooth finish that you can get from this icing makes it a cake decorator’s delight.

Fondants become pliable and silky, which helps in adding various design elements to your cake.

Please note: It would be best if you leave it at room temperature and don’t touch it while it is still warm. You may also try to store it in an airtight container for more extended use.

The post by Bigger Bolder Baking will assist you with all the steps in terms of creating and working with fondants.

If you want to do it yourself, homemade fondant is effortless and fun to make. In her online class, Clean & Simple Cake Design, cake designer Jessica Harris guides you through the various process of making homemade fondant. 

Don’t want to make your house messy? Well, there are several stores and companies that sell fondants.

You can even order a pre-made fondant from local craft stores or hire professionals for more significant engagements. Satin Ice, Fondarific, and FondS are some of the famous brands.


Cake designs have seen a surge in demand and popularity in recent times, and fondant icing is the new favorite of many cake decorators.

With a smooth silky surface that can turn into any design and texture, Fondant has become an essential part of your confectionary masterpiece.


What Does Fondant Taste Like? Does Fondant Taste Good?

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Total Time 30 minutes
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