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7 Dorm Kitchen Essentials for College Students

Many students know that most dorms have a basic set of gadgets and cooking utensils.

Sometimes all you can count on is an oven, cooking desk, or cabinets.

But what about kitchen essentials? As a rule, you need to buy such gadgets yourself.

However, there is no need to despair.

In most cases, you won’t have to spend a lot of money.

Here are seven dorm kitchen essentials you should know about.

1 – Mini-Fridge


You will most likely buy convenience foods, frozen pizza, or some vegetables.

Even a milk bottle will turn sour overnight if you don’t put it in a cold place.

This is why you need a mini-fridge.

Typically, such a device has several sections for food, containers, and drinks.

You may not even buy a freezer device, as this is not what a college student needs.

Your goal is to have the cheapest device to help keep your food and meals fresh.

It is best if you choose the model with lower power consumption.

Then your bills will not be too large, and you can even afford college paper help or any purchases.

2 – Electric Kettle

electric kettle

Here is another device without which it is impossible to imagine an average day in a dorm room.

A small electric kettle will help you boil water for tea, coffee, instant noodles, or freeze-dried meals.

Plus, you can quickly heat the water to brush your teeth or wash your face in winter if you don’t want to leave your room.

Most of these devices are very affordable, so your budget won’t be hurt by the next purchase.

On average, one electric kettle can last 2-3 years, depending on the operating conditions.

3 – Coffee Maker

coffee maker

If instant coffee isn’t right for you, then how about taking it to the next level? If you want to be in the higher leagues, then you need a coffee maker.

Such devices will help you brew a great drink.

Plus, the prices for coffee makers are pretty variable.

As a rule, you have to spend at least $50-100 to get an automatic device.

Some more expensive models have a cappuccinatore or additional options such as a timer and various modes.

In any case, this option would be a great addition to your dorm kitchen.

4 – Toaster Oven

toaster oven

Let’s say you have no desire to cook some express dish.

How about a quick snack? If you have a toaster oven, you can grab a couple of bread slices, ham, cheese, tomatoes, and parsley for a simple meal.

Just 5-10 minutes and you can enjoy a delicious snack.

Add a cup of coffee or tea, and your breakfast is perfect.

In addition, many devices have a basic set of functions and a very affordable price.

Almost any student can afford a toaster oven.

5 – Slow Cooker

slow cooker

Any student will tell you that cooking is a monotonous routine.

No one wants to spend several hours at the stove combining ingredients or maintaining the correct temperature level.

If you don’t want to become a chef, then you can take the easier path.

How about buying a slow cooker? This is a great device that is almost entirely automated.

Let’s say you need to boil rice and vegetables.

All you need to do is boil the water and add all the ingredients in turn.

Select a specific cooking mode and wait for the beep.

The main advantage of such a device is almost complete automation.

You don’t need to worry about breaking any process.

6 – Microwave


Let’s say you are a very responsible student and want to get maximum knowledge.

What if cooking isn’t part of your plans? Such a scenario is entirely possible since some people may spend all their free time in the library or looking for trusted sources on the Internet.

If you buy a microwave, you can reheat ready meals and prepare convenience foods.

Many options will help you not to delve into the essence of recipes.

Just buy a containerized dish at your local supermarket and turn on your microwave.

Only 5-15 minutes, and your dish is ready.

Another plus is the fairly affordable price.

Many devices cost only $50-60.

Almost every student can afford it.

7 – Food Containers

food containers

If you have a mini-fridge, then you can hardly put a lot of pots or plates there.

Buy a set of hypoallergenic plastic containers and forget about running out of space.

First, you can take food with you.

Secondly, the process of sorting meals will be much faster and more comfortable.

Plus, you can use containers instead of plates.


These seven kitchen essentials are the perfect choice for the average student.

Due to the relatively low price, you can get a sufficient level of comfort so that the culinary processes do not take up all your free time.

Now you only need to press a couple of buttons to prepare food or drinks.

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