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Is Cinnamon a Good Fit for the Keto Diet?

For many people, cinnamon is a must-have spice on the shelf. It not only enhance your food, but it has also always been a healthy ingredient.

Between its taste and potential health benefits, it is not unusual to see many people preferring cinnamon over other spice.

But is cinnamon keto? Can you take cinnamon during a keto diet? Read on below to find if cinnamon is keto.

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Quick nutrition facts of 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon:



Net Carbohydrate

2 grams


0 grams


1.2 grams


0 grams



Cinnamon is one of the lowest carb options when it comes to food. And the keto diet is low in carbs.

Therefore, it is keto-friendly. In fact, many people use cinnamon in their ketogenic diet.

Cinnamon is not only keto-friendly. But it also has many other benefits on health.

  • It helps in reducing blood sugar levels and prevents diabetes.
  • It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and might reduce the risk of cancer.
  • The cinnamic acid in cinnamon aids the flow of blood in your body. This effect helps in regulating blood pressure and strengthening the heart.

These are not the only benefits of cinnamon. You can read more about its various benefits on health here.

Now that you know that cinnamon is indeed keto-friendly, you might want to know how much cinnamon you should consume in a day.

If you daily take about 1-6g of cinnamon, you should be able to find potential benefits from cinnamon.

Cinnamon is an easy food option with different ways to use it.

You can use them as a spice to enhance your cooking or make yourself a cinnamon-soaked tea. You can even make your own cinnamon recipe cake.

There are even cinnamon capsules. So, you can always find a place for cinnamon in your keto diet.

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