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Perfect Complements: 19 BEST Side Dishes for Chicken Salad

Chicken salad is a staple during the summertime.

It’s light, refreshing, and has just the right amount of crunch to please even the pickiest eater.

But when it comes time for lunch or dinner, what do you serve with chicken salad? In this blog post, we will share 19 side dishes that are perfect to pair with your favorite chicken salad recipe.

What to Serve with Chicken Salad? 19 BEST Side Dishes

what to serve with chicken salad side dishes

While chicken salad is a classic dish that has been enjoyed by many for years, it can taste dull and uninteresting.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Chicken salad is a dish that can be served with different side dishes, and it will taste significantly better and provide more variety to your meal.

Check out these side dishes to serve with your chicken salad:.

1 – Bread and Butter Pickles

bread and butter pickles

These are a classic side dish for many dishes, but they taste exceptionally wonderful when served alongside a chicken salad.

If you want to be creative in the kitchen, try a few different baked pieces of bread or some of the more exotic flavors on offer from specialty stores like India Tree.

Add them as condiments along with mayonnaise, or use salt and pepper if that is all you have available at the time.

2 – Cornmeal Pancakes

cornmeal pancakes

This is one of those classic dishes that has been served for centuries because it tastes good.

They might not look like much, but cornmeal pancakes have an unbeatable taste no matter what you pair them with.

It is also an excellent dish for picky eaters, as they can be made to taste different every time you make them by adding your favorite flavors and ingredients.

The recipe only has five ingredients, so it is easy to remember, and you will have a great time experimenting with different flavors.

3 – Sauteed Greens

sauteed greens

Along the same lines as cornmeal pancakes, sautéed greens are one of those dishes that have been enjoyed for centuries because they taste good.

Depending on your preference, they can be served fresh in their juices or wilted over any dish imaginable.

The best part about these greens is that there isn’t such thing as an off-flavor – add salt and pepper if desired and enjoy.

One-pot of sautéed greens could cost less than $0.

50, making this dish affordable for everyone from budget cooks to gourmet chefs alike.

This side dish pairs well with any meal and is a healthy replacement for fried potatoes or rice.

4 – Dill Pickles

dill pickles

Dill pickles and the other flavored varieties of pickles from sweet to hot and everything in between is a perfect way to add flavor and crunchy texture.

They pair well with almost any main dish or can be enjoyed on their own for that special late-night snack you crave when no one else is home.

Dill pickles come in many shapes and sizes, so there will never be an issue finding a jar size that suits your needs – remember not to buy jars larger than what will likely be consumed; otherwise, it’s more expensive per ounce because they’ll spoil before being eaten.

5 – Roasted Red Potatoes

roasted red potatoes

As far as sides go, these red potatoes are always delicious though it may seem like something out of a box at first glance.

After all, it does require a bit of time to roast them in the oven, but once they’re done, even your picky eater will be begging for more.

Make sure to season them with olive oil, salt, and pepper before roasting – the vinegar is optional.

6 – Potato Soup with Ham

potato soup with ham

If you’re looking for something with a strong base and creamy texture, then this soup is sure to do the trick.

It’s also effortless to make and can be done in under an hour – perfect if it just seems like too much work after working all day.

The only thing that takes time is cooking the potatoes until tender, which is part of what makes this dish so delicious.

Chop up your ingredients before starting, bring some water to boil on the stovetop, add chopped potatoes (and don’t forget salt), and simmer until they are soft enough to puree using a food processor or blender.

This process should take about 15 minutes but feel free to taste test along the way as needed.

7 – Green Beans Casserole

green beans casserole

It’s hard not to crave this comfort food during the holidays when it seems like everything else has already been cooked but needs warming up.

It’s also a perfect side dish for any meat entree or just something different to serve with ham.

Green beans add a nice crunch and creaminess that the other ingredients don’t provide.

8 – Macaroni and Cheese

macaroni and cheese

This classic dish is perfect for cold days.

You can make it as simple or extravagant as you like, and all of the ingredients are probably in your pantry already.

Mac and Cheese add a burst of flavor to the meal and serve as a main dish for kids.

If you make it for the main dish, you can make individual servings in the form of baked macaroni and cheese cups.

9 – Creamed Corn

creamed corn

Corn is another comfort food that often appears on our tables during holidays or at barbecue cookouts.

The creamy texture of this side dish adds a nice contrast when paired with crunchy items like chicken salad and ham sandwiches.

Creamed corn also melts well into pasta dishes so if you’re looking for something different from your typical alfredo sauce, then try adding some creamed corn.

10 – Cranberry Sauce

cranberry sauce

The quintessential Thanksgiving side dish gets a warm welcome any time of year when paired alongside this cool salad.

The tangy sweetness balances out the richness of the chicken salad while adding some texture from fresh oranges and pineapples that dress up this traditional condiment.

You can twist it up by adding a spritz of fresh orange juice on top.

11 – Deviled Eggs

deviled eggs

A deviled egg is a simple but elegant appetizer that you can serve hot or cold.

The mild flavor of these eggs complements the rich chicken salad while adding to its texture from smooth and creamy yolks, crunchy celery bits, mayonnaise, mustard powder, salt, and pepper.

The key is to whip up the filling just before you assemble them so that it’s smooth and creamy.

12 – Ranch Dressing

ranch dressing

If you love ranch dressing, this is a salad pairing for you.

The onion in both recipes provides some sharpness, but when mixed, they create a complex flavor profile that will make your taste buds dance.

For best results, dress the chicken well ahead of time so the flavors can meld together nicely.

Add salt and pepper if desired as needed.

13 – Fruit Platter with Yogurt Dip

fruit platter with yogurt dip

A fruit platter is a great way to add some sweetness.

Whether you’re looking for more color or just something different, this pairing will jazz up your chicken salad in an entirely new way.

The yogurt dip can be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge until it’s needed.

Try adding salt if desired as needed; the fruit itself already contains plenty of natural sugars.

14 – Baked Beans

baked beans

These beans are perfect because they pack a lot of flavor without being too heavy (a must when eating salads).

They also have that fantastic side dish bonus: leftovers make excellent sandwiches, tacos, dips, and much more.

Make extra, so there’s always enough on hand.

Do you enjoy them with a bit of brown sugar? Add it.

The recipe below is only the bare basics, so feel free to experiment.

15 – Cornbread


Cornbread is the perfect side dish when you’re looking for a hearty accompaniment to chicken salad.

It adds texture and flavor while still being light and fluffy, which means it won’t weigh down your meal (or make you feel less full).

I want something sweet but not too sticky or heavy? Cut up some fresh fruit like apples or bananas and mix in honey.

16 – Fried Rice

fried rice

Fried rice is a great side dish because it’s hearty and filling.

It also goes well with the mayonnaise in chicken salad, so you’re not just eating carbs for no reason.

If you want to make this an Asian-inspired meal, add some soy sauce or Sriracha sauce – either way, you’ll get that umami flavor without adding a bunch of calories.

You can also bulk it up with some chopped carrots, celery, and even broccoli.

There are so many options.

17 – Butternut Squash Soup

butternut squash soup

Butternut squash soup is a great choice to serve with chicken salad, and it’s very healthy.

This dish will not only be filling and comforting but also pretty light on your stomach, so you’ll feel energized after eating.

Plus, this vegetable-rich soup can help aid in digestion without adding too many calories or carbs.

You could even add some beans to this recipe for added protein and fiber.

But, of course, it depends entirely on what you’re looking for.

18 – Cranberry Relish

cranberry relish

It is an excellent option for those of you looking to serve up something sweet.

You’ll need about four cups of fresh cranberries, one tablespoon orange zest (plus juice), and three-fourths cup sugar or white vinegar.

If you want it less tart, add more sugar.

If you like things on the tangier side, then go with white vinegar instead.

The best thing about this condiment is that you can find everything in your fridge, so don’t worry too much about making an extra stop at the store before Thanksgiving day rolls around again.

It’s straightforward to make and might even taste better than some canned versions out there.

19 – Sauteed Kale

sauteed kale

If you’re trying to make your meal healthier or more on the lighter side of things (and also happen to love kale), sautéing the greens is an excellent way to do so.

Add them simultaneously as all other ingredients – onions, garlic, ginger root – until they turn bright green, then cook for a few minutes longer before adding liquid-like vegetable broth or chicken broth.

Sauté until tender but not mushy.

If you would prefer raw kale, that’s fine too; massage it well beforehand with oil and salt, which will give it flavor without making it taste oily when it’s cooked.

The greens will absorb some of the liquid, so you’ll need to add a bit more than you might expect – or use broth instead of water and chicken stock in place of vegetable stock for an even richer flavor.

You can also toss it with olive oil at the end if desired, but this step is optional as well.


Whether you’re hosting a party or just looking for some quick dinner ideas, these side dishes will complement your chicken salad well.

You may be surprised at how easy it is to whip up one of them in less than 30 minutes.

If you are still unsure what to serve with this dish, don’t worry- this post has got you covered.

If none of these appeals to you, though, feel free to let us know in the comments section below what your favorite way is.

We love hearing about new ways people like their food served up.

what to serve with chicken salad side dishes

What to Serve with Chicken Salad? 19 Side Dishes

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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Side Dishes
Servings 1 Serving


  • Bread and Butter Pickles
  • Cornmeal Pancakes
  • Sauteed Greens
  • Dill Pickles
  • Roasted Red Potatoes
  • Potato Soup with Ham
  • Green Beans Casserole
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Creamed Corn
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Ranch Dressing
  • Fruit Platter with Yogurt Dip
  • Baked Beans
  • Cornbread
  • Fried Rice
  • Butternut Squash Soup
  • Cranberry Relish
  • Sauteed Kale


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  • Organize all required ingredients and prepare a delicious meal in 30 minutes or less!
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