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Sweet Conundrum: What Does Candy Corn Taste Like?

It’s that time of year again. The time when people write blog posts about what candy tastes like, and why it is so popular.

One blogger who hates candy corn will tell you that they taste like bacon grease, while another says they taste as cotton balls dipped in sugar water.

Who are we to believe? It turns out there is a scientific answer to the question “What does Candy Corn Taste Like?”

There is no one definitive flavor for this unusual treat since different types of ingredients are used in their manufacture. Read on to find out how it tastes, and whether you should give this sweet treat a try.

What is Candy Corn? What Is Candy Corn Made Of?

In the United States, Candy corn is a Halloween candy that comes in both yellow and orange. The sweet treat can be made using corn syrup or sugar cane with vanilla flavoring mixed into it to give it an authentic taste.

Candy corn’s origins go back to 1847 when George Renninger of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania created this unique confection.

Candy corn is traditionally found in grocery stores, costume shops, and supermarkets in October for Halloween sales. It can be found year-round though on Amazon or other online retailers where you may have a better chance at buying it without having to wait until next fall.

The most popular brands are Brach’s, Walgreens, and Jelly Belly.

It’s important to note that different brands will use their ingredients. Some use corn syrup, others might have a sugar cane base or include different flavors of character to give it that extra flare as well.

Some brands will offer variations in color which may be orange/white striped or brown/orange striped.

Is Candy Corn The Worst Candy? Why Do People Hate Candy Corn So Much?

Candy corn is the most controversial candy. It’s so polarizing that many people have a strong opinion about it, whether they love it or hate it.

It’s hard to understand why people hate candy corn so much when you consider its unique texture and delicious flavor. However, there are many reasons that people dislike this classic Halloween treat.

First, many find it too sweet or sticky as compared to other candies such as chocolate or gummies.

Others claim that the taste doesn’t live up to the hype and instead tastes bland and boring. And finally, some argue that it just looks weird with stripes of orange, yellow, and white on a single piece of sugar-coated corn.

People don’t just dislike candy corn; they loathe it. The disdain for this sugary treat goes far beyond a simple preference for chocolate over vanilla or sour apple over cherry.

Many people have made their feelings known on social media channels, blogs, and even news articles with titles like “Why I Hate Candy Corn.” There’s even a Facebook group dedicated to hating the seasonal favorite.

Is Candy Corn Bad to Eat?

Although candy corn is a popular Halloween treat, it’s also an icon of poor nutrition. More than half the calories in candy corn come from sugar and there are few nutrients to speak of.

Sugar provides no nutritional value to your body and can lead to weight gain if consumed in excess amounts. The yellow color comes from Yellow #6 which can be toxic when ingested in large quantities over time as well as cause allergic reactions for some people who are sensitive to it.

There are plenty of other delicious treats out there that don’t contain harmful ingredients like candy corn does so why would you want to eat something that isn’t good for you?

You can make healthy snacking choices by choosing foods that contain natural ingredients instead of lots of added sugars and fats.

What Does Candy Taste Like? Does Candy Corn Taste Good?

Candy corn is made up of layers of three colors (orange, yellow, and white) that are all coated with sugar. It’s all depending on the type of candy corn you are eating.

The main ingredients of candy corn are sugar, corn syrup, confectioner’s glaze, salt, and more. Since sugar is its main ingredient, candy corn tastes sweet.

Since its main ingredient is sugar, candy corn tastes like pure sugar and has a light texture that melts in your mouth.

The flavor of the different colors varies depending on what type it is: white is more subtle with vanilla undertones; yellow has buttery notes mixed with some floral overtones or orange which can taste like an apple pie filling.

For those who are not big fans of this sugary treat, try substituting out other types of candies for Halloween instead such as M&M’s or chocolate-covered raisins to get something similar but less intense than candy corn (or keep eating them if you love them).


In conclusion, candy corn has several downsides and there are plenty of other delicious treats out there that don’t contain harmful ingredients.

If you’re craving a sweet treat, it’s best to choose a natural alternative rather than something that will cause you to harm in the long run.

We hope this article has helped answer some questions about candy corn and how we think everyone should avoid it.

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