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How Long Does Campari Last? Does Campari Go Bad?

Italians did not just give us the mighty pizza.

They also gave us some of the most mind-boggling beverages. Campari is one of the finest examples of that.

We understand Campari is an acquired taste. And that is what makes it so special.

People who love Campari can’t get enough of it.

You can use it in a thousand different ways (cocktails) and extract a unique flavor out of it every time.

What Exactly is Campari?

what is campari made from

Campari is an Italian aperitif with a distinctively bitter taste. It is mostly used as an appetizer drink, aka before-dinner drinks.

Campari is an essential addition to many popular cocktails like The Americano, Martini, and Rob Roy.

So, if you love any of those drinks, you can thank Campari for it.

But, since Campari is used only in small amounts, it might take considerable time for you to finish a bottle.

So how long does Campari last? Is it safe to keep them on the shelf for more than a year?

Continue reading to find out.

How to Tell if Campari is Bad?

As revealed earlier, Campari does not get spoiled too easily. But, that does not mean they can’t.

If you have a 5-year-old Campari sitting on your shelf without any proper storage, there is a good chance it might have gone bad.

So, how do you know if your Campari has gone haywire? Look for these signs:

It has a different aroma

Campari usually has a very sophisticated aroma profile. It has a blend of bitter orange scent with a good hint of rosewood and musk undertones and a splash of jasmine.

However, that may change over time.

A Campari kept for too long (without proper storage) can lose its genuine scent. It’s signature bitter aroma may become milder.

You may also experience lesser hints of musk and rosewood undertones.

It does not taste (overwhelmingly) bitter anymore.

Campari’s authentic bitter flavor is unlike any other. People who try Campari for the first time say it is so bitter it makes their toe curl. Imagine that!

If you no longer feel that overwhelming splash of bitterness in your mouth, it is a clear indication that your Campari has gone past its best date.

Tips for storing your Campari the right way

How long your Campari sticks to its original state will depend on your storage method.

If you want to use a bottle of Campari to its full extent without compromising its aroma or flavor, keep these things in mind.

Keep it in a cool and dark place. If you have a wine attic, that should do the trick. Even if you don’t, a bar shelf (away from sunlight).

A good storage hack is to place it vertically. The reason is that it will prevent the liquor from touching the cap (which can deteriorate the flavor).

How Long Does Campari Last? Does Campari Go Bad?

the difference between aperol campari

Many people have this general idea that alcohols are supposed to last for ages without going bad.

And, yes, that is true for the most part. But, it is not quite as simple as that.

If you are wondering whether or not Campari go bad, we have the answer right here!

Yes, Campari will go bad. But, there is a catch.

A bad Campari will not cause any critical health issues if that is what you are worried about. Instead, it may start losing its authentic flavor and texture over time.

That is especially true for Campari as it contains sugar in high amounts. So, if you keep the Campari (opened or unopened) on your bar shelf for long, you will notice a change in its taste and aroma.   

Your Campari’s shelf life will depend on its ingredients and the type of fermentation process it undergoes.

However, you will be pleased to hear that “liqueurs” such as Campari tend to have a slightly longer shelf life.

Your Campari’s shelf life will also depend on your storage method. But, if you want a rough estimate, we would say your Campari should last you well up to 10 years.

However, that is a very generous estimation. Any expert will tell you that it is best to finish up your Campari within 12 months of opening it.

Experts also suggest that if you have less than 2/3 of the Campari left, you either finish it quickly or shift it to a smaller container/bottle.


If you love making cocktails, Campari should definitely be a part of your bar shelf. Its distinctive flavor and aroma make it an extremely versatile drink to work with.

You also do not have to worry about your bottle of Campari going bad anytime soon.

As mentioned above, they may lose their flavor and aroma over time. But, the change does not take place abruptly.

It may take years before you notice any significant alterations.

Besides, if you store them well, you can use them for up to several years without any problem.

Yield: 1 Serving

How Long Does Campari Last? Does Campari Go Bad?

How Long Does Campari Last? Does Campari Go Bad?
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • Campari
  • Labels and markers


  1. Read the guide thoroughly to learn how long it lasts.
  2. Check the "Best-by-date" to know when it expires.
  3. Make sure to store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place (pantry or fridge).
  4. Always check for signs of spoilage before using.

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