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Fizz Exploration: What Does Calpico Soda Taste Like?

You must have seen Calpico soda in most convenience stores. The white color with the blue polka Dot design is hard to miss out.

It is the perfect carbonated drink to re-energize your body.

There is a reason why it has gained worldwide popularity. It is because it is a healthier option.

It is available in the States, parts of Europe and most Asian countries.

Most people would say, what makes Calpico soda unique is its taste. If you still have not tried it, you must be wondering, “What does Calpico soda taste like?” 

What is Calpico Soda?


Calpico is a beverage company that originated in Japan since 1919. In Japan, the company goes by the name Calpis.

However, marketed as Calpico in other countries, especially English speaking countries.

Calpico is the first drink made with lactic acid bacterium in Japan. According to Healthline, lactic acid bacterium has a lot of health benefits. It helps in reducing cholesterol and improving bowel related problems.

The process involves two stages of fermentation. It starts with adding lactic acid bacterium and yeast to nonfat milk. The milk gets skimmed, and the first fermentation creates the Calpico cultured milk.

Sugar then gets added for the second stage of fermentation. Thus, creating the final product. Calpico, at this stage, is a concentrate.

It needs a sort of dilution before consuming it. Generally, you can add water or milk or drizzle it over shaved ice.

In order to make things more convenient, Calpico soda got introduced. It is Calpico concentration diluted with carbonated water. You can drink it as you buy it from the store.

According to the company’s official website, Calpico soda went on sale in 1973. Thus, it is a soda with the benefits attached to cultured milk.

What Does Calpico Soda Taste Like? Does Calpico Soda Taste Good?


If you look into the ingredient list, there is nothing out of the ordinary. It includes carbonated water and sugar.

Until you will find nonfat fermented milk mentioned in the list. People might find it rather strange, milk in soda?

Most dairy-based beverages give a thicker taste. However, though Calpico soda is a dairy product, it is much thinner.

It makes it easier to drink. It is instead there to give its signature sour taste.

You might expect it to smell fermented. Instead, it surprisingly smells a lot like a lemon Lime sprite. A citrus scent engulfs your senses on the first sip.

It gives a similar flavor that of vanilla yogurt. Yakult is the closes comparison in terms of taste.

The bubbles in the carbonated drink are rather small and tiny. It gently fizzes on the mouth and is smoother than other sodas.

Calpico soda is simple terms a fermented and sweetened milk beverage. It is perfect for the taste buds as it gives a lot of flavors.

You get the sweetness from the sugar. We get the freshness from carbonated water. Plus, the slight fermentation gives the tangy note.

In terms of presentation, it is milky white in color. The appearance is similar to that of traditional rice wine.

Though Calpico, on its own, is a tasty drink, the carbonation makes the creamy beverage more refreshing.

Best Ways to Drink Calpico Soda?

Let’s get into the most essential and fun section. We will be learning how to drink Calpico soda. All you have to do is follow the pointers.

The Calpico soda, like most sodas, is perfect in cocktails. It is the best ingredient to use while making The Empress cocktail.

The recipe is quick and straightforward to follow. It is a five-ingredient recipe.

It is a combination of Sake, Soju, and Calpico soda. In addition to the freshness of Yuzu juice.

All you need to do is combine all the ingredients and serve it in a glass with ice.

Here is another recipe for a refreshing Calpico drink by NewYork Times.

If you want a recipe free of alcohol, this is the one. Create the Crooked Glance at the comforts of your home.

The recipe requires a combination of lime juice, ginger syrup, and whisk egg whites. Plus, the main ingredient Calpico soda.

Another popular treat is fruit punch. All you need to do is pour Calpico soda over a bowl of fruits. Plus, add chopped mint leaves.

Caution:  If you are allergic to dairy, it is better to avoid drinking Calpico soda.


Calpico is a beverage company with a long history. As expected from such a successful company, the Calpico soda is unlike any other.

It is an adored drink of all ages. The reason being though it is a carbonated drink, it is not hard.

The familiar buttermilk flavor makes it a refreshing drink. If you are searching for a soda with soothing flavors, this definitely is the one.

You can use it in making cocktails and drinks while hosting any get together.

However, the best way to enjoy Calpico soda is by drinking right from the refrigerator.


What Does Calpico Soda Taste Like? Does Calpico Soda Taste Good?

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