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The Drumming Delight: What Does Black Drum Fish Taste Like?

The black drum fish is what’s known as a member of the croaker family.

It has a firm, white flesh and is often cooked in various ways, including baked, fried, and boiled.

It has a flavor that ranges from mild to strong, depending on what it’s cooked with.

If you’re not sure what black drum tastes like or what cooking them entails, this article will provide insight into what they are and what they taste like.

What is Black Drum Fish?

what is black drum fish

Black drum fish or the Pogonias crimes are commonly known as the Atlantic saltwater drum fish.

This type of fish is found in various places, including Nova Scotia, Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Antilles.

The Black Drum is a fish that prefers to live in brackish water.

However, the older and larger ones are often found living near oyster beds or other food sources where saltier waters exist.

The distinguishing characteristic of the Black Drum is that it has a black dorsal side and a purplish-gray ventral side.

The meat from this fish is often considered very tasty.

The flesh is white and firm, with a mild flavor.

The Black Drum will grow to about 600 mm in length and a weight of up to 20 kgs.

The Black drum fish are not found in freshwater but can be caught from tidal areas.

It likes to feed on small crustaceans and other invertebrates that live near the water’s surface where it is warmer.

It has a unique feeding habit that consists of opening its mouth wide then sucking up prey before closing its teeth to capture it.

The Black Drum fish is also known by various other names, including Atlantic saltwater drum drummer.

Nutritional Benefits of Black Drum

nutritional benefits of black drum

Fish is a healthy, low-fat protein alternative to meat and offers many nutritional benefits.

Black drum is a type of fish that is less common in the United States but offers many nutritional benefits.

In addition to low-fat content and high protein, black drum is also an excellent source of omega-three fatty acids.

Omega-three fats are essential for cardiovascular health as well as brain function.

This type of fish also contains more vitamin A than other fish and is rich in magnesium.

Magnesium aids calcium absorption, which helps to prevent osteoporosis as well as muscle cramping or spasms.

The black drum also offers an excellent source of vitamins such as B12 and D, selenium, phosphorus, niacin (B-complex), riboflavin, and thiamine.

They are a good source of potassium as well.

Black drum is an excellent seafood choice because it offers many nutritional benefits without sacrificing taste.

What Does Black Drum Taste Like? Does Black Drum Fish Taste Good?

what does black drum fish taste like

The black drum has firm, white, and high-quality flesh.

The skin is black with a white underbelly.

The flesh tastes strongly of the ocean, especially when caught in cold water.

It cooks quickly for a fish with thin meat.

When cooked to medium-well doneness, it becomes tender and flakes easily but does not absorb much oil or fat.

The flavor of the black drum is similar to that of sardines or mackerels.

It can be served virtually any way: fried, grilled, steamed, stewed, soy sauce, and ginger for a Japanese-style dish.

It goes well with cornbread as stuffing in fish sandwiches or can even be used as a crab-cake substitute.

The black drum is a great seafood choice for people who don’t like the taste of fish but want to eat it because it doesn’t have that strong “fishy” flavor.

How to Cook Black Drum Fish?

how to cook black drum fish

Black drum fish are often found in estuaries, lagoons, and bays.

They usually live near rocks or the seabed on sandy or muddy sediments.

When cooking black drum fish, take care to clean them well before cooking as they may contain parasites that can be harmful if consumed raw.

It is safe to cook black drum because it is thick with scales that prevent the meat from coming into contact with water.

Cooking black drum fish is very easy due to its high-fat content.

It only takes a few minutes to cook because it does not require much cooking time before being taken off the heat and transferred onto dishes for serving.

Black drums can be prepared in many ways, including deep-frying, pan-frying, grilling, and baking.

To deep-fry, cook on a deep-fat frying pan or pot with oil heated to 365 degrees Fahrenheit.

To pan-fries, heat some cooking oil in the skillet over high heat and then add black drum fillets that have been dipped in egg whites mixed with breadcrumbs (may also substitute cornflakes).

Cook each side for about two minutes until browned.

To grill, a black drum is best prepared over an open fire with medium to low heat.

Baking may also be done in the oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for about 45 minutes or so, depending on the thickness of your fillets and desired doneness.

Do not overcook because this will cause tough, dry fish.

Where to Buy Black Drum?

where to buy black drum

Buy your black drum from a reputable fishmonger.

The first step is to find out where the best place to buy fresh, wild-caught Black Drum in your area.

Many online resources can help you with this task, such as Local Harvest or

If you’re in Florida, make sure the fishmonger is a member of the National Fisheries Institute and that he has a retail food establishment license.

When buying a black drum from your local store or supermarket, be on the lookout for signs of spoilage such as an ammonia-like smell or slime around its underbelly.

If it’s been packaged in the store, it should also be dated.

How to Store Black Drum?

how to store black drum

Storing a black drum for a long period requires using the right tools:

  1. You need to pick an airtight container large enough to store your fish in one layer without squishing them.

2. It needs to be top-heavy, so if someone knocks on the door or startle a noise from outside, they won’t fall over.

You’ll also need to pick a transparent container so you can see the level of water and tell if it needs more.

3. Choose an area in your refrigerator with the lowest temperature possible because black drums prefer cold temperatures.

It’s important to avoid leaving black drums exposed to the air as they have a strong odor.


In conclusion, the black drum is a delicious fish that can be cooked in various ways.

It is often prepared as fried, grilled, or pan-seared and served with lemon butter sauce.

The meat is white, flaky, and tender with a mild flavor.

The best way to cook this fish would be to fry it in butter or olive oil until the meat flakes apart and becomes crispy on both sides.

what does black drum taste like

What Does Black Drum Taste Like? Does Black Drum Fish Taste Good?

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