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What Does Big Red Taste Like? Exploring Its Distinct Flavor

Big Red is a popular, cherry-flavored soda drink that comes in a tall can with the signature logo of “BIG RED” written in white block letters.

It is a widespread brand of soft drink in the United States.

It was created by the Royal Crown Company and released to the market in 1950.

The flavor is described as “a unique blend of fruit flavors,” but what does it taste like? That’s what this article will answer, so keep reading.

What is Big Red Soda?

what is big red soda

Big Red Soda is an iconic American beverage made up of a mixture of carbonated water, cane sugar, caramel color, phosphoric acid, and natural flavor.

Grover C.Thomsen and R.H. Roark first invented big Red brand soda in 1937 in Waco, Texas.

Big Red Soda became popular due to its unique taste and the iconic logo on the front.

They created a slogan for their soda that is also recognized worldwide, “Deliciously Different.”.

In the 1950s, Big Red Soda was a top-seller in Texas.

They were available in various flavors such as Vanilla, Honey Lemonade, Pineapple, and more.

Nutritional of Big Red Soda

You would think that a soda such as Big Red has no nutritional value.

However, the truth is that Big Red has a lot of nutritional benefits, such as.

  • 150 calories.
  • 38 grams of carbs (13% daily recommended intake).
  • 38 grams of sugar (13% daily recommended intake).
  • Big Red also has 150 milligrams of sodium which is about 30%.

You can drink Big Red instead of other sugary drinks like Gatorade or Pepsi.

It tastes just as good, and you will not fall victim to the added sugars in many other beverages.

Does Big Red Have Caffeine?

When you need an energy boost, there’s nothing like a Big Red.

Since the 1930s, the company has been manufacturing its beverage line with natural ingredients to provide customers with different flavors that will satisfy any craving.

The website says they contain caffeine.

The total amount of caffeine in an 11 oz can (355 ml) is 18 mg, and for a liter, there’s 32mg.

Currently, the company does not make any low-calorie or sugar-free options for this beverage.

What Does Big Red Soda Taste Like?

what does big red soda taste like

What’s not to love about a refreshing glass of Big Red Soda? The irresistible smell, the bold taste.

It takes me back on summer days when I was little and playing outside with my friends all day long without even realizing how much time had passed.

Big Red is a popular soft drink in the Southern United States with a distinct red color and unique taste.

People often think it tastes like bubble gum, but its flavor is based on lemon oil with just a hint of orange and vanilla for an aftertaste.

This carbonated beverage is sold in various package deals, including Keurig Dr.

Pepper, CCE, and Pepsi under license from Big Red Inc.

It can be found across the US, although its headquarters are based out of Austin, TX.

What Does Big Blue Taste Like?

what does big blue taste like

Big Blue is a variant, like Big Red, but in blue tones.

People who taste the flavor have said that it tastes similar to cotton candy with blue bubblegum undertones.

The name and attractive color give way to the potential for this new drink.

For one thing, Big Blue began in 2008, and its makers have enjoyed steady growth.

But something even more noteworthy is happening here–Big Blue has seen a 12% rise in sales over the past year, which places it among some of the top Red products for 2009.

Is Big Red the Same as Cream Soda?

A frequently asked question in debates is whether or not red and cream sodas are interchangeable.

Some people say they’re different, while others insist that there’s no difference at all between these two drinks, which raises a lot of questions about what constitutes “red” soda versus anything else.

Big Red Soda is a soft drink initially called “Sun Tang Orange Cream Soda.”

In general, it’s classified as an American variety of cream soda and served in red-striped cans.

Where to Buy Big Red Soda?

Big Red.

It’s the best soda for so many reasons, loved by people all over America.

You can find it in most grocery stores and gas stations, but where else? The internet has the answer.

On Amazon, Walmart, Kroger Grocery Stores, Shell Gas Stations, Publix Super Markets:

  • Buy Big Red soda on Amazon for $12 or more per 12 pack with free shipping in most states.
  • You can get a 24 case of Big Red at Walmart, including mixers like Sprite and orange juice, starting at around $26. It’s also available as cans only from their website. This is great if you want to order just one or two cases instead of a whole pallet.
  • You can buy Big Red at Kroger Grocery Stores if you live in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, or Tennessee and are a member of their Plus Card program.

– Shell gas stations carry Big Red soda for $28 per 24 pack with free shipping on orders over $99.

* Prices vary by location – prices may be higher than listed above.


In conclusion, The taste of our Big Red Soda is a perfect mix of orange and lemon flavor with a hint of bubble gum.

If you’ve never had the chance to try this iconic soda, please feel free to give it a go and let us know how it tastes.

What other questions do you have about what’s in your favorite sodas? Is there any more information that we can help provide for you all?

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