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Muscular Flavor: What Does Beef Heart Taste Like?

I know that some people might turn their nose up at the idea of eating beef heart, but it is very flavorful meat. It’s also high in protein and low in fat.

In this blog post, we will talk about what is beef heart, what does it taste like, and how to cook it so that you can decide if this is something that would be worth trying or not.

What is Beef Heart?

what is beef heart

The heart is a large, muscular organ found in the chest of all mammals (including humans). It pumps blood to the body and acts as a central clearinghouse for oxygenated blood.

It can be difficult to find the beef heart at your local market because it’s an organ meat that not many people eat. Beef heart is highly flavorful meat that is lean and high in protein.

A beef heart can be cooked using the same cooking methods as other muscles, but it’s recommended to cook at low heat for a long period so that you don’t over-cook it or dry out its texture.

A simple saute with salt, pepper, garlic, and olive oil would do nicely.

Is Beef Heart Good For You?

Beef heart is a healthy, nutritious, and delicious food that many people have never heard of.

It is rich in protein, iron, B vitamins, and CoQ10 (ubiquinone). It also contains good amounts of zinc and selenium as well as being high in vitamin A and riboflavin which are important for your eyesight.

Eating just 3 ounces of the beef heart per day will provide you with 50% of the daily value for iron which helps to prevent anemia or fatigue caused by low oxygen levels in your body from lack of iron.

Beef heart has less fat than most other types of red meat. But it does contain more cholesterol than chicken or fish so individuals with high blood pressure are advised to eat this type of meat sparingly.

It is an excellent source of lean protein that can be used as a substitute for meat in many recipes. It has less than half the calories, less than one-third the total fat, and more iron than beef or chicken.

Beef heart can be an excellent alternative for people who need to cut back on their intake of red meats such as pork or lamb chops due to dietary restrictions.

With proper preparation methods (boiling it until tender), beef heart can be delicious when prepared with other vegetables such as carrots, onions, or green beans.

How to Cook Beef Heart? Can You Smoke Beef Heart?

Just like any other red meat, there are several ways to cook beef heart. You can boil, braise or fry it in a pan with salt and pepper (or your favorite herbs) to taste.

The best way to cook beef heart is by using a braising method. This will allow the meat’s natural flavors and juices to remain intact while it cooks for about 2-4 hours on low heat at around 250 degrees Fahrenheit, with some oil added towards the end of cooking time.

If you prefer your meats more well done then simply increase the temperature until the desired doneness has been achieved.

If you want to cook the beef heart like jerky then smoking it is an option. This will give you that dry meat consistency that’s perfect for snacking all day long.

Just make sure not to overcook because this could result in some tough pieces of meat if undercooked. You can make amazing meals with it like this smoked beef heart recipe.

What Does Beef Heart Taste Like? Does Beef Heart Taste Good?

what does beef heart taste like

So back to this article’s main question. It’s muscle meat that comes from the heart of the cow’s chest cavity.

This muscular organ has lower fat content than most other animal meats, and it’s also high in iron. It can be prepared by boiling or braising until tender.

You can make a delicious beef heart dish with traditional vegetables like carrots, onions, or green beans.

Finally, the taste? You’d think that something this lean would have no flavor whatsoever because of all the fat missing from its composition – but you’re wrong. 

Beef heart has a similar texture too tough steak (and will take on flavors well) so prepare as such with salt and pepper. It’s quite tough, chewy, and beefy. The flavor is often described as gamey-like with a slightly off note.

Where to Buy Beef Heart?

You can buy fresh beef hearts at some local butcher shops or even on Amazon, where they sell them frozen with different sizes available depending on your needs.

Make sure to ask the butcher if the hearts are fresh or frozen. If they’re frozen, make sure to ask when they were last thawed out and how long you can store them in the freezer before cooking them.

If you want more convenience, then we recommend buying them online since they deliver right at your doorstep and have a variety of options available for purchase.


Beef heart is an underrated cut of beef with a unique texture and flavor. It’s an excellent choice for those who are looking to add more lean protein into their diet or for people who want a change of pace from the usual cuts.

Plus, beef heart is incredibly affordable and you can buy it at any supermarket – so there’s no excuse not to give this underrated cut of meat a try.

what does beef heart taste like

What Does Beef Heart Taste Like? Does Beef Heart Taste Good?

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