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Upgrade Recipes: 5 BEST Substitutes for Banana Extract

Have you ever been perplexed while trying to find a substitute for the key ingredient- banana extract, in your favorite recipe?

This difficult task can be simplified with a few easy steps.

First, familiarizing yourself with how to use banana extract is the first step.

You can use it to make cakes, cookies or muffins for an added sweetness and flavor.

Moreover, you can also consider the five best substitutes for banana extract such as pineapple juice, mango puree, honey, apple sauce or plain yogurt – all of which work wonders when inculcated in different recipes.

With this knowledge at hand you won’t find yourself at a dead end next time.

The 5 BEST Substitutes for Banana Extract

Although banana extract can be useful when making baked goods that require a strong flavor, there are other suitable substitutes that can be used in its place.

For those who do not want to use artificial extracts or would like to skip the hassle of searching for the extract, here are five of the best substitutes for banana extract:

1 – Vanilla Extract

vanilla extract 1

Vanilla extract is the most common substitution in recipes that call for banana extract.

Although vanilla extract is made differently than banana extract, the flavor profiles are quite similar and vanilla can be used an acceptable replacement.

For every ¾ teaspoon of banana extract called for in a recipe, use one teaspoon of vanilla extract instead.

If you do decide to use vanilla as a substitute, keep in mind that you may want to reduce the amount of other sweeteners used in the recipe.

2 – Banana Syrup

banana syrup

Banana syrup is an accessible substitute since it is readily available in most grocery stores.

It has a stronger taste than banana extract and should be used carefully.

Garvey Banana Flavored Syrup and Torani Banana Flavoring Syrup are two common brands of banana syrup found in stores.

To make a substitution, replace a teaspoon of banana extract with 1 tablespoon of banana syrup, or to taste.

Depending on the intensity of flavor you desire, the proportions can be adjusted accordingly.

Use the semi-sweetness of the syrup to control your sweetness level while baking.

Bear in mind that ingredients like butter will affect the overall taste as well, so always adjust measurements as you go to ensure desired results.

3 – Mashed Bananas

mashed bananas

Mashed bananas are one of the most popular options for replacing banana extract.

Not only do they work as a baking ingredient with a pleasant sweetness, but they are also full of natural fruit flavor.

Depending on how ripe the bananas are, they may be a better option than prepared banana extract in certain recipes where you’re looking for a more intense flavor.

To replace one teaspoon of banana extract in a recipe, you will need ¼ cup (60mL) of mashed banana.

This is largely dependant on the ripeness, size, and yield of the fruit.

Start by mashing one large or two small bananas and then adding it to the recipe as directed.

If your final product doesn’t have enough flavor or you notice too much water content due to banana liquid, consider adding more mashed banana to reach your desired taste and texture.

4 – Coconut Extract


Coconut extract is a great alternative for when you don’t have banana extract.

It has the same fruity sweetness and will give your recipe an abundant flavor.

It will also provide a nutty flavor to the dish that can help enhance its taste.

Although coconut extract isn’t an exact substitute for banana extract, it is still one of the best replacement flavors you can use.

It is recommended to not use more than what the recipe requires as it could overpower the other ingredients in the dish.

To ensure that you get the right amount of sweetness, combine coconut extract with another sweetener like honey or maple syrup.

5 – Banana Powder

banana powder

Banana powder is made from bananas that have been freeze-dried and then ground into a powder.

This powder can then be used as a banana extract substitute.

Banana powder has a more intense flavor than banana extract, so you may need to adjust the amount you use according to your personal preferences and recipe.

Banana powder is great for adding flavor, especially to baked goods.

The banana flavor will come through prominently and it has the added benefit of giving the baked goods some texture and color due to the small bits of dried banana in each serving.

It can also be used in smoothies for flavoring, espresso drinks for something different, and even yogurt as an alternative flavoring agent.

substitutes for banana

The 5 BEST Substitutes for Banana Extract

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Total Time 20 minutes
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  • Vanilla Extract
  • Banana Syrup
  • Mashed Bananas
  • Coconut Extract
  • Banana Powder


  • Choose your preferred substitute from the list of options.
  • Organize all of your ingredients.
  • Use the proper substitute to cook your recipes.
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