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Health Benefits Of Banana Bread You Didn’t Know About

We all know this soft and flavorus dessert that fits a cup of strong tea so well! Banana bread appeared in early 30-s and since then this foodstuff has indeed become one of the most popular sweet treats in the world!

Is it healthy to consume it? We bet lots of people ask this question since everyone is concerned about consuming healthy and safe food today!

Let’s see!

A Bit Of Banana Bread History


We all make this dessert at home since it is fast and easy but do we know when and how it first appeared? We bet that most of us have no idea of it!

So how did this foodstuff become so popular? 

The very first mentions of this dessert were found in American cookbooks dated the 1930s. Nevertheless, bananas appeared in the United States much earlier in the 1870s, and back then these exotic fruits were not used for baking. 

The elevation of bananas’ popularity is connected to the introduction of baking powder which took place around the 1930s. 

They say, also, that banana bread was a common food during the Great Depression when people tried to find the use of even the overripe fruits and veggies just not to throw them away. 

Whatever it was, banana bread gained its popularity pretty soon and today this dessert is one of the most commonly made not only in America but also in many other countries.

Today people worldwide have created many variations of this tasty bakery: banana bread with chocolate drops, with raisins, nuts, and even banana bread muffins! Vegans, by the way, have created their own recipe without any eggs and dairy products. Hmm,  why not?!

By the way, did you know that there is even the official holiday called National Banana Bread Day?! Yeah, it really exists and it is celebrated on February, 23rd. 

Why Is Eating Banana Bread Useful?


Banana bread is so much appreciated by the housewives because it is extremely easy to make and the recipe doesn’t require any special ingredients.

Some ripe bananas, flour, sugar, baking powder, eggs, and butter – and voila! A delicious treatment is ready!

In addition, it is very simple to store (don’t know how to do it right? Just check out the guide via Beezzly

However, people often get concerned about the dessert’s usefulness.

Let us calm you down! Even despite it is sweet, this baked yummy has plenty of beneficial traits!

  • Using bananas in the recipe makes this cake (yes, it’s a cake, not bread!) nutritious. A perfect bite after the intensive training or during the long walk!
  • Banana bread (thanks to bananas, again) lowers our blood pressure and decreases the risk of cancer
  • When being made with whole-grain flour, this dessert improves our digestion and it is far more vitaminized that the one made of the white flour
  • This cake is quite rich in protein which stabilizes our blood sugar level which prevents you from stuffing a whole loaf into your belly!
  • Yep, this yummy is quite fatty but those are all healthy fats that, by the way, lower the level of cholesterol. And if you add some nuts to the dough, you’ll make it even more useful!
  • Consuming this treat is good for our heart health since it has lots of fibers
  • The high fiber content makes this kind of cake very hard to overeat! You see, fibers make us feel full faster and reduce the sense of hunger sooner. Besides, after eating a slice or two of this dessert, you will feel full longer than after an ordinary cake
  • Since bananas have both sweet and sour taste, they cause a sense of heaviness and support digestion at the same time contributing to metabolism build-up
  • Banana bread, due to the presence of these yellow fruits, is full of healthy elements and minerals. Iron, potassium, manganese, magnesium, folate, niacin, riboflavin – that’s a true Eldorado!
  • Due to the presence of potassium, banana bread is good for our heart improving and stabilizing the heartbeat, it also regulates the blood pressure, and helps our brain to stay alert and active
  • Banana bread helps to fight anemia and provides us with vitamins C and B6
  • And finally, banana bread is surprisingly easy to digest for our stomach! So you won’t feel like you’ve swallowed a brick being heavy in your belly.


As you can see, this simple dessert is loaded with healthy and useful surprises. A slice or two during tea time, and you will forget about the fatigue, shortness of breath, paleness, and bad mood! 

However, if you have any health issues connected with blood (too high or too low blood pressure, for instance), you’d better ask your doctor whether banana bread is safe for you since, as you remember, it may lower the blood pressure.

So unless you are allergic to bananas or have any health restrictions to consuming them, make this delicious and super easy dessert and ensure yourself that it is the best sweet treat ever!

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