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Best Apple Peeler and Corer Reviews 2024 – Top 5 Picks

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In every household, one of the most important household accessories is an apple peeler.

An apple peeler is a tool that is mainly used to slice, core and peel apples or potatoes within a few seconds with a stainless steel blade.

There is a saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ and its integral to have it as part of your daily diet (source), may it be taking it as a snack or making an apple pie as a dessert for you and your family (recipes).

For most of us peeling an apple to the desired shape can be an uphill task and it may discourage us from all that work.

Worry no more as an apple peeler is here to lessen your burden!

Most modern apple corers have been designed such that they can be able to both cores and slice the fruit (source).

Purchasing one makes peeling easier and within the shortest time possible while also ensuring your kids and family have the most essentials vitamins for growth and development.

In this post, we are going to highlight the most fundamental aspects of top 5 apple peeler and corers on the market that will suits needs of both you and your family.

5 Best Apple Peeler and Corer Reviews 2024

1 – Cast Magnesium Apple/Potato Peeler by Spiralizer

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This particular model is made of an ultra-strong magnesium die-cast which is extremely durable as opposed to steel while at the same time.

Providing the ultimate stability and strength during operation, it has a chrome plated winding rod that is rust-proof that comes with a safety cap for maximum safety to both the user and those around them and a 3 prong extension.

This apple peeler is designed for a 3-in 1 action, it removes the core of the apple, slices the apple and lastly slicing the apple into rings producing an attractive natural product, all that in just one swift and simultaneous action.

This will make fruits especially apple ‘your go-to snack’ as it will be the least amount of time and energy spent preparing it.

Cast Magnesium Apple/Potato Peeler has a poly handle for strong grip while its blades are stainless steel and chrome plated parts.

The base of the peeler is designed with a rubber vacuum for resting on the tabletop and providing a strong grip on the surface preventing it from toppling over and injuring yourself when peeling.

If you want a versatile apple peeler, this is the one for you, and it can slice through any fruit and potato making your work easier.

The material used during construction is of high quality making it durable and can be used for long periods of time. At the time of delivery, it’s relatively easier to set up as it does not necessarily require a manual or instruction.

It does not require a manual or instruction to operate on the other hand it is very stable during operation perfect for the elderly who don’t have the energy of peeling while standing.

Lastly, this is my favorite Cast Magnesium Apple/Potato Peeler by Spiralizer as it’s easy to clean and wash after using it.


  • It is durable to use
  • It is rust-resistant
  • Perfect for heavy-duty usage
  • It is versatile for other fruits


  • It is heavy to move and storage

2 – Starfrit 93013 Pro-Apple Peeler

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If you are in the market for a peeler, Starfrit 93013 Pro-Apple Peeler is one of my favorite brands it provides such a stellar and powerful performance.

Even though the peeler is manual while peeling is made a whole lot easier and quicker as you are required to fit the apple into the peeler tightly while slowly turning the handle.

This particular model has a wider blade than other peelers of the same category.

This particular feature makes peeling faster and efficient while putting the least amount of energy and time.

Starfrit 93013 Pro-Apple Peeler is made for peeling of large quantities of apples with ease while at the same time removing only the fruit skin minimizing wastage of the fruit ensuring your hard earned cash is well accounted for.

It’s made of resistant nylon reaffirming its simplicity, and the blades are stainless steel with a spike holder.

The apple peeler is designed with a spring-loaded arm that cuts through apples of various shapes and variety. The peeler has suction grip feet with a corer slicer with 2 extra blades making it suitable to slice the whole apple one at a time.

It’s fast and easier to use while on the other hand, it remains stable enabling you to continue peeling without thoughts of the machine either slipping or toppling over.

And does not require to be hand-held when in operation without creating a mess of your kitchen. This particular model is wider when compared to similar peelers in the market. 

What makes it one of my favorites is it comes bonus corer slicer and 2 extra blades comfortably cater for all your peeling needs faster while also providing a powerful performance that will leave you happy and satisfied with the apple peeler.

Another important fact to note is that this peeler is non-electric.


  • No need for electricity
  • User-friendly
  • Wider blade compared to others
  • Bonus corer slicer and 2 extra blades


  • Un-attractive body design
  • It isn’t easy to clean

3 – Johnny Apple Peeler by VICTORIO VKP1010

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This apple peeler is my favorite option; its body is made of powerful, enamel-coated cast iron, it has a one of a kind design with a handle made up of wood making it sleek and attractive.

Its blade is made of stainless steel that is strong and rust-resistant from the succulent fruits preventing contamination of the apple while peeling.

It’s constructed to function in 3-way operation peeling, coring and slicing at the same time.

The peeler base is made of a powerful suction base. 

During operation, it’s highly stable despite the surface of operation and its final product is smooth ensuring the safety of the user is paramount.

This will minimize any sort of accidents from happening in the kitchen that may prove to be fatal.

What makes this peeler favorite for most people this can be adjusted and enable you to choose how deep the cut should be.

Dictating how the apple should be peeled as the user a can core, slice and peel according to his desired taste and preference outlining customer satisfaction is what this particular model was built for

Its durable because of the material used in its build, it can also withstand heavy usage over long periods of time making it viable economically especially for you, the customer. The blades come with a 5-year warranty so pay special attention at the time of purchase.

This apple peeler is one of my favorites as it specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of the customer when it comes to peeling.


  • Highly stable and durable to use
  • Versatile-can peel, slice, and core
  • Adjustable peeling blade


  • Adjusting peelers can be confusing
  • Be careful of the sharp bits

4 – Kitchen Basics® Heavy Duty Apple Peeler

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It’s a great apple peeler; it has a sturdy, compact design, made from a strong metal that is rust resistant making it highly durable and perfect for heavy usage as it can withstand wear and tear for a very long time representing value for money for you the customer.

Its design to function in a 3-way operation, it can core, slice and peel all simultaneously reducing your workload while being time efficient at the same time.

It is flexible in the sense that if you want to do one task at any given time, the blade can be adjusted.

Another great feature is its peelers are horizontal making it perfect for placing a bin at the bottom to hold the peeled skin ensuring your kitchen stays clean.

It has stainless steel blade that functions with a high degree of precision making it suitable for kitchen use and peels apple into spiral rings which are attractive for kids to eat improving their health while at the same time providing a balanced diet.

Its safety feature is one of my impressive features that this peeler has, there is a plastic safety cap that covers the metal spike when it is stored providing safety to all individuals in the house.

At the base of the peeler is a rubber base for holding the surface tightly preventing the peelers from slipping while also providing stability while peeling?

All round Kitchen Basics Professional Grade Heavy Duty Apple Peeler is one of my favorite peelers in the market.


  • Solid metal design – durable to use
  • Rust resistant
  • Perfect for heavy usage
  • Suction cup base helps it stick to the counter.


  • Turning the handle can be difficult
  • Dangerous when spikes are uncovered

5 – Precision Kitchenware – Stainless Steel Apple Peeler


This peeler is made of stainless steel which is rust-resistant making it resilient; it can be used for a long time proving to be cost-effective in the long run.

It’s designed to perform a 3 in 1 operation; it peels, cores and slices all your fruits in just one swift action making the end product evenly and impeccably peeled.

The 3 in 1 action ensures there is a higher level of precision and accuracy when it comes to peeling minimizing wastage by removing only the fruit covers ensuring you get to enjoy the whole fruit.

It’s fast and easier to peel in just a few minutes so you can indulge in the perfect lunchtime or afternoon snack improving your health while at the same time boosting your immunity form the vitamins acquired off the apple fruit.

It completely turns a tedious work of laboring in the kitchen into a one wonderful and easy experience that you will love and enjoy.

Precision Kitchenware – Stainless Steel Apple Peeler Corer and Slicer is one of my best apple peelers as it’s user-friendly.

At the time of delivery, it’s easier to assemble as it does not require a manual book or instruction to set it up and ready to be used 

Lastly, it’s easier to wash and store due to its small size of about 10.1 x 5.9 x 4.3 inches and 1.37 pounds.


  • High precision action
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean and store
  • It won’t rust and is durable to use


  • The suction base doesn’t last long

Factors to Consider When Buying an Apple Peeler

Currently, there are a lot of apple peelers in the market. All of them are great with solid and sturdy designs, and you have to be keen to quickly point out their contracts looking at a variety of features.

Knowing this will make it easier for you to spot the right brand that is of the right quality, affordable and durable, it should also be that peels your fruits to your desired taste and preference and will cater fully to your peeling needs as well as kitchen use to prevent future regrets.

There are numerous factors to keep in mind when buying an apple peeler. So let’s find out!

Sharp Edge

One of the vital features is the construction and design; the peeler should have a solid, sharp edge that can effectively and efficiently slice through the center of the fruit ensuring that only the cover of the fruit is removed.

Differentiating a decent and a poor edge can be difficult to spot but always look for the peeler that will tear only the natural product as opposed to its accuracy.

Countertop or Handheld

Almost all apple corers and constructed to be used on a flat surface with a handle for removing fruit skin (source).

They can withstand heavy duty usage while coring, slicing or peeling. Therefore it is important to choose the one with a proper build mechanism which has a firm grip on the surface.

Most apple peelers for home use are counter-tops fitted with a rubber suction base to ensure there is stability preventing the peeler from slipping and causing bodily harm in the process (source).

For commercial use, it’s advisable to use hand-held apple peelers for every individual making the operation, faster, easier and economically viable option.

Electric or Manual

For electric peelers pay special attention to if the peeler uses AC power option.

This feature is important if it’s AC powered you can still use your apple peeler even when there is a power outage or when you are outdoors for a picnic with your family.

Electric peelers are easy and faster to use making your work in the kitchen much more comfortable.

On the other hand, manual peelers there are those that do not require to be held when peeling all you are required to do is hold the apple on the peeler and begin turning with your hands.

This type is for those who may choose to decide on how they can peel their fruits or potatoes.


The above post will aid in decision making enabling you to purchase your desired apple peeler that will reduce the tedious workload and make your peeling life a little bit easier and special.

During special occasions like Christmas, birthdays this is the perfect gift for your significant other, your kids or your parents that will add that some gloss into their kitchen.

After hours of research and comparison, our final pick is Spiralizer Apple/Potato Peeler. This device is made to last for very long time. Most importantly, it is very easy to use and versatile as you can use it for apple, potato and other fruits.

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